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China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”


Chinese authorities have reportedly been cracking down on the evils of BL, arresting “20 young women” for being involved with the creation and distribution of yaoi fan fiction over the Internet.

Chinese TV reportedly aired a description of how Anhui provincial police launched a crackdown on sites featuring “dan mei” BL material as part of China’s latest effort to purge the Internet of porn.

Male-on-male fiction being particularly pernicious as far as police were concerned, in addition to hounding and blocking the sites they also apparently went after the authors responsible, providing arrestees with an opportunity to repent of their sins on camera lest other fall prey to this deadly vice.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

    Them might like it and can do all the fanfictions they want. It is their right.

  • Ahlala, so harsh against some people who didn’t hurt anybody.
    “China’s latest effort to purge the Internet of porn”
    So glad i don’t live in that kind of country… for now.

    Well, i love yuri and dislike yaoi.
    But hey, why girls shoudn’t have as fun as boys ?
    You dislike Yaoi ? Me too, that’s why i don’t whatch it and i don’t mind anymore or anyless.
    Girls can have preference too.

    Ah, somepeople say fujoshi are ugly. If you forgot it, there is ugly otaku too. That doesn’t mean all otaku and fujoshi are ugly.
    By the way, fujoshi is one word to describe an “otaku girl”. As far as i know.
    The original sense is not better or worser than the original sense of otaku.
    And an otaku can be a boy or a girl.

    You don’t like yaoi, just leave it away, don’t bother people who like it and look for yuri or any other thing.

  • Silly fujoshi, you’re supposed to only feel love for the state, not your bishonen! I bet if they wrote a slash fan fiction featuring Xi Jinping X Hu Jintao they wouldn’t be arrested.

  • Censorship of porn in the internet I get, because it’s, well, f***ing China. But if they ever wanted to try and curb the overpopulation problem, they should be embracing same-sex relationships. They have enough males in that country as it is.

  • I remember arguing with a girl at mangaupdates a couple years back when they were going to lose google adsense because they kept track of loli material. She argued to just ban all loli stuff because she hated it , she was into yaoi/bl stuff so I pointed out the hypocrisy of wanting to ban stuff she considered sexually deviant when she herself was into stuff other people considered sexually deviant and wanted banned.
    I’m left wondering what she thinks of all this now that the shoe is on the other foot.

  • The fucking nonsense comments, jesus christ. I swear there is less idiocy and trolling on politics and religion but throw in gay porn and half the site goes ‘DUDE DICKS WILL RULE DA WORLD XD’ while the other half goes ‘SICK DISGUSTING CORRUPTING MY MORALS TORTURING MY SANITY’.

    What the fuck. This is Kotaku tier inbred, brainless braying.

  • >a friend of mine was traumatized by BL so bad he loathes all kinds of cartoons and anything to do with japan’s culture and even women to an extent

    A squid of mine was traumatized by a Japanese fisherman’s wife who had improper relations with him. The police treated it like a big joke and said he had no evidence. Now he hates cartoons, woodblock prints, and Japanese culture.

    • liberty dies because the authority want to protect its land from assholes such as yourself?? hey not ALL countries are as corrupt as the U.S, some ACTUALLY hold close their family values and traditions

      tv shows about ‘teen moms’, violence applauded as typical american culture ‘cops’

      20 kids shot in Connecticut, then swept under the carpet, ironically during the situation a old man was keeping fireman and cops at bay at his house, killed a fireman. An african american girl performs in the memory of those shot JUST to be shot her self few days later

      where’s liberty there you brainwashed retard??

      colonising peoples lands, raping their women, killing the men, stealing the babies to raise like dogs, then force christianity onto their cultures JUST to denounce the religion and except gei marriage and gei priests…corrupting your own religion

      after FORCING religion you punish those poor cultures that listen to you!! eg. BBC reporter asks african priest “why are you preaching hate”

      1. its not hate, his just reading the bible


  • I’m sorry, but I didn’t quite understand what would happen if they refused to “repent on camera”. Would they be jailed? Would they be executed? Holy fuck, what year are we living in again? I tend to forget we’re not in medievals when looking at asians and muslims.

    And people call me racist for that. Shit, just look at what they do?

  • I’m fucking amazed that you guys think fiction about two usually consenting men is the WORST MOST TRAUMATIZING THING IN THE WORLD yet most of you are into lolis being raped by tentacles. What are priorities. All you homophobic twats should just go live on an island in the pacific that we can nuke from orbit.

  • Honestly,china’s online BL-addicted girls are so many that I doubt mere 20 would make any change.
    for example,China’s famous BL sites and half-BL sites are more than 100,with around 10 BL stories sites with daily visits more than hundreds of thousands…

  • YAOI & YURI are part of some SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP, EWWWWW to all, LGBT will live if they’re reveal that they’re gay or lesbian, but having same sex relationship is another issue anymore. Every women have different genre, but putting it in the real world will be an another issue.

