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JD Mass Fainting: “Some of Them Soiled Themselves”



An as yet unexplained Shinjuku mass fainting event which saw a large number of young women collapse and lose consciousness has bemused both authorities and the online masses.

A gathering – reportedly comprised of the members of a Meiji University tennis club – outside a Shinjuku theatre saw chaos ensue as female members of the group began collapsing in the street for no apparent reason.

Police and ambulances were soon in attendance, and there appear to have been no serious injuries – although “some of them did soil themselves,” it is said.

Male members of the same circle were apparently not severely affected, perhaps suggesting some good old-fashioned nineteenth century hysteria was at play.

The rather blasΓ© attitude of police and bystanders to the incident has attracted almost as much attention as the reports themselves:







So far no official explanation has emerged – speculation (2ch has already expended tens of thousands of posts on the matter) seems to favour them being drugged or drunk, though many seem to feel that dropping down in the middle of the street and soiling themselves is rather too unusual to be explained by this.

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