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Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling




Long awaited Sailor Moon anniversary remake “Sailor Moon Crystal” has at last aired, receiving universally positive acclaim and being regarded as having done justice to the classic franchise known for defining the mahou shoujo genre – perhaps spoiled only by some weak CG marring the legendary transformations.











































































































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  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah I agree with everyone else this was horrible done! it was lazy and amateurish! I guess it was truly amateur hour when this was put into production
    I could stuff a bunch of crayons up my ass and crap out something better then this. They ruined Sailor Moon and my childhood forever!

  • Why god why do the producers nowadays ALWAYS want to add those retarded useless “3D anime” sequences. Most of them are horribly done and completely unnecessary. This could have been much better if they did the transformation with regular animation…

  • Anonymous says:

    I never really liked the look of the characters in the manga, trying to replicate that has made all the characters look vapid. The old anime may have had its limits but this new one can’t touch its transformation sequences. And those were all hand-painted cels.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, so much hate here. It isn’t like you had a gun pointed at your head to watch this. I am very fond of this, as well as the 90s version. If you don’t like the new animation, then move on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seems like no one here is ever familiar with the manga version. This is how it would look like if it stays true to the manga…xcept for dem big hairs which i think still works…

    My only gripes are:
    The dream sequence shown is too spoileriffic…they didn’t have to be too manga fateful.
    I missed deformed Usagi/Sailor Moon.
    And lastly, Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury’s seiyuu, forever tainted by the Kokoro Connect Incident.

    • Anonymous says:

      i kinda agree about the dream sequence… i remember when i watched the old show as a kid that i totally didn’t see a relationship between them like that coming, let alone her true identity, and thought it was a cool surprise when it was finally revealed.

  • I actually found it to be a very refreshing throwback to what an early 90’s anime is suppose to be. Both in how it is voice acted, animated, and the overall atmosphere.

    You can tell this takes place in 1992! Just look at the everyday clothes of the characters, and awesome spiral glasses that almost all male’s had back in this time frame.

    It is NOT supposed to be a new design, modern remake, hi-def masterpiece done by Shaft, PA Works, Silver Link.

    • Anonymous says:

      i felt the same way about it feeling like it took place during 1992, i mean what really drives that home is when she walks into the arcade to actually play the sailor v game and it has totally old school graphics

  • Anonymous says:

    I felt like this show was just hyped too much. When I watched it, the CGI scenes looked like shit. Not to mention that now they are spoonfeeding the plot to the audience (Tuxedo Kamen stating he’s looking for the Crystal). I will give it a couple more episodes though, hopefully it gets better.

  • Anonymous says:

    The new transformation looks plain bad. It looks like they are trying to pretend women get undressed without becoming naked or something. All the strange colors and elastic arms seem to try to convince that its not a 14 year old changing clothes on the TV screen. I a mean WTF? you couldn’t see anything in the original and the transformation comes over plain odd like the person is trying not look into her own mirror when changing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Horrible animation. Horrible character designs. Horrible voices. Bad songs with no beat. No story.

    While the original was never great storytelling, this isn’t even up to the quality of baddest shows made these days.

  • Anonymous says:

    First of all it’s not a remake.
    Secondly it’s following the source material.
    thirdly it’s artwork is EXACTLY as in the source material.

    The only thing to complain was 3D CGI during transformation, it could be done better but I would prefer it not being 3D at all.

    Everything else about the first episode was excellent.

    Do your homework first before you start complaining.

    • Anonymous says:

      i watched both the new and old episodes in the same day and luna was one of the things that changed the least as far as ep1 goes, except for her voice, so no idea what you mean here… the face scratching scene was probably the most emotion she showed aside from her general determination to get usagi to listen to her, and that was all the same in both old and new.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol they ruined the franchise, good job! Backgrounds are tupidly pasted way off out of proportion. Peeps did this new sailormoon are fuckin disgrace. They just made an HD version of the original anime. Im disgusted.