  • Cheekerrs123 says:

    Honestly i hate BL to the point where i feel disgusted that such women who’re into this exist, but this is a bit extreme, they shouldn’t be arrested for reading or drawing BL, these women, just like otaku, have extreme circumstances (To put it explicitly, no social life, are not attractive, nobody pays attention to them, etc etc etc) and they end up reading all sorts of weird and unrealistic shit to put themselves away from reality as much as possible, (although it still boggles my mind why on the friggin earth would any woman be into this shit as it makes no sense no matter how hard you try to comperehend) point is, china, no, if you’re gonna try and get rid of BL, not like this, you’re arresting them for being into it, wtf man, least you can do is Ban BL or find ways to get rid of it without involving or harming these “young” women.

    • Anonymous says:


      I bet you a million dollars that you watch and get off on lesbian porn. It’s hilarious how you look on others with disgust when really, you are the exact same as them.

      • He’s actually saying he’d prefer to live with one group of people than live with the other, so I don’t see a problem.

        Myself, I’d choose to live close to Iranians than Jews, but that doesn’t mean that I’d pick Chinese over Jews. See, just preference.

    • @ Cheekerrs123 09:11 25/04/2014 :

      “…why on the friggin earth would any woman be into this shit as it makes no sense no matter how hard you try to comperehend…”

      Maybe those women like yaoi for the same reasons that straight guys like yuri!

    • Wow, you’re really stupid. People don’t need “extreme” circumstances or anything to like BL. It doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t have a life, or are ugly, just as not all otaku fall into that type of category.

      • I don’t understand, you’re disagree with him hating that thing which 90% of men would be traumatized if they were to look at, hell a friend of mine was traumatized by BL so bad he loathes all kinds of cartoons and anything to do with japan’s culture and even women to an extent, all because he was innocently looking through pictures for his favourite anime, gurren lagann, and what he finds is something that’ll completely change his view on the industry and its people.

        Yup, that’s how negatively yaoi can affect some people. and for fuck’s sake, some people here speak about freedom of expression, what the fuck man? You’re free to express your likes and like something, but some people are into some messed up shit nowadays and these rotten women are only a small group of those millions of people, i mean there, they were, and are free to read yaoi and draw it, and then what? what are they doing to contribute to society and the world? nothing,they’re only making themselves look bad, making their culture look bad, doing nothing but stay home 24/7 reading books about men getting intimate with each other, how the fuck does that do any good to the world? it doesn’t, fucking hell man i don’t understand modern society and these days people, i’m honestly disturbed, no morals, no principles, no humanity no nothing, i’m gonna sit and draw some weird shit and tell the world i like it, be an annoying twat about it and tell the world its just freedom of expression and i like what i like, fucking hell.

        Although i too agree its extreme, the way this shit is going with all the yaoi and weird otaku stuff going on, i fear for humanity. these women should get a fucking job and start going out and wake up to reality, god dammit you’re a woman and you’re reading some weird ass book about men in a sexual relationship, and try to explain to me that somehow it attracts you and its your hobby What.the.fuck.

        • Anonymous says:

          If a person called himself “a man”, then they shouldn’t traumatized by the yaoi stuff.

          I don’t like this kind of fetishes, but I do not encourage any bans on it. As long as those yaoi stuff are not forcefully put into my brain, I have no rights or intention to cry for ban.

          On the other hand, human is sick fuck. Either sick of power or sick of sexual fantasies. But as long as they did it upon themselves, I don’t mind. MYOB? sure. Leave me out of that, while I leave you alone with what you’re doing.

          And lastly, you search for a thing on internet, and stumbled upon yaoi stuff. You get mad because that is not what you seek. In this scenario, you have 2 option :
          1). Get back to your previous search and learn from it to not clicking any (mis)leading titles that you can read beforehand;
          2). get mad and post it all over the place blaming the society and clamoring for a ban.

          Unfortunately, most people tends to blame things rather than learning that internet is like a clump of real-life people’s mind, be it dirty or serious. In real life, all those things happened in-conscious-ly for every person on the planet, and nobody goes knocking over their brain and yelling to not “fantasizing” their fantasy… No, that’s not gonna happened.

        • Every single fujoshi I know, whether Japanese or otherwise, has a job. Even if its just Mcdonalds or something.
          60% of otaku I know do not. Make of that what you will, but dont stereotype.

        • are you fucking serious though, your friend was TRAUMATIZED by BL? How do you think fans of magical girls aimed at little girls feel when they look up fanart and see them getting gangbanged by a bunch of fat old hairy men?

          Ooooh but if its something that appeals to men its pure and good and just, if its gay or appeals to women its DISGUSTING AND GROSS.

          otaku are fucking pathetic.

