AKB48 Otaku Sues Sawer Over Lost Handshaking Event


An enraged AKB48 fan is attempting to sue the maniac behind the saw rampage which has led to the next handshaking event being cancelled, demanding the cost of the 330 CDs he bought along with payment for the emotional distress of the cancellation.

This being Japan, the amounts involved in the proposed litigation are miserly – 346,440 yen for the 330 CDs he apparently now has no use for but to listen to, and a further 250,000 yen to compensate him for the trauma of not being able to shake his favourite idol’s hand.

AKB48 still provokes fierce passions online, not least when handshaking events are somehow involved:

“Blame the buyer!”

“At least sue the organisers as well.”

“They are the ones who held an event with a total lack of security.”

“He just proved CDs have no value at all to these fans…”

“The handshaking event tickets are supposed to be an extra.”

“Disrupt an event and you have to pay for all the CDs the attendees bought to be there.”

“AKB otaku are just insane.”

“Anyone who buys 330 copies like that is nuts.”

“AKB48’s marketing tactics surely can’t withstand this amount of public scrutiny now it is all out in the open.”

“I somehow doubt this will survive in court. Anyone can argue he has the CDs and it was the management who were negligent in their event handling.”

“These guys are about as crazed as the sawer really.”

“All we can really conclude from all this is that without those tickets the CDs will never sell at all.”

“He still has the CDs to enjoy so I don’t see the problem!”

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