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Miku’s MTV VMAJ Debut


Holographic princess Hatsune Miku’s notoriety now extends to the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, with Miku gracing the 2014 opening act with her virtual presence – along with the announcement of extra US dates to follow.

The song used for such a grand event was none other than “Ray”, the same tune created in collaboration with the similarly renowned Bump of Chicken.

The event was visible worldwide both on TV and streamed, though thanks to MTV’s energetic efforts to purge it from video sharing sites after the fact, fans will likely have to dig around to see it.

While Miku’s fame in Japan is beyond dispute, her lack of any physical limbs sadly prevents her dominating the nation’s legacy music charts, so MTV (one of the few music media outlets not completely given over to AKB marketing it would seem) provides a helpful further mainstream outlet for her advance – although admittedly MTV did not give a single award to anything Vocaloid related either.

The announcement of Miku revisiting LA and NY by way of the “Miku Expo”, which in addition to her Gaga appearances seems to indicate her foothold in the land of the liberty-choked is now well established:

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