  • Like many, I wondered why anyone would try to remake
    the original classic. I found this post online which explains the existence of this new Sailor Moon
    adaptation. I am presenting it here for your


    1- Toei is the anime company that owns both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, and thus never has to produce anything else, ever. OR SO THEY THOUGHT!

    2- So ten years ago, they made a weird-as-hell live action Sailor Moon TV show, with the intention of getting it dubbed and on American TV. Because America has such a long history of putting dubbed live action programming from Asia on in prime time.

    3 – America responded by pointing and laughing.

    4 – Toei got pissed, and rescinded the North American rights to the Sailor Moon anime from the US companies translating it.

    5- Knowing that Sailor Moon was still a valuable property, Toei basically held it for ransom, telling companies that they could only have the rights to the anime if they committed to buying, translating and airing the live action show.

    6- At this point I should point out that no one in Japan liked the live action show either. Sailor Moon’s talking mentor cats were played by plush toys that someone just waved around, their hand barely obscured by a table or whatever. This is what they actually did.

    7 – Since the live action show was box office cyanide, no one wanted to buy the rights, so the property just sat there in limbo for a decade.

    8 – Then later, the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon rolled around, coinciding with another exciting event: Toei being in serious financial trouble due to some economic […] stuff I don’t know or care about. […]

    9 – The 20th anniversary was actually two years ago. This remake was announced in 2011, then delayed a half-dozen times. It was the Half-Life 3 of anime for a little while there. Except not really, because this show exists.

    10 – So with the remake in production, and a need for new revenue, Toei finally accepted that live action Sailor Moon was a money pit they were never going to dig out of [and] they let Viz buy the rights to the anime alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except that this isn’t even a remake at all… that explanation was pretty much pointless. It doesn’t even explain how the original mangaka was interested in making the anime more accurate to the manga anyways, and this gave her that chance.

  • Anonymous says:

    The bad: CGI looks a bit out of place, transformation sequence is a bit too long (but it was like that in the original anime), some of the moments were a bit too overdramatic for no apparent reason (but that seems to be a Sailor Moon thing in general, owing in part to its sentai flavoring).

    The good: Everything else. I mean, some people might find the art style weird, particularly if they haven’t seen the manga or very much 1990s stuff, but personally I think it would look wrong if they tried to modernize it. It also felt odd at first that the characters aren’t at least aware of the concept of “magical girl”, but all I had to do was pretend that this is taking place back in the 1990s when that was barely a thing yet and all was well.

    • Barley a thing = hugely popular? It’s not like Sailor Moon didn’t rip off decades of Mahou Shoujo and Super Sentai anime…

      Mahou no Princess Minky Momo (1982)
      Majokko Meg-chan (1974)
      Mahou Tsukai Chappy (1972)
      Mahou Tsukai Sally (1968)

      • Anonymous says:

        rip off? in that case everything these days rips off something before it. also sailor moon and cutey honey were pretty much the first series to actually mix mahou shoujo and sentai ideas together.

  • the CG transformation isn’t really bad, so much, as it is out of place. It’s at odds with the style of the rest of the show. On it’s own, it’s perfectly fine though.

    Overall I’m looking forward to more of this though. I enjoyed the first episode quite a bit.

    • Anonymous says:

      i didn’t care much for the transformation scene, as much as i loved them in the old series, but it didn’t bother so much that it lessened my opinion of the episode over all. Anyways for this series it’s probably more logical for them to stop repeating the sequence over and over every episode like in the old series. By episode 12 i bet.. well hopefully by then they’ll be shortened or gone completely. imagine ifthe manga dedicated a few pages to transforming in every chapter?

