Nintendo “Sorry” for Not Allowing Gay Marriage


Nintendo has decided to apologise for not allowing gay marriage in its upcoming “Tomodachi Life” game, promising it in future installments instead.

The upcoming US version of 3DS “life” simulation game Tomodachi Life was soon harried by an American gay rights pressure group for not somehow not allowing the ancient tradition of same sex marriages:

“In purposefully limiting players’ relationship options, Nintendo is not only sending a hurtful message to many of its fans and consumers by excluding them, but also setting itself way behind the times.”

This campaign for “virtual equality” at first prompted Nintendo to attempt to dodge the issue by explaining it is not engaged in “social commentary”:

“Nintendo never intended to make any form of social commentary with the launch of ‘Tomodachi Life,’

The relationship options in the game represent a playful alternate world rather than a real-life simulation.

We hope that all of our fans will see that ‘Tomodachi Life’ was intended to be a whimsical and quirky game, and that we were absolutely not trying to provide social commentary.”

However, once the scope of the PR damage became apparent, this was soon recanted and replaced with a full apology and a promise to include homosexual relationship options in any future title in the series, though they still apparently omit any commitment to including polygamy or other relationships deemed unacceptable by Americans:

“We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch.


We pledge that if we create a next installment in the Tomodachi series, we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.”

Amongst Japanese there is some scepticism about the whole imbroglio:

“Cultural differences? Poor Nintendo…”

“Typical Yanks.”

“I would think they could have patched it, but if they did imagine the problems which would follow…”

“I can’t help but think these options end up annoying more players when they are put in and they end up with unwanted same sex proposals.”

“How about an option to turn it on or off?”

“Then they get accused of discrimination if it is not on by default.”

“Why are they so desperate to play this stuff with gay marriage anyway?”

“This has more to do with the political clout of the GLBT lot than cultural differences.”

“America, land of the free as ever.”

“The game was just a knock-off anyway, you’d think they’d have realised there might be international sensitivities when they saw The Sims.”

“I think discrimination against minorities is awful, but when these pressure groups do stuff like this it is just as bad.”

“Please just spare our galge this treatment…”

“The sad thing is that this probably just means either the next game will never come out or it will completely drop the marriage system.”

“Next they will be complaining about the games which come out in Japan only…”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Why apologize? Normally people won’t think of same sex marriage in a game. It is no surprise that same sex marriage is not allowed. It is a surprise that Nintendo apologized and allowed it in later updates.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gays and religion. The two biggest poisons on this planet, need to disappear. America has way too much freedom, seriously. Don’t like the decision Nintendo made for their game which was made in Japan? Don’t fucking buy it. Please continue supporting your shitty western games with the gay shit included in it and stay the fuck away from Japanese games.

  • Anonymous says:

    where in the hell is beastility? oh i forgot its no consental relationship so its not okay right?
    So having sex with animals is rape to the animal right?
    Here is the question why is it okay to eat animals but not okay to have sex with them? Beastiality campain rights!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    lbgt is pissing me off see not all gays do this they but the lbgt will whine about almost anything to force it down your throat now they are going for games this is annoying. Thats what happens when you try to be kind and loving to the lbgt they are mafia types.Like i said before not all gays do this i know gay people that hate the lbgt and i agree 100 percent.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo is absolutely actively discriminating against Muslims, by not including child marriage. Characters must be to marry 9 year olds to better represent the diversity of players.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese culture is surprisingly conservative sometimes. But I admit, if the game’s target audience is straight people then allowing gay marriage just happens to be outside the scope. Like if you make a game targetted at gynephiles, then making the male characters sexy is outside the scope, but effort is put into the sexy women.

    Hopefully people make games targetted at gays that disallow straight marriage.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously? This is fucking absurd. If I were Nintendo, I’d simply say that no one will tell me how to make my game. If I don’t want to include a possibility of inserting one guy’s pee-pee into another guy’s poo-poo, I won’t.

    Why don’t we accommodate every single sexual deviant on this planet while we’re at it? You like to fuck trees dressed in spandex? Well … Better start that petition, because I can’t imagine how alienated you must feel when playing Tomodachi Collection. Why isn’t there a tree fucking scenario, is beyond me. We’re all equal, after all. Oh, and tree – spandex guy couples should be able to adopt, as well.

