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    • Anonymous says:

      If she gets pregnant, it may be really dangerous. First because she may need additional pills, and second- she’s still a kid. This guy is just thinking with his brain rather than penis.

        • Anonymous says:

          She might be using the pill.

          Yeah I’m sure she’s using the pill. She’s homeless, she has only a weeks left to live, she has no identity docs, she has little money, she needs to keep a low profile because an army of killers wants her dead…. yet she may be on the pill.

          WEL is a moron.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Why did she not have sex with him? Is she not strong or bold enough to forcefully rape him? Therefore, I hate female characters.”

      Btw, judging all male characters from just 1 or a few is NOT what I do. Also, Anime shouldn’t involve sex. it’s not hentai, and even if it lets you KNOW it happens like Mirai Nikki, This isn’t that kind of anime.

      • Anonymous says:

        This looks like fun, so i’ll be joining in on this.

        “Btw, judging all male characters from just 1 or a few is NOT what I do.”

        Well from what universe are you from? Anime male main character’s 90% of the time are just like this when involved in harem genre. Want me to give you a short list? Alright.

        ∙ To-Love ru
        ∙ Onii-chan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne
        ∙ Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita
        ∙ Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
        ∙ Sankarea
        ∙ Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
        ∙ Kanokon
        ∙ Ladies Versus Butlers
        ∙ Mayo Chiki!
        ∙ Zero no Tsukaima
        ∙ Strike the Blood
        ∙ Date a Live
        ∙ Kiss x Sis
        ∙ Monogatari
        ∙ Omamori Himari
        ∙ Highschool DxD
        ∙ Asobi ni Iku Yo!

        Want me to keep on going? The list is endless.
        Sometimes it irritates me. But like everyone else know, that if it’s going any further than that it will no longer be an anime. That or lose it’s “charm point”.
        Hence why i was impressed with Yosuga no Sora.

        In any case, 90% of male main characters involved in harem almost all behave the same way. It’s one-pattern copy paste and it’s been like this for yeeeeears. Anyone who watches anime knows that.

        If you wonder where the “90%” comes from, do not worry. It’s a number i pulled out of my arse. In my own opinion i was too soft.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, if you just looka t it, all harem/ecchi anime has that male MC. However, if you look closer, each one does act in its own way, have their own personality, etc. And it it fun to watch. I’m not denying that a LOT of animes have those things, but i’m saying there are TONS of animes without male MC’s like that. The guy earlier says he hates ALL male characters due to this one, and possibly other ecchi/harem shows. I think he’s just too much into harem animes, And again. There are Many animes without those kinds…

          Also, it’s still fun to watch the ecchi/harem animes. if someone gets tired of those male MC’s, then they either 1: don’t like the show 2: only take in account what they do when meeting a girl (Ex: 2 animes with male MC that run from a girl. Not looking more specifically like How quickly they ran or what they think or why they run, etc.) or 3. Something else.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I get you’re one of those people who hate male MC’s and probably might be one of those who also Overuse “Pathetic, Bland, Boring male MC” to the point where you state it on any anime with a male MC, But seriously”
        This is also not to judge?
        Judging someone know.
        Ok,We “men” let’s just run of every woman to get naked in front of us.
        PS:Every male character in anime school, always runs any girl’s .cliche.

        • Anonymous says:

          Never said this anime isn’t to judge. If something, you could say this MC is Brave since he’s facing death like he did in the 1st episode. Others could say he’s a wimp cuz he didn’t have sex.

          what I was saying in that paragraph

          (“I get you’re one of those people who hate male MC’s and probably might be one of those who also Overuse “Pathetic, Bland, Boring male MC” to the point where you state it on any anime with a male MC, But seriously”)

          Was that when you say “bland, boring male MC”, before saying it, Actually think “Hey. is this really true?” and not to overuse it to the point where it doesn’t make sense like other people do. Whether a male MC is wimpy or not is everyone’s own opinion. Some say sex is all that matters, and avoiding sex means you’re a total loser. Some say Actually facing death means you’re brave. Over here though, it seems everyone thinks having sex or not is all that matters whether you’re brave and manly or a wimpy loser. I just don’t agree with that, even if he runs away from girls.

      • Anonymous says:

        blah blah blah.
        There anime containing sex scenes and is not hentai, it’s just ecchi.
        No, she has no powers of strength. It is impossible for her to rape him.
        He’s gay, he would not have sex with her, she just rubbed it.
        You must not watch much anime, this happens in many animes of this genre of anime men always go for women when they want to have sex with him.
        So shut up.

        • Anonymous says:

          also, “Why did he not have sex with her?”

          I get that you’d have sex with her, and many other people irl too. But just cuz u think that doesn’t mean everyone does too. Some people WOULDN’T have sex with someone in a situation like that IRL. doesn’t mean they’re gay. you know, ppl don’t always have sex when they have the chance, and not doing it when you have the chance with a gender doesn’t always mean you’re the kind to love the other gender. It means he didn’t want to or wasn’t brave enough,or maybe wasn’t in the mood… it could be anything. Hating male characters cuz of it is fine, just don’t judge all male characters in existence in anime just cuz this happens.

        • Anonymous says:

          PS: My main point was that You shouldn’t judge all of something based on 1 or a few of it.

          Examples:that white dude was mean, I hate all whites.
          that black dude was mean, I hate all blacks.
          that book was bad, all books by him should be avoided.
          this anime was bad, every single anime must be as bad.

          I get you’re one of those people who hate male MC’s and probably might be one of those who also Overuse “Pathetic, Bland, Boring male MC” to the point where you state it on any anime with a male MC, But seriously. There are plenty out there with FEMALES as a MC and good Male MC’s. if you hate male MC’s cuz of avoiding sex when having the chance, why do u watch anime with ecchi in it at all?

        • Anonymous says:

          you seem pretty stupid imo. Dude, I clearly said it in a way saying THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF ANIME. And I did state that Anime can contain sex without being hentai, did you not read it carefully? I said Mirai nikki and that kind lets you know they had sex but DOESN’T SHOW IT. This is not the kind of anime to have sex at all, and so what? She doesn’t need physical strength to rape him. All she needs it the power of seduction, which she clearly has. Just cuz someone doesn’t wanna have sex makes them gay? Really, dude? Anime like these r called ECCHI.if they ahd to involve sex, it’s be either 1. On a whole new lv of ecchi or 2. Romance. When it comes to sex and multiple heroines, it’d involve Love conflicts and things, unless they all agree with having sex all together, but that’d be in the group of 1.