        • Wow. Some people need to chill out. We all like weird stuff. Were all in the same boat here. Bl, lolis, incest, pony porn, um poop I guess. Its all gross to somebody. Just chill out. Don’t get so easily offended. It only hurts you, and frustrates others. People are gonna like weird things no matter what… Let’s just get along.

        • ooooooooooooooy
          Lemme just ask both you kinds of people one question each.

          Those against BL and their people, are they harming you in any way?

          Those who are in favour of BL’s people having freedom of doing what they like with their hobby, tell me something, and be honest, does a woman reading/watching/drawing something about Two men being sexually involved seem normal to you?

          I want y’all to answer me this and i’ll get outta here, just answer the question, none of that drama stuff.

        • DatBoeKishidy says:

          1- From what i understand the dude was looking for fanart pictures for some anime, but he found gay pics based on it instead. i personally would be pissed if this happened to me, which it did

          2- Lolwut, wait, so if im using the internet for “clean” reasons, and then i stumble upon porn every time, im supposed to not be traumatized? im just gonna close the page as if nothing had happened while that disturbing picture of whatever creepy ass fetish or porn i just witnessed stays in my brain and tortures my sanity? lol wow

          3- okay, i like this certain anime, lemme go look for a wallpaper based on it and instead find a picture of my favourite character sticking his penis into another man’s rectum, or having a penis put into his rectum, and i’ll go like “hey man thats cool, they should make more of these”. yeah, no.

        • You know people who get traumatized by BL for life have a certain sexual preference spelled G.A.Y . Your friend should start reading some of that BARA (gay men for gay men) manga instead… it would cure the poor guy..

        • So your friend was “traumatized” by finding some TTGL yaoi on accident? Is your friend retarded or are you just making this up? It doesn’t take long at all as an anime fan to realize that Rule 34 is the name of the game. And yaoi is no exception. Just move the fuck along and go find your Yoko/Nia yuri you fucking hypocrite.

        • If you´re traumatized by this kind of thing, then what the hell are you doing on this site? There´s some weird things on this site.
          I mean bl isn´t my thing, the same for loli, incest, and some other stuff that appear on this site, but I´m not traumatized by it, also I know some girls that like bl and they lead perfectly normal lives.

        • My response is gone, Srry if I spam.

          So, I disagreed with the guy cuz I said I don’t agree on hating on the PEOPLE. I never said I disagree that BL is bad. That’s a different matter..

          You’re talking shiz about Fujoshi otaku saying they probably have no lives, don’t contribute to the world/society, Spend 24/7 in their homes, No jobs.. Dude. Just what do you know about these people? You don’t even know if they’re dedicated to it or just spending some free time on it. And besides, Are YOU contributing to the world/society by Hating on some BL and ppl who enjoys BL? And if you do recycle everyday or whatever, Doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to do the same and contribute. In fact, people are contributing to the society/world even a tiny bit without realizing it.

          You really complain about BL and said it traumatized men. What about Violence? Normal Porn/hentai? Yuri? those don’t count? If youre complaining about BL as if it’s the wrost thing ever, What about yuri, hentai, and porn? I’m pretty sure some of those are worse than Yaoi fan fics.

          You’re on Sankaku Complex. You either 1: like ecchi or 2: Don’t care about ecchi. If you like ecchi, doesn’t that make you as bad as how you described the Fujoshi Otakus? This time, instead of Yaoi loving, it’s Ecchi loving. And if you hated ecchi, You wouldn’t even be on this site. if anything, You’d be complaining about the ecchi material all over sankaku. And if you didn’t care about ecchi, You sure seem to care a ton about Yaoi/Bl. dude.

          If someone loved Violent/horror games and movies, Does that make them Average? Cool? Normal? To some people, they’d be Crazy, Psychotic, Blood-loving Freaks. I get it if you hate BL material, but hating those who make/enjoy BL is another thing. You talk absolute Sh*t about the ppl, And these people are getting ARRESTED for just doing what they enjoy which shouldn’t be/isn’t even Illegal.

          They do what they enjoy, suddenly get arrested, and people talk about them as if they’re garbage. I don’t care if you hate or love BL, but I was disagreeing with hating the People who enjoy it.

        • I disagreed to his hatred towards the PEOPLE, not the BL material in particular. You don’t know their lives, maybe they’re just doing this on FREE TIME. You don’t know whether they have a job or not, whether they sit home 24/7 or not. And, they’re not contributing to the world? Isn’t it the same for you and me? How is it contributing to society or the world for us to argue and hate on people who we don’t even know? it’s not like this world was perfect. There are WAY more problems than BL shiz. You guys complain a lot about Yaoi and BL, what about Yuri? might as well bring in hentai and Porn. Or is it that everyone just hates Yaoi and BL Specifically