    It’s not that I think every gay person should be excluded from the society, but this equality bullshit is getting on my nerves, especially since it started leaking into the game world. All of a sudden Final Fight’s poison is a fucking transvestite and a huge victory for all other transvestites. And imagine that when playing the game all these years ago, and wouldn’t even fucking consider this possibility. She was just a hooker in heels. Now the character is an equality symbol, because hey! Transvestites can be found in games, too! Let’s pop that champaign bottles, transvestites! And let’s talk about it on every fucking game site for six months!

    You know … Democracy is a weird fucking concept. I don’t even know how the views and values of a majority can be accepted in out multi-gendered, multi-cultural world, while it’s obvious we should have Bizarro democracy instead, where the 3% of the entire population tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s accepted and what’s not.

    This post is my very first comment on Sankaku Complex, and if you’re gay, I’m sorry, but don’t take it the wrong way. The essence of this comment is simple. Stop fucking trying to shove tolerance down everyone’s throat. If you’re gay, come out and fucking get over it. I don’t need you in my games, being all proud of how gay and how widely accepted you are. The fact that you’re trying so hard shows just how desperate and detached from the rest of the society you are.

    You want LGBT games? Read up on programming, make it yourself, and while you’re at it, make it so awesome, so that I won’t be able to resist playing it. Don’t fucking gay up every single game that’s already out there. Did Fable or Mass Effect advertise the possibility of gay relationships? No. Why? Because if you want it to be “normal”, you need to act normal.

    This whole vocal campaign is ridiculous. You can vote, you can work, you can be cool on Fab 5 or Project Runway, but it’s never enough. So you want to marry. You get to marry, then you want to marry in videogames. What’s next? Will I wake up with a dick in my mouth one morning, because we’ll have deepthroat gestapo, as requested by the ever demanding LGBT community? Get over your gay selves already. Be gay and shut the fuck up. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, imagine those ingrates, continuing to ask for all the same rights as normal people, and not thanking us enough for granting them a few rights already! We should take back the ones we already gave them! They need to learn their place, because blah blah probably something about a slippery slope or other logical fallacy blah blah! Muh rights!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thing is, why is polygamy not in this game?

    I feel offended…

    See what I just did? It is basically the same thing, in realitly people are offended by gay marriage & if you push that onto a company or someone else then you are not better than being anti-gay.

    I’m fine with people being gay but the reality is I don’t care if someone is gay because I never ask them about their sex life & I don’t wanna know about their sex life. Nobody needs to like gays, if you don’t like them that is fine & nobody needs to have gay marriage in their game if they don’t want to, easy as that, after all it is a minority that is gay.

    There is also gay people that don’t really care about something like this, the vocal people are not always representative of every gay person.

  • Typical “slacktivists” who get angry over 1 thing and then try to boycott until they get what the want at the expense of a company.

    This isn’t even Nintendo’s fault to begin with. There was no sign of PR damage at all; lots of stupid angry people want to justify their stance of attacking Nintendo.

    If they want to go play the blame game, go after ESRB (which no one looked upon given the game was ESRB E and CERO A) and the government.

  • I have an idea! Why not create via kick starter an all gay game designer/publishing company willing to design/market a gay themed console and PC games. Pitch it to the Sony, MS and Nintendo execs of its commercial viability and let the market decide.

    Fair enough?

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol, I like how there’s all these bigots in the comments even though the Internet has shown that there is a huge demand for gay, lesbian, shemale and cuntboy porn.

    Not to mention the sheer popularity of traps, crossdressers and yaoi and yuri on hentai sites.

    So its okay to jerk it to all that filth but not accept the real thing just because it gets your balls into a twist?

  • Anonymous says:

    soon we’ll have to apologize for not bending over to every random gay in the street

    these guys are sickening, they are manipulating kids and teens into believing this is a totally normal life choice.

    I see there’s a debate on the way Romans and Greeks viewed this: they had it right, it is a possible sexual practise.

    The problem today is that the LGBT lobby has extrapolated this sexual practise to a whole lifestyle, which makes no sense: the theoretical goal of a human being is to find a mate and reproduce.

  • Remember what happened to Rplay? A minority feminazis all but nearly destroyed the ero PC gaming industry. Foreign culture imposing theirs……bunch of media hounds goody two shoes know it alls!

