JK Head Urinator Busted: “I Did It Dozens of Times!”


Police have arrested a man for urinating on the head of a schoolgirl as she sat on a bench, finding him to be responsible for a dozens of similar attacks on schoolgirls and others.

Kagawa prefecture police arrested a 20-year-old legal student after he approached a 15-year-old girl from behind as she sat on a bench near a local station one night and urinated on her head.

Police caught him after discovering a suspicious car near the scene of the crime, and questioning the occupant.

He soon admitted being the perpetrator, and later admitted being behind a spate of recent perversions committed against local women in their teens, twenties and thirties, which included them being urinated on and voyeuristically photographed.

After confessing that he committed similar acts “dozens of times” in order “to satisfy my sexual desire,” police charged him with assault and other offences in connection with the schoolgirl urination offence, and are investigating his other antics.

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