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Shoko-tan “Has LVL 26 Boyfriend”



Level 28 idol Shoko-tan has been outed as having a boyfriend after all, having snagged 26-year-old actor and fellow otaku Ryota Ozawa – although the media has wasted no time in digging out the fact that her groom to be has already sired an “illegitimate” child.

Ryota Ozawa, best known appearances in various TV dramas and some of the recent Kamen Rider movies, is now the confirmed target of Shoko-tan’s affections, perhaps sparing Mamitasu the worst of it.

Dutiful paparazzi vultures on sentry duty outside Ozawa’s apartment spotted her entering one morning in late April – and she did not come out until 9 the next morning (and did not even update her blog in the interim), diving into a taxi wearing a hat and surgical mask.

Even Ozawa was observed furtively scouting the outside of his building in a mask, only to pop back inside.

With Shoko-tan approaching level 30 there has been various press speculation to the effect that she is increasingly desperate to get hitched – not least with both Ozawa and Shoko-tan having admitted to both being gamers and great fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Ozawa even apparently maintaining his own figure collection.

However, Ozawa is said to have sired a child out of wedlock with a commoner prior to his ascent to celebrity, a fact said to be known to Shoko-tan but ignored out of love or desperation.

This and his significantly inferior income have contributed to their relationship being less than popular amongst Shoko-tan’s inner circle, with her mother said to be less than impressed at this display of steadfast conduct.

Shoko-tan for her part posted an update alluding to her “surprise” at the story breaking just before she levels up, though any denial was conspicuously absent.

Ozawa has commented indirectly as well, posting an update on his blog conceding reports of him being a father were true, although as the mother and child he abandoned are mere non-celebrities he asked for the “consideration” of press and public in not harrying them as well.

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