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Top 10 Ideal Anime Imouto


With imouto now so popular that the government is trying to ban them, it is no wonder that the latest attempt to rank the most desirable little sisters managed to find 10,000 anime fans to answer the question in under a week…

The ranking, which aims the find the “ideal” imouto and so is not restricted to actual imouto:

1. Ui Hirasawa (K-On!)

2. Kagura (Gintama)

3. Kobato Hasegawa (Haganai)

4. Kirino Kosaka (OreImo)

5. Nadeko Sengoku (Monogatari series)

6. Suguha Kirigaya/ Leafa (Sword Art Online)

7. Ayase Aragaki (OreImo)

8. Azusa Nakano (K-On!)

9. Gou Matsuoka (Free!)

10. Komachi Hikigaya (Oregairu)

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