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JC Ero-Cosplay Bust: “I Did Dozens Of Them!”

nekomimi bishoujo by amamiya minato

Police have taken the unusual step of displaying the ero-cosplay collection of a man they arrested for indulging in indecent cosplay-related acts with “dozens” of schoolgirls.

A 24-year-old unemployed Tokyo man was caught by an Osaka police “cyber patrol” offering sets of 108 indecent images of a middle school girl clad in various articles of swimwear and gym kit.

These he sold online for 900 yen each, along with other images featuring dozens of different girls he had recruited for the same end.

Police investigating the origin of these pictures soon managed to dig up child prostitution related charges against him relating to a case from several years ago where he had used social networking services to arrange for a second year Ibaraki prefecture middle school girl to join him in a Toshima love hotel for a session of indecent acts.

He admitted the charges, helpfully offering that “I did the same thing with at least 10 other girls.”

Some of the costumes recovered by police were exhibited for the public to better understand the scope of his crimes:


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