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Doraemon’s US Disney Debut Unveiled


Hugely popular kiddy anime Doraemon will finally receive its US TV debut this summer, by way of no less than Disney themselves – an announcement that has left many to wonder as to what took so long, considering the anime had aired in 35 other countries outside of Japan since Doraemon’s conception 45 years ago, long enjoying no small popularity in the rest of Asia in particular.

Disney intends to broadcast 26 episodes on a daily basis, quite a generous schedule considering TV broadcast cartoons are usually limited to single days.

To spare impressionable young minds the harmful impact of Asian culture, the show is to be thoroughly localised – forks safely replace chopsticks, dollars yen, the scenes of overeating which do so much more to induce childhood obesity than fast-food commercials are cut to less American portion sizes, and even Sue (Shizuka) is to get a more “boyish” character.

Disney and Asahi apparently even plan to make the US version the global standard, finally delivering Doraemon’s dated antics to the children of the rest of the world – if they are well received by US audiences, at least.

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