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JK Sex Tutor Busted By Mother: “Please Teach My Daughter”


A man has been arrested for engaging in indecent acts with a schoolgirl friend after her mother invited him to come to her house to give her some private tutelage and then turned him over to police.

The 32-year-old unemployed Osaka prefecture man became acquainted with a high schooler in nearby Nara prefecture by way of an unnamed video site.

The two continued their friendship for some six months with the assent of the girl’s mother.

The girl then approached her mother for advice as her friend “wants to take me out with him” – her mother replied that “you might as well get him to help you with your studies at home then,” and he paid a visit to their home.

There the pair’s acquaintance took a decidedly intimate turn, but for some reason the mother decided to consult with the local police.

They promptly arrested the man on charges of engaging in indecent acts with a minor, which he admitted to.

Online, for some reason there is a certain amount of sympathy for his case:

“Isn’t this OK with parental approval?”

“I’m failing to see what he did wrong.”

“I don’t get what happened here.”

“The mother approved it and dobbed him in. I bet she found out he was unemployed and wanted rid of him.”

“That mother laid a vicious trap for him there…”

“Obviously a trap. Probably didn’t think she could nail him unless she got him in the house.”

“Probably wanted him himself and grassed him up out of jealousy.”

“Wasn’t this a genuine relationship?”

“That mother, what a bitch. So she basically lied about approving of it…”

“She worked it all out after finding out he had no job.”

“She may have said ‘you can date her’ but she probably thought to herself ‘I didn’t say anything about sex!'”

“She probably did want him, but there is no way she could compete with a JK so she got him busted out of spite.”

“An unemployed 30-year-old has no future. Doubtless she didn’t want him breeding with her daughter.”

“He probably lied about his age and occupation at first. I can’t believe you guys would tell anyone what you really do all day.”

“What kind of brainless woman tells an unemployed 32-year-old to give her daughter private lessons anyway.”

“Sex was not supposed to be part of the curriculum.”

“You have to wonder just where out police’s priorities are hearing these stories.”

“If he had only cut her in on the action too!”

“What happened to this country, they were dating properly and everything!”

“Face it, even if it is consensual as an unemployed 32-year-old man you are still going to be arrested if you try to have sex.”

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