    They already got, Glee! What else do they want? So maybe next they’ll ask for an openly gay leading character in Final Fantasy, RE etc!

    The American grievance industry is getting ridiculous!

  • Unfortunately for Nintendo the argument is valid. A good majority of the game is based around relationships and some people would like to have that relationship with their real-life partners.

    Thankfully the gays I do know personally are not gamers so they won’t have to deal with this.

  • Anonymous says:

    man, I usually don’t agree with most comments in sankakucomplex. But this time, I whole heartily agreed with most comments in here. In fact, the comment in here are so straight to the point and without any politically correct bullshit. Unlike any other media that I read about this matter like : Forbes, Reddit, Kotaku , etc which are filled with LGBT propaganda which were pisses me off.

    First thing you homo/lesbian/whiteknights/transgender/whatever need to know about this issues:

    This game was made by normal people. How the hell can you expect them to know the logic of your mentally deficient kind of people works?

    It’s like women’s magazine that was created from women to women, how can they know what men’s want?
    I can’t expect them to create an article about a fucking car because they are women. women are tend to know more about fashion, beauty, etc.

    Same thing goes to this video game. Unless it was made by the same homo guy or normal people with politically correct mentality, then you can’t expect the game to have something that they normally don’t consider to begin with.

    Funny thing about this is that it always follow the same pattern: if minority complains, then it must be right, and majority must be false.
    If majority complains, then they are bigots.

    Since when we care more about equality, and not about THE TRUTH? is this how humanity going to evolve to? if so, I don’t mind being called bigots or conservative because I don’t think these people are right to begin with.

    Even if I don’t agree with these people, I always keep that in my mind and not forcing my belief to other people.

    But I also expect the same thing from these people, to try to not to shove your LGBT propaganda down to my fucking face. Mind your own business, and I’ll mind mine too. The game doesnt feature gay sex?
    Though shit, the game designer probably a normal man who likes vagina. What’s wrong with that?
    You can’t expect every videogames in existence to have a homosexual element inside it. Play the damn game, and if you don’t like it , then just fucking sell it. End of story. Don’t push your agenda by blowing this issues so we as a “normal” people would have to accept your ideology. No , we aren’t , we are a normal people, who likes different gender.

    Stop trying to convert other people’s belief so that they agree that what you are believing is right.
    Just leave us alone, and mind your own business. If you don’t like videogames created by normal people, then create your own videogames from LGBT people to LGBT people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gays are blind, mentally deficient and retarded individuals who think they have the right to be treated humanely as any other. Face it; dicks are supposed to be stuffed in a pussy; not in the asshole, capiche?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, so many same-sex opposers in the comments. Just because they’re going to add same-sex relations in the next game (if they make one), it automatically means the game loses 6 billion potential players by these peoples’ logic. I for one am glad that Nintendo decided to make this decision (I would’ve liked it more if they were able to re-add same-sex relations in the current game, but you know, gift horse and all that), being one to support same-sex equality.

  • Anonymous says:

    What the fuck man? First same sex marriage in real life and now video games? Why does the LGBT have to seem so selfish? “We can do ___ but we also want more ___, and to be able to do ___ along with that.”

    Anatomy doesn’t lie. The purpose of humanity is to multiply. Penis —> vagina = new life. Repeat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its pretty ironic for you guys to go on about how ‘unnatural’ is is and what people are ‘supposed’ to do to procreate when you’re a bunch of nerds who chose anime girls over real women and arent going to procreate with anyone anyhow. And last time I checked, humanity is in no danger of dying out.
      The reason this is an issue to people is because Tomodachi Life was supposed to be a game where you can make yourself in it. If someone who is gay cannot make their avatar able to date characters of the same gender, its not really them, is it? They feel left out. One one hand, its a shame, and its disgusting how many people think that the existence of gay people somehow makes something adult or political or weird. A man and a woman holding hands isnt something scandalous and terrifying that should be sheilded from the eyes of children, so why should a man and a man and a woman and a woman? Its not like anyones asking for gay porn in the game.
      But on the other hand, the game had already been finished and coded so it wouldt be reasonable to change it.
      I’m glad Nintendo do listen to peoples questions unlike other companies, anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        You need to understand that nerds haven’t been turned into brainwashed morons because they avoid TV like the plague, which is why they don’t react as you do in this issue. Please enlighten yourself on the marvels of social conditioning and doublespeak to turn the wrong into right.

