Man Arrested for Shaking Hands with JK


A man has been arrested for shaking hands after a high schooler accepted his offer of a handshake on a train.

The 34-year-old juku instructor was on board a Kagoshima prefecture commuter train one evening, where he found himself seated in front of a 16-year-old high school girl.

He attempted to strike up a conversation with her, and suggested “let’s shake hands,” and when the girl found herself unable to refuse this request he grasped her proffered hand.

For this outrageous crime he soon found himself arrested under the prefecture’s anti-chikan ordinances.

Police report other incidents of attempted handshaking prompted them to make an arrest, saying that “there were several other cases of handshake requests aboard the trains.”

Online the incident has prompted the usual doubts about the wisdom of boarding the same train as members of the fairer sex, let along attempting to shake hands with them without a ticket:

“So we are finally at the point where you get arrested for shaking hands with someone.”

“To think something like this constitutes a crime.”

“How did they arrest him for this…”

“Police need to get along to one of those AKB events now!”

“Naturally you would arrest someone for the crime of free handshaking.”

“Remember to buy a handshaking event ticket next time.”

“She could have at least refused to shake his hand…”

“Some guy asks to shake your hand on a train with no means of escape, of course you’d be scared!”

“Creepy. One less weirdo on our trains!”

“I want to see what the foreigners say when they hear about this.”

“Arresting him was a bit extreme. Just questioning him would have had the desired effect?”

“It is pretty vindictive that for something like that they publish your full name and occupation.”

“Only a few days ago the media was reporting about a man police killed during interrogation, not a name surfaced but for this they report everything about him?”

“Even I wouldn’t want to shake hands with you lot!”

“If you want to shake hands with young girls you had better be prepared to pay for the privilege like the rest of us!”

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