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JK Oil Massage “Beauty Salon” Busted


The latest establishment to fail in its attempt to stay on the right side of the law whilst satisfying the universal need of Japanese males for schoolgirl contact comes in the form of a “beauty salon” which rather optimistically attempted to get away with having underdressed schoolgirls give patrons oil massages…

Aichi police arrested a 54-year-old Yokohama man and his 3 coworkers for endangering the welfare of a minor, in connection with the “unseemly” services they had been employing young girls to perform at their Nagoya beauty salon.

According to police they employed two 16-year-old high schoolers to perform oil massages on male customers, clad only in their underwear.

Police say they gave the girls the job after an “interview” for the only marginally less insalubrious occupation of handing out leaflets on the street.

However, the men deny all the charges, saying they “had nothing to do with it.”

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