        You also need to understand that trying to force any form of political or religious bullshit (LGTB rights is leftard pseudo-religion) onto INTROVERTS will always suscitate a violent outburst, because that’s the way introverts react to violent irruption of their live sphere.

        Finally, you need to realize than being pro-LGTB doesn’t make you automatically right, tolerant or in a higher moral ground; That’s just the bullshit that is repeated to you every day until it becomes truth to you. In fact, in most cultures it is a sign that you are an hedonist pervert, and that is bad because hedonists and perverts spread diseases and bad habits in a society, causing their downfall.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Finally, you need to realize than being pro-LGTB doesn’t make you automatically right, tolerant or in a higher moral ground; ”

          Well said. And being into the anime fandom does not mean one is not into procreation either.
          Dumb binary thinking types.

  • Anonymous says:

    “In purposefully limiting players’ relationship options, Nintendo is not only sending a hurtful message to many of its fans and consumers by excluding them, but also setting itself way behind the times.”

    Well, the gay community can go kill themselves for this idiotic comment.

    Not adding a feature means PURPOSELY LIMITING? Yeah, no.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Not adding a feature means PURPOSELY LIMITING? Yeah, no.”

      White American puritanical leftist BS. Japanese should say not to any interference. Don’t like our games, don’t buy. They’ll still buy.

  • Anonymous says:

    “I can’t help but think these options end up annoying more players when they are put in and they end up with unwanted same sex proposals.”

    So when’s the version where you get random proposals from loli? I mean, c’mon Nintendo, I’m feeling seriously discriminated against right here.

  • Anonymous says:

    The SJWs have achieved victory. Thanks a lot Kotaku, I’m disgusted. Yeah, it probably means that there will never be marriage in a Nintendo game again. Just look at how SE treated the gay marriage outcry in FFXIV -> No marriage.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of every company caving/apologizing/backpedaling when one group or another comes out with “Ow, you hurt my feelings!” Grow the hell up. I don’t need to include your lifestyle any more than you need to buy my product.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you think this is about you? What about the gay people who want to marry their husbands or wives in the game, but SUDDENLY have that ability taken away from them? There are different kinds of people in the world other than straight people, and you idiots need to realize this and stop thinking about your own damned selves. Consider the other person’s point of view. You’re probably just gonna say “if I was gay, I wouldn’t care that they didn’t allow gay marriages” but you know what, that’s bullshit. There is a very good chance that if you were gay and dating someone in real-life, you’d be at least angry that Nintendo didn’t allow same-sex privileges.

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t seem to understand how this game works. You don’t control a little avatar in the game. You can import an avatar that looks like you, but it will be autonomous and refer to you as its lookalike. Then it goes and does what it pleases with all the other avatars of whoever you want that you imported into the game.

        You don’t get to choose who ‘you’ or anybody else in the game marries. You can discourage budding relationships, but you ultimately can’t enforce it. So even if you want your little Mii to end up with a certain other Mii to either replicate real life or act out some fantasy, the Miis don’t give a fuck. Your Mii could end up marrying someone completely different. Even including same-sex relationships, your Mii could end up in a heterosexual relationship anyway.

        That is, unless they add a sexuality option to append to each Mii. Which is where one should start to see why Nintendo wouldn’t want to do that in a family-rated game. Children shouldn’t be exploring sexuality in a Nintendo game. It’d cause a much bigger uproar than this. Why do you think The Sims are rated Teen?

  • Anonymous says:

    Gay f@ggots need to stop interfering with Japan. Japan already has problems with their population as it is. And how in the world is the future generations going to enjoy hot Japanese bishes if the entire male population goes gay? Or worse.. all the anime goes the gay route as well D=

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, how dare we want rights and representation! Poor straight people never have examples of healthy straight relationships every where they look, and they’re ALWAYS being told that they’re wrong and creepy! Being gay is just a giat walk in the park and we face no discriminatio whatsoever!
      Oh wait.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gay marriage or rather same sex marriage cant be allowed, liking the same sex is a mind sickness that need to be cured. And if you dont like it well, welcome to the world, in nature you cant have children between 2 of the same gender, that should be clear enough.
    And allowing same sex couples to adopt children, that cant be permitted, and if the child is young then most likely will turn out liking the same sex.

