Sony Dumps Square Enix



Sony has announced it is dumping its entire 8.2% stake in Square Enix, although Sony maintains it is merely because it is strapped for cash and has nothing to do with Square Enix’s outstanding performance in recent years.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s 8.2% stake in Square Enix Holdings, totalling 9.52 million shares, is being liquidated for 4.8 billion yen.

Sony’s holdings originate from 2001 when difficulties experienced by the original Square led to it obtaining a substantial stake, which it maintained in the years to follow for “investment” and “management support” purposes.

Sony says the sale will not have any bearing on Square Enix software appearing on its platforms, not that non-social platforms seem to be of much interest to Square Enix of late.

It also maintains the sale is due to its own ongoing restructuring and not the performance of Square Enix – which has barely escaped rock bottom after the promising its own massive restructuring effort of continuing its reinvention as a mobile phone developer.

Square Enix’s latest RPG masterpiece – for the iPhone, of course:


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  • Anonymous says:

    Sony are doing alright, their loss’s if we use the 2013 stats. Literally have been covered in their profits. (Profit before taxes covers it and profit after taxes cover the latest 200 million loss). So unless they had huge loss in the last fiscal year, they fine. They need 25 billion $ for operating expenses. So they need like a huge catastrophic size loss.

  • Maybe this will be the wake up call for them (SE). Heads should fucking roll and I am looking at the shit stain who kept pushing Lightning. Get rid of them, cut them out, they are fucking cancer.

    Then drop your terrible idea of going to social media games. There is no saving the company if you continue on this path.

    • Anonymous says:

      not really, what’s pathetic is how many people make comments like yours without any real knowledge of the market.

      news flash = Square-Enix was NEVER as big as i suspect a lot of foreign fans think they were/are. i can pretty much guarantee they were never as big as i suspect you think they were.

      S-E was NEVER the biggest dog in the yard in Japan, or even a serious rival for being one of the big dogs.

      they are a large 3rd party developer that’s done a little publishing and merchandising on the side. and that’s all there have ever been.
      they’re Naughty Dog, or any big successful developer now.

      but like Naughty DOg or any big developer, their success and size is nothing compared to the big publishers.

      S-E was never one of the big publishers.
      they published their own shit. they published a couple RPGs from smaller devs. but thats about it.

      they were never anything close to the likes of Nintendo or Namco or (to answer your question) Capcom.
      those guys do a lot more publishing, a lot more merchandising, and in general just a lot more business than Square-Enix ever did.

      so its not that pathetic or surprising. its just a reality that a lot of people are seemingly completely ignorant about.

    • Anonymous says:

      SE is juste a small part of a bigger company.
      They make most of their money inside japan anyway, through domestic game market, publishing, and game centers (through both Taito and their custom collection game machines).

  • I only know that square enix makes the whole FinalFantasies series, but isn’t that also one of their biggest downfalls? I mean, to me it feels like they literally milked everything there was to milk (or they lacked the creativity to expand the world of FF) and they didn’t have any decent backup projects.

    tl;dr the management of Square Enix relied too much on the succes the FF series generated and failed to look for alternative series they could have developped.

  • Anonymous says:

    Square Enix shouldn’t even be called a video game company any more. They’re doing crap like publishing manga and making cellphone software, they’re just another generic mass media company now.

    I wish they could just go bankrupt and disappear so they can’t continue to sully the names that so much of my childhood was built around.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, even if they games isnt really top teir these days they are decent enough. Sure lightning returns wasnt my cup of tea AT ALL but I quite liked FF13 but I wish they went back more old school.

      Still they made Bravery Default and that is quite good and similar to old school FF games.

      • Anonymous says:

        more importantly, someone isn’t aware that Square (note, i didn’t even mention Enix) has been a “generic mass media company” for a long time…

        its hardly something they’ve become “now”.

        just goes to show how little people understand about the idols of their childhood.

        • Anonymous says:

          A lot of the big companies are basically conglomerates. Meaning they have dozens of companies under 1 parent company and these companies are not related in terms of types of business they perform.

          Example: mitsui – makes cars under Mitsubishi, does banking under sumotomo-mitsui, does shipping under Mitsu-Osaka lines (MOL). They also build ships and plastics and have all sorts of other companies doing unrelated business under the mitsui name.

          The American equivalent would be warren buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

    • Wasn’t this exactly what oldfags/fans of SquareSoft said back in the days about FFVII? But somehow a new generation of retards/fans loved the shit out of it and everything was fine. Even though they called a glorified version of a novel a game, which I still find very odd.

      Turns out that the retards/fans from then are the oldfags/fans from now. History repeats itself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny thing is Char, Dragon Quest costs significantly less to make, and sells more than Final Fantasy in Japan, on average at least 3-5 million per game(Except the flop online game). They could in theory drop Final Fantasy and save a shit ton in dev costs but the overseas fans would rage.

      • Anonymous says:

        gamer business logic

        they wouldn’t MAKE any money either.

        ignoring whether the XIII trilogy specifically made money or not, you have to release products to sell products.
        and you need to sell products to make any revenue.

        if you release nothing, yes you save the money you would have spent producing that product, but you also sell nothing and make no money.

        “but if they didn’t spend any money to make the game they don’t need to make as much anyway!”

        once again, fine case of gamer business knowledge = the idea that making games is the only thing that money is spent on.

        they’d still have to pay salaries, pay costs associated with facilities, etc etc etc.

        the world doesn’t stop costing money just because you stopped doing anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    Square Enix’s problems seem to come from the fact they tend to over develop some of their final fantasy titles which lead to long and costly development times. Look at how much material they admitted they had cut from FF13, some of which was used for further games in the series. They seem unable to have a smooth development planned out for recently FF titles, they always seem to hit a wall. Look at how long FF15 has been in development for lol.

    I love Final Fantasy games as much as the next person but jesus Christ they need some planning in place during the development process, to keep costs down.

  • Anonymous says:

    Isnt this about 3-4 WEEKS old? Whats happening sankaku? and, just so you know, the whole sale made Sony about 150 million USD. the 4.8 billion yen was proffit alone….3 weeks old info and wrong info about…something is going crazy sankaku