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First New Haruhi in 4 Years = “Worst Possible News”


The remaining Haruhi fans have been less than delighted to find the “first new Haruhi imagery in 4 years,” coming from Kyoto Animation themselves, is in fact to be part of the PR campaign for a pachinko machine – not the glorious 3rd season return many were hoping for.

As part of the “HaruhiHunting” publicity campaign for the upcoming “Fever – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” pachinko machine, fans are expected to hunt down (in various locations, both physical and virtual) and snap 707 “fragments” in order to unlock the release of some exclusive new Haruhi imagery.

This new imagery is being hailed (by promoters at any rate) as the first new imagery to be officially published in the 4 years since the movie, and is produced by no less than KyoAni themselves.

The vexing question of what happens with respect to Haruhi’s seiyuu seems to have been left in abeyance for now, as only music and imagery features so far.

As to whether all this means some anime resurrection of the franchise is any closer, if the fan response is anything to go by it seems more likely the franchise is now completely dead, as pachinko has a (considering Evangelion and the like continue to spawn machines, not altogether deserved) reputation as being a lucrative franchise graveyard.

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