    FACE IT, being gay or lesbian is a mind sickness

  • Anonymous says:

    Long time, There is no such thing as same sex marriage until now some people or organization allow it.

    This is not very straight forward.

    Gay Marriage is really wrong. Even they have feeling about it.

    That is pathetic excuse.

      • Anonymous says:


        you need to remember that if you have a dick you have to stuck it to the vagina, and not to another asshole from the same gender as you do.

        The reason you are exist and can type such a comment in sankakucomplex was because your dad’s penis met with your mom’s vagina, and not from penis versus penis. Do you understand this simple logic ?

        We as a human being has a purpose being born in the earth. If you have a dick, then you aren’t supposed to mate with another guy , else there wouldn’t be such things as life to begin with.
        Do you understand, homotard?

        People like you disgust me a lot. Go to the fucking moon and make your own colony filled with lesbian, and homosexual and create your own videogames to be consumed with your own people. So we don’t waste a time debating a simple thing like this which a people with COMMON SENSE would already know which one is true, and which one is false.

  • Anonymous says:

    These are American leftists, who combine the worst aspects of both Americans and leftists. That means that everything, everywhere is their business, and that nobody, anywhere will be able to do anything without getting an earful from them about failing to live up to some moral standard they set.

    America has always been a Puritan country, and still is. Puritanism never went away, it just switched sides. The same censorious moralizing, the same ceaseless tut-tutting, the same assumption that everything is their business, the same commitment to world-saving whether the world wants to be saved or not… what was once the province of high-collared Protestant schoolmarms is now that of rainbow-flag waving Social Justice Warriors. Different social ends, of course, but exactly the same attitude. And no one will ever be left alone by them. Not ever.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want SJW and LGBT to leave my video games alone.

    Why don’t they take a hint from the responsible part of the BSDM community? Don’t get involved in things that don’t matter to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      And likely a world where no wars, famine, disease or any other hardship occur. So a world where people can also run away from reality and instead of helping fellow man, fsck around in it, hiding their heads in sand like ostriches.

      There’s so much wrong with these games if you wish to just focus on ommissions. For example where’s the unity with our friends in NK who are subject to human rights abuses, or our friends in Cuba, or people in Nigeria and Syria being subject to religious killings.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what’s the problem? got a thing against straight people?
      okay it’s bad to bash someone for being homosexual, but it’s as bad to pressure and even sometimes bash people for not being homo, gay people should realize that no-one has an obligation on liking their sexual preference, nor be okay with “gay themed”/related things being rubbed on their faces…and everyone should realize that not liking something isn’t a harmful behavior nor discriminatory, as long as one don’t insult or assault someone for having a different preference it’s okay not to like homosexuality and not be judged as antiquate or small-minded (and i’d like to quote something that from time to time guides me on my way back to my true values “An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.” – warhammer 40k)

      • Anonymous says:

        If you hate getting “gay themed” things rubbed on your face and think that’s the normal thing to do, why are you okay with rubbing “straight themed” things on their faces? I mean, they have the right to dislike “straight things” just as you have the right to dislike “gay things”, don’t they?
        What do we do, stop “rubbing things on people’s faces” then? Sounds fair, let people ask for the things they like to be a part of their life instead of removing things they dislike…

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is that LGTB thugs try to coerce everyone to turn a VERY SMALL niche into mainstream. If you belong to a very small niche, you shouldn’t expect the majority of the world to catter to your niche. Moreso when your niche is a SEXUAL FETISH and you try to force a children game company to endorse it with mafia tactics. They’re fucked up degenerates, and unless you start to call them for their acts so they go back to reasonable demands, they’ll fuck up society.

  • Anonymous says:

    Blah. Barring that harmful message part, this request is as legitimate as one that would have the game allow custom-made wares or whatever. And it’s not a good occasion to poke fun at Americans about the polygamy issue either, because that’s where Indians, Mormons and Muslims live. Among them are those that do actively practice varying forms thereof. They tend to have much dignity though so won’t deign to try and convince the more vocal elements that what they do is feasible. From standpoints that are sensitive about the issue, because there are others available as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      The point is there should not be an exception for just ONE non-standard relationship. If you do add gay-marriage you should also add polygamy and ANY other form of non-standard relationship to the system…or simply equally ban all the non-standard ones just to be fair with every minority…(don’t ignore just ONE ignore the all, EQUALLY).