  • Anonymous says:

    The CGI parts are awful, the camera spins so much to the point of not actually knowing what the hell is going on.
    In general the camera could step back a few meters. Cmon, I dont want to see Usagi’s face so freaking close. Just.. ugh, i can’t and wont watch this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, no. Watched the first episode of an original after that – it was better directed, it was prettier, it had way better pacing in it’s jokes. CG sucks, “Close to manga” design is ugly, Sailor Moon sounds like an old lady doing an impression of her young self (witch is exactly what is happening).

    Someone should just make an alternative montage of the original anime, cutting all the fillers out, maybe redraw a couple of scenes to make it closer to manga’s story – and that would be a way better anime series.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly this is true. As much as I love Kotono Mitsuishi, she should be reserved for older/mature roles. You can’t expect a woman in her late 40’s to voice a teenager. I couldn’t help but see her as Misato in this show anyway.

        • Anonymous says:


          Her voice hasn’t changed at all though for her teen characters, regardless of when she did the dub, she’s been doing voice over work, for what? Decades?

          At least she also has some range to her voices, unlike a lot of Funimation VAs that have just the same voice regardless.

        • Anonymous says:

          What part of “She is over 50 and voicing 15 year old girls” do you not understand? I’m not debating whether or not she’s a bad actress, I’m saying she’s taking the wrong roles and need to, well, act her age.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why pick on Wendee Lee? She’s better and more experienced than people like Luci Christian, Monica Rial, and the few other women that are overused by Funimation. Monica Rials voice is like running a nail down a chalkboard to my ears. Infact the LA VAs like Wendee Lee, Crispin Freeman, Johnny Bosch are a thousand times better than the shit that gets produced in Texas.

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems to me they’ve castrated the humorous side of the original. Sacrificing the funny faces, actions and mayhem of the main character for more doe-like elegance. Seems to have lost it’s silliness for seriousness..

  • Anonymous says:

    the future of Japanese Animation is fusion of 2D Animation with 3DCGI, that includes the one use in few Precure metaseries and other anime titles from TOEI Animation with some DANCING girls…. AWWWW!!!! with a REDESIGN CHARACTERS, remaking storylines, and what else, I hope its a little bit shorter than 50 episodes.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m treating this as something new entirely – the first true adaptation of the manga. the old sailor moon is its own thing which i will probably continue to prefer in the end, at least for its visuals, but i’m trying to enjoy this as something new because i haven’t read the manga so i want to see how this plays out and why everyone says the manga has a darker, better story than the old anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    That CGI is an eye sore, but so bad that we can’t eventually get use to it. It’ll be like Sidonia was last season. It will take a few episodes to get past the crudeness of the animation.

    • Anonymous says:

      KoS was 100% CGI so it didn’t stand out. Here, it DOES stand out, in a bad way.

      I expected nonoha quality transformations (w/o nudity because Sailor Moon), not some cheap CGI spectacle.

      • Anonymous says:

        You expected too much. Nanoha descended from eroge and puts that much quality into the transformations PRECISELY because of the nudity. Otherwise the otaku would have nothing to jerk off to. If they weren’t going the sexual exploitation angle from the get-go they probably would have spent that money on explosions or useful secondary characters and cheaped the transformations.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeaaah sailor moon was actually NOT done any justice at all…it failed pretty bad. The animation was sub par for today’s standards, short cuts were taken everywhere, and that transformation….what the fucking hell was that? If you are going to touch a timeless classic like sailormoon, then you have do it BETTER than the original. End of story.

