Shingeki no Kyojin mangaka Hajime Isayama has apologised for the inclusion of not-so-hidden “obscene” messages in chapter 57, explaining rather abstrusely that “it was not the author’s intention” to include them.

The quick and dirty passage was evidently scrawled on a random piece of parchment held by one of the characters, evidently intended to represent in-world script, but after curious fans flipped the text they discovered it was actually a mass of barely comprehensible katakana nonsense, including “sex” and “chinko.”

Isayama issued an apology after this was outed:

“Thank you to the many people who noticed and explained about this.

Unfortunately, in chapter 57 words the author did not intend for were printed. These do not represent the real and intended meaning of the work.

However, it is all my responsibility for not noticing and submitting a manuscript including such content. The main cause would be my not being aware enough of the contents of my own manuscript.

It is utterly inexcusable to have disappointed so many of you by allowing something like this to impair your enjoyment of the chapter.”

The message dissected:





The apology of course leaves the question of just who inserted the text unanswered – although should any openings for new assistants appear the question may well be answered…


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