      • Anonymous says:

        Completeness is a virtue, but making games isn’t probably about being fair, but about pleasing the people who would be expected to play, with the company retaining the rein over who to include and who to exclude (at their peril). Just as with other fetishes, relationship modes can probably be clashing, and much, much sooner than you can even think of some Russellian levels. Before the makers decide where they stand on, say, incest or minimum age – they’d probably require some feedback. And being equally unfair to all those arbitrarily dubbed non-standard isn’t a step toward fairness either. Besides, sometimes the extra functionality lies in some sort of restriction.

        There’s this football club in Bilbao which won’t bring in players without some Basque heritage. In wide-scope football simulation games where players can be traded that preference isn’t reflected when AI manages the club, because (rights issues aside) that would put the club at a disadvantage: there would be few players within the game world for them to look at. But in dedicated football management games that rule is honored. Anyone designing a realistic sim game for the Spanish market would have to weigh their options. If they decided to rule strictly by fairness, which one would it be? Making the club as competitive as the others? Probably only others of similar stature though, because the clubs already vary in players, budgets, facilities, policies just like the ones they are modelled after do, that is the essence of that mapping principle. So maybe as realistic with regards to the transfer policy as the others? But there are probably similar, not as explicit and clear-cut tendencies elsewhere too. And they don’t have to target that origins attribute, but some other one. That applies to the AI; should a human manager be allowed to overturn such policy without some virtual backlash? And so it goes. There are decisions, features, settings which can be found imposing, but sometimes you won’t know which ones beforehand.

        All in all, a satisfactory level of customizability is attainable sooner or later, but there are no off-the-cuff one-size-fit-alls.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about an option to turn it on or off?”

    This I agree with would have been the most simple and easiest thing to do and would shut up the most vocal idiots for or against it in one simple push of a button

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably, the most vocal idiots against it would still whine about it existing, even if you could switch it off.
      And this does not constitute a defense of it being added as a game feature, it’s just reminding people of a simple truth. Idiots are idiots.

  • How dare a foreign country not have the exact same anglo-saxon morality that my generation has come to know and love in the past 10 years. Clearly they are of inferior morality. /whitepeoplelogic>

    In most countries in the world, not just Asia homosexuality is not considered state of being. It is assumed like the Kinsey scale that all people are bi to one degree or the other, but they look down on people who do it as desperate. This is the weird logic Putin used in Russia when he said gays were allowed bu had to leave the children alone.

    In a similar manner ancient Romans were all expected to have gay sex, it was only a scandal if you were the bottom, because a good leader would be an alpha male on top.

    Before you guys call me a hate monger, I want to point out I have no right to tell you what to do with your life and I masturbated to Futabu! and have been pegged by my wife so I’m not exactly 100% straight or wienerphobic. I’m just providing the devil’s advocate view here. Nintendo is hardly trying to hurt anyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sankaku: where bitch minorities come to feel better by pretending to know /whitepeoplelogic when they don’t even know proper history or their own history.

      While admitting they like getting ass fucked by a peg.

      HAHAHAHA you minorities are sure getting uppity.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol ‘white people’ Because gay logic is ‘white people logic’ when there are nearly 50 million fags in china alone.

      your bitch mentality is showing. You a piss skin to bitch and mouth off so much?


    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t group regions into east vs wast and make blanket statements.

      Tolerance to gays is hardly a part of western/anglo-saxon morality. Anglican and various protestant churches are more anti-gay than the Catholic Church, a world leader in gay bashing.

      Neither is bigotry an Asian thing. Its true that Southeast Asians can be violently anti-gay, and lynching are common. But the Chinese just across the border are among the most tolerant in the world. Even seniors there consider homosexuality to be private business and not subject to interference.

      As far as Japanese go, it’s not so much anti-gay as avoiding the subject. Typical Japanese behavior.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Tolerance to gays is hardly a part of western/anglo-saxon morality. Anglican and various protestant churches are more anti-gay than the Catholic Church, a world leader in gay bashing.”

        Catholic Church actually teaches tolerance to gay and only sex is sinful. On the other hand Islamists teach death for gay. But Catholic Church is obviously world leader in gay bashing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anglo-Saxon morality? I hope you mean Jewish morality. Listen to Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden’s speech in which he places 100% responsibility for the success of the LGBT agenda on the shoulders of the Jews and their efforts through control of media / jewdiciary / and more.