    • Anonymous says:

      HOw long has it been since you saw the original? Honestly this is FAR from sub-par animation. The first episode was word-for-word the same, only with BETTER animation, and the transformation was CGI – which has taken a very undeserved amount of shade, cast by weeaboos who want to pretend they are anime hipsters who only like the OVAs from the past.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol… i’ve been reading nothing but positive reactions to it since it aired, surprisingly even from nostalgic old fans with their nostalgia glasses and serena defending ways… then i come here… i guess i shouldn’t be surprised

      • Anonymous says:

        Nostalgiafags actually more prone to positive view in general. If you look at the show from todays point of view, animation is very mediocre, to say the least. 3D is horrible.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you actually watched it and tried thinking for yourself instead of reading the internet…

        Backgrounds are great, character designs are meh, 3D parts are plain disgusting. The anon @13:30 is absolutely right โ€“ you don’t redo such classics unless you can do it _really_ well.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve seen better backgrounds in Spice and Wolf, Nagi no Asukara and heck, even Kyosougiga’s background felt rustic but fits the bill. If you’re still saying this is still has better backgrounds then I’ll pull out Last Exile – Silver wing. They integrated 3D even better here than the previous Last Exile but only to drop the ball called plot.

          When you are showing a classic for the new generation, you make it so that the new generation can familiarize themselves quickly, not feature a story and art from Saotome Roman’s otome vision.

        • Anonymous says:

          So by thinking for myself you mean agreeing with you and the rest of Lolitaku Complex? I did watch it at 6:00 am EST on saturday, twice. It was awesome. Having never read the manga, I was surprised to find it played out almost exactly as the first episode of the old anime. I don’t like the new look compared to the old look and I simply prefer oldschool hand drawn anime over new digital stuff any day, but despite that it’s still beautifully animated by its own merits. This is a modern adaptation of the original manga, not the anime, and that’s exactly what we got, at least going by the visuals. I never expected anything from the old series. Being a new sailor moon for a new generation, I seriously expected worse, but just because it’s not exactly the same as the old series all over again with an hd upgrade doesn’t mean it’s shit. Different or even “not as good as” does not equal “garbage”. I think it looks good and that’s it. What I’m really interested in is how the original manga story plays out. Everyone complaining here is probably just so hung up on their favorite teenagers not looking as fappable as they used to find them.

          No one here even complained about the new intro yet. Nothing beats moonlight densetsu but i am also loving the new intro, mosly because of that awesome guitar part. The background music is also really awesome… so far I think I even like it better than the old series BGM.

    • I kinda have to agree, watched sailor moon as a child. this…is kinda blatantly trying to appeal to the male audience with the horrible PreCure-esque transformation and soundtrack. animation was ok, its new and needs adjusting to but the 3d transformation sequences are terrible.

      • yuriphoria says:

        As if the original didn’t appeal to a male audience.

        I agree about the CGI, it needs to improve or go away. But otherwise it’s a decent remake. It got *budget* written on it’s face but so did the original Sailor Moon. I think right now it is struggling to get a market just like the original.

        If it does successfully on it’s first half expect an animation upgrade towards the second one.

        • Anonymous says:

          @14:25 – i’m a guy who wasn’t even attracted to any of the girls when he started watching back at the age of 8… i started watching it because i thought it looked awesome. then i became invested in the story, then eventually i found them attractive after a few years. it never occured to me that it was only ment for girls. and i don’t see why it should be seen that way, its just a good series for anyone to watch, plain and simple. it just takes an open mind without prejudice to actually start watching.

        • Anonymous says:

          @18:47 – thanks… actually, if any fan has a legtimate thing to complain about by this point it’s everything that viz is doing… they’re litterally going to be ruining our childhoods by rereleasing the old episodes and removing everything that made the original english versions what they were

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s just the horrible Viz translation, bud. The line actually says “Sailor Moon can protect herself” or “doesn’t need to be protected by anyone”, which is pretty much correct.

        • Anonymous says:

          i honesly thought this was trying to appeal LESS to the male audience… the character designs are less beautiful and sexy looking, the transformations don’t make you think you’re looking at them nude anymore, and the intro mudic even has a line that says “we don’t need men”

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve read that comparison in many places: “it’s like PreCure”, particularly over at that thrice-damned pit of hell, ANN.

