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Cops Bust Sex Streamer Couple Live: “$300,000 in 6 Months”



Police have announced a national first in their war on uncensored porn, having busted a couple as they streamed themselves having sex live over the Internet – the streamers in question already having netted some $300,000 this year alone.

A 30-year-old “unemployed” Osaka man and a 19-year-old female university student from Hyogo prefecture were arrested in the act of streaming themselves live over the Internet as officers of the elite Kyoto cybercrime division raided them.

They had been using “FC2 Live” to distribute shockingly uncensored videos of themselves engaged in indecent and lascivious acts, and charging to view their antics.

The couple in action just prior to their arrest, rendered decent for tender Japanese minds:













Police say the man was joined by some 30 different women in the various shows, having started in the summer of 2013. Revenues since December amounted to a respectable ¥30,700,000.

This being a crime of the utmost severity, police immediately charged them both with public indecency.

They both admitted the charges, saying “we thought we wouldn’t be caught because the servers were overseas.”

Police say making an arrest for public indecency as it was being streamed live was a national first, demonstrating once again just how much the wicked have to fear from Japan’s finest.

The exact legal basis for the arrests is not clear – it was likely because the “indecent” streaming lacked the official mosaics sanctioned by a quasi-governmental body, although with police apparently feeling free to charge anyone naked in a private place in front of other people with public indecency their reasons likely simply do not matter.

Online there is the usual unhappiness with the bizarre state of the nation’s laws and the arbitrariness of police activity:

“How does live streaming equate to public indecency?”

“Making an example of the amateurs for the benefit of those who are troubled by them making too much money, are we piggies?”

“Interesting that they did not bust FC2 for abetting the crime.”

“They only released the guy’s name and not that of the girl, too.”

“FC2 probably sold them out. The material was totally legal in the US, so why does FC2, a US company operating completely out of the States, have to comply? The police wouldn’t know a thing about them. Likely FC2 just gave them the info when the police mailed them and asked.”

“These news articles are incomprehensible. Explain with videos!”

“This pair were idiots though. They should have proxied the video about or something.”

“They leave regular uncensored porn alone, why? Why did they arrest these guys? Unless you know what criteria they used to make this a priority it really damages your trust in the police.”

“Kyoto police love cracking down on these poor saps. They arrested a 23-year-old guy for videoing his nether regions and uploading a 6 minute video of it to FC2 recently.”

“All this for the retirement prospects of our glorious Galapagos mosaic police protectors!”

“In Japan sex is something you pay to watch, not something you do!”

“Love watching the lengths they go to get these scoundrels whilst their little koban are surrounded by illegal pachinko parlours.”

“I wonder if the police were watching the stream even as they bust into the place.”

“Please, the video of it happening.”

“30 girls and 5 million yen a month, this guy is awesome.”

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