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NHK: Kantai Collection “More Popular Than Obama”

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kanmusu-vs-obama (2)

The NHK has been highlighting the surprising news that Kantai Collection eclipsed Obama’s visit to Japan in popularity amongst the Twitter populace, going so far as to air an introduction to the game for those who have been stuck on the seabed this last year.

The NHK – lately reduced to NTT counts of tweet keywords for its news analysis it would seem – aired the findings in its daily 11:30PM “News Web” slot.

Despite the main news supposedly being Obama’s gracious decision to grant his vassal Abe a visit, the most tweeted topic was actually “KanKore” and not Obama at all.

As if this were not enough, newly launched Kantai Collection battleship maidens Akashi and Amatsukaze and a raft of KanKore jargon filled out the rest of the top ten tweeted topics – along with the all important news that Kantai Collection is now a year in service.

For the benefit of under-rock dwellers (and the annoucer covering the piece it would seem), the NHK also helpfully aired a quick outline of just what Kantai Collection is and why Shimakaze and company enjoy so much more popularity than the USA’s Nobel Prize winning wiretapper-in-chief:

Online the news has been greeted with some perplexed enthusiasm:

“I love how bewildered the announcer is having to explain the game for viewers.”

“What do you expect from the NHK, when their headlines aren’t about Korea or AKB…”

“Pure stealth marketing, I thought the NHK wasn’t supposed to do this?”

“This says more about what morons Twitter users are than anything else.”

“When they aren’t bashing Japan the NHK sure airs some trash.”

“They just want to push the idea that Japan’s youth are being brainwashed into WWII glorifying nationalists with this coverage.”

“Come on, it’s a variety news show, not the serious stuff!”

“This is more a question of how uninterested everyone is in Obama than the popularity of KanKore.”

“Personally I just love how NicoNico has people complaining about their searches for Akatsuki bringing up random Naruto stuff instead of the KanKore vids they are after.”

“This is at least more interesting than some fluff nonsense about Obama’s choice of sushi.”

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