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US Army Upskirtist Caught By Victim


An American soldier has been arrested for the very Japanese crime of upskirt photography, apparently having spent a little too much time absorbing the local culture.

Okinawa police announced the arrest of a 29-year-old American man, identified as Kadena-stationed staff sergeant Jared Hall, for violating prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances aimed at curbing voyeurism.

He reportedly paid a visit to a local souvenir shop, there using his digital camera to take photos of what lay up the skirts of a 23-year-old woman.

The woman noticed what he was up to and promptly dialed 110, and then pursued him and pointed him out to police with a helpful “that’s the one” when they arrived to assist, and he was then arrested on the spot.

American forces seem finally to have started coaching their wayward cannon fodder not to talk to the lowly local police when they get caught abusing the locals, for the accused’s only comment in relation to the charges is that “I won’t talk until the army legal attache arrives.”

Online there is some relief that the man seems to have adopted local customs rather than just raping his victim as US soldiers are so unfortunately notorious for:

“Someone who understands Japanese culture!”

“At least he didn’t rape her!”

“He watched too much AV…”

“Fancy a yank getting our culture!”

“Must be Japanese blood in his veins.”

“Him going back to base and onanising over the spoils seems relatively healthy…”

“So the Americans are just taking upskirt pics rather than raping people. Obama’s efforts to weaken the US army are bearing some fruit at least.”

“American soldiery, don’t emulate Japanese men, be manful and rape the local womenfolk!”

“I don’t see what is so sexy about upskirt photography at all.”

“Right. It is more about seeing them and knowing what they have on, I think.”

“Pointless to deny the charges if they can just check in his camera…”

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