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Cops Bust Woman for Scanning Vagina for 3D Printers



Police have arrested an artist for distributing 3D models of her vagina for use with 3D printers, insisting it constitutes obscenity despite her having repeatedly exhibited the same models in galleries and elsewhere.

According to reports, 42-year-old “self-proclaimed” artist Megumi Igarashi – operating under the pseudonym “Rokudenashiko” – distributed data allowing 3D printers to print models of her genitals to some 30 fans after soliciting donations to support the project.




Police then locked her up on charges of electronically distributing indecent material.

Despite the data containing no actual images and only being readable by machines, the authorities still insist it constitutes obscenity – perhaps raising the question of how exactly it would be possible to apply a mosaic in 3D.

It is said to be the police’s first attempt to prosecute someone on the grounds of “obscene” 3D data, cops formerly having stuck to nailing people only for pictures and movies.

She had publicly exhibited a variety of art based on models of her vagina previously, but with statue and gallery based vaginas beyond the reach of police no action was taken, although it certainly seems police had their eye on her as a subversive mosaic-less pornographer.


The project she was arrested for appears to have been the intensely wry “deko-man” or “3D MKBoat Project” – allowing anyone to create vaginally themed art and decor of their own using publicly distributed data:













She denies the charges, saying “I cannot accept that this is obscene – to me this is no different than models of my hands and feet,” and the case was soon making waves online among Japanese – most of whom cannot believe the good-for-nothing antics their police are getting up to of late:

“Even art is banned now?”

“Amazing the kind of imbecilic stuff our police crack down on whilst real crimes go unpunished.”

“Works like this seem perfectly artistic to me. I don’t see the problem!”

“How the hell can they prosecute her for this. How about pursuing the Kanamara Matsuri instead? Publicly displaying genital statuary to thousands is fine but letting a few people download copies is NG?”

“Doesn’t this mean ona-holes are now obscene material?”

“30 years too late!”

“If she’d printed the copy and exhibited it, it would not be indecent, but distributing the data to let people make their own is indecent. That seems to have triggered the prosecution…”

“Our fucking police again…”

“Cops more interested in keeping all their side-businesses going than any actual law or justice as usual.”

“She is clearly a proper artist. The police are completely out of line arresting her.”

“Calling her a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist – aren’t all artists ‘self-proclaimed’! Morons.”

“I like the ‘Battlefield Vagina’ one – certainly meaningful.”

“She has artistic sense, no doubt. Outrageous to arrest her.”

“This means anyone making ero-mods for games is also in line for arrest, doesn’t it?”

“Regulation breeds vested interests. Police naturally want to get in on it.”

“I think they only went after her because she took money for it.”

“Even if she is a bit of crazy pervert there is no way this is on!”

“You can make a case on just data now?”

“Arrested because she didn’t pay off the government like the rest, no doubt.”

“I kind of understand why some religious country with taboos about this would arrest her, but in Japan, with all our cunt and cock shrines?”

“Nobody hurt by this, freedom of expression.”

“Creepy! Good job on arresting her, police!”

“I hope they punish her severely for being 42.”

“She looks about 30!”

“This arrest is plainly violating her constitutionally guaranteed right to happiness and freedom of expression, and is of no possible benefit to society. No offence to her, but I hope they prosecute fully so we can see how this plays out in court.”

“She has made her career as an artist by getting herself arrested like this, at least.”

“Our police with another world first…”

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