        NO. PreCure is like the original Sailor Moon, damn it! Know who is ripping off who, you idiot whipper-snappers! (damn teens and twenty year olds, thinking nothing existed before whatever YOU saw in your childhoods)

        • Everything is ripped off of something. Except the few original titles that started it all. Though I can’t think of any of those on the top of my head. Probably because I don’t know enough anime from the 1950s and 1960s.

      • Anonymous says:

        one reason why sailor moon is a classic because it was the first time mahou shoujo and sentai ideas were mixed together, and yeah the general consensus is that the anime wasn’t very good but the manga never held back. The anime, though, for many people around thevworld was one of the first anime they ever saw along with others like DBZ. for me, personally, sailor moon was my first anime and it influenced my tastes for all the anime i saw in the future… it also really effected my life in other ways. and this was all despite being a 9 year old boy who was already being bullied (then i was bullied more for liking a ‘girls show’). i just had never seen anything like the animation in SM before. it reminded me so much of super nintendo games, so anything that indicated that maybe it wasn’t aimed at someone like me was easily overrided.

        also most other mahou shoujo series seem to feature more loli-like characters… which is one reason why i haven’t really been interested to check out many other mahou shoujo series. i always looked at SM’s girls as older teens or young adults, not realizing they were supposed to be around 14. whither its as good as other series in its genre or not, SM still seems to have it’s own unique style among them. i guess that’s one reason why i went in the direction of agent aika after SM rather than cardcaptors or something..

        • Anonymous says:

          Over here, one of the first true anime was “Mila Superstar” but yeah, “Sailor Moon” was what gave the biggest push into the market.

          Anyway, maybe the previews are deceiving but the quality doesn’t look very convincing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sailor moon anime came out in 1992-ish long before eletronic colorization. they actually made clear cell art by clear cell art drawings to make the original which was 200+ series episodes long with movies. the usa version sucked from the engish voice actors from canada. D.I.C. version voice actors actually did a better job on teh 1st 45 shows than the Japanese originals did. So if you only saw 15 shows made by teh canadians, yi missed it. there are 200 plus shows.

  • What a hylarious bunch of haters we have here, is not a surprise to see negative post here where the people is just dazzled by loli stuf and echii madness, and a pair of boobs.

    I’m a fan of the 90’s version, and guess what……this is by far better, and if this version goes more in the line of the manga, it means no filler episodes, and a way better plot, for example the first episode of 90’s version, usagi and mamoru seems to know each other from a long time, this version corrected this flaw, as many others, so, if someone does not like sailor moon here, go back to your wueens blade and to love ru bussines, and let the real fans that enjoy this anime be…… leas is better animated that the other 2 animes i mentioned and does not require fanservise to be great.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol. I like ecchi animus like Highschool DXD, Samurai Bride, R-15, Yosuga no Sora, Aki Sora etc. But I for one like this remake. Though Sailor Moon was a huge part of my childhood along with DBZ, I’m not letting my nostalgia glasses get in the way.

      • Anonymous says:

        woah, damn, everything you typed is exactly what i would have said! i hate it when people who have something against ecchi try to generalize all ecchi fans. first of all, while i do like ecchi i try to avoid lolicon and moe stuff. queen’s blade, which mostly focuses on actual grown women, is outright healthy next to some other ecchi anime out there like strike witches. but regardless of how much or what kind of ecchi we enjoy, that doesn’t prevent us from enjoying other kinds of anime. i have ghost in the shell, macross, and trigun, qnd even keropee and friends proudly on my anime shelf right next to queen’s blade and agent aika. sailor moon is on there too… and while i doubt this new series will ever replace my love for the old series, i enjoyed the first episode and i’m looking forward to how the story plays out in the upcoming episodes. btw, i have an ex gf who also had seikon no qwaser on her shelf next to evangelion, and we both loved sailor moon.

  • GeekyLibertarian says:

    Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched. I was 12 and I had ten minutes to get home from school before it started. And I must say that this series is spectacular. The 90s are making a comeback, baby!