      • Anonymous says:

        10% is a lie spread by the LGTB lobby to make itself appear greater than it really is. Closer estimates are 0.5% of general population being truely gay, and 2% being just perverts (disproportionaly skewed towards the wealthy).

      • Anonymous says:

        >a bit over 10% of world population is gay/lez


        Nowhere near 10% of any representative sample is gay/les.

        The gays have a lot of money and a lot of media connections.

        Thus they try to overstate their numbers and often get away with it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bigot? Ah, the new fad. Like tossing anti-Semite and expect to shun the opposition into shame because the opposition actually has morals and are upright unlike the demon in human skin who supports perversion. A bigot in no way applies to homosexuals.

          Each of them has their inalienable rights but in no way do they have a right to promote their lustful perversion in public. What’s next? Bestiality support? Because like Homosexuals, bestiality also has no benefit and serves no purpose to order then chaos and lustful perversion. Also the God of Israel is going to kill all of them so if you support them your jumping in bed with them.

        • Anonymous says:

          you must be a special kind of conspirationist stupid, the real figure is actually HIGHER because it can’t count closetted homosexuals whose life may be threatened by bigots like YOU;

          you’re an asshole, you’ll die an asshole.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not only disturbing but disgusting to want to invite children to such sickening and confusing stuff. What happened to the morals of people? So many seem to want to be Satan’s little devil children.

        • Appease everyone. Have homosexual relationships, but because it is already designed for children to be had in a family setting, you can have homosexual relationships but it’s a game over and you die together in a happy loving relationship with no progeny.

          Good End.

    • Anonymous says:

      One correction there, The Romans saw being gay as scandalous and disgusting as well as not producing loyal and productive new Roman citizens. It was the Greeks who were more open to being gay. There is a big difference between the two cultures at the time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Romans and Greeks were the same. Homosexuality was perfectly acceptable as long as you were the dominant partner. Ain’t nothing gay about getting yo’ dicked sucked like prison niggas say. Basically that was their mentality.

        • Anonymous says:

          Romans and Greeks were not the same. Actually, conservative Romans of the mid to late Republican era were scandalized by the sexual openness of the Greeks, and fought quite hard to prevent the pollution of Roman culture with perverted eastern filth. Roman society was based on strict patriarchal obeisance to the “paterfamilias” of male head of household. Christianity was hardly the first thing that was homophobic in Rome.

          That being said, they also shat in boarded over holes and kept slaves. Anybody opposed to gay marriage in 2014 and hiding behind “cultural differences” is a savage. Nothing will change it’s eventual acceptance, and the people fighting against in now will end up in the history books as backwards villains.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rome lasted for centuries and went through multiple changes, you really should divide it on whether you mean pre-christian or christian Rome.

        In pre-christian times, Rome was very open in sexuality and religion, being truly a melting pot. For example, in pre christian times gays weren’t thought to be weird or disgusting but just another form of enjoying sex, most likely adapted from Creeks that you mentioned. Of course this meant that concentrating on gay sex was considered somewhat weird, but doing both wasn’t anything disgusting.

  • “The sad thing is that this probably just means either the next game will never come out or it will completely drop the marriage system.”

    Yup my exact feelings, guess me and the nips ain’t so different after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Next they will be complaining about the games which come out in Japan only…”

    Oh, yeah, uhm, right, that will, uuuh, soon happen and, eeh, isn’t at all a complaint that is already… pretty common… nope… >___>;

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo should of never have done this apology. They do not owe any deviant and disgusting homosexual anything to help them in their sexual perversion, filth, and uncleanness. Them and their sick supporters. It’s not like they are going to lose any potential (and clean) sales from losing people buying this game.

  • Anonymous says:

    ‘being gay is gross and dumb and stupid!’ typed the sankaku neckbeard, his post soon appearing surrounding by multiple advertisements for live-action lesbian porn he probably just came back from fapping to.

  • Anonymous says:

    God damn it Nintendo. Their first comment said they didn’t want to make a social comment with their game having an absence of homosexual marriage, but they still feel the need to apologize? They should have stuck to their first statement and not apologized instead of bending over like a bitch for unintentionally butthurting (ha, pun). It’s okay to disappoint a few people the first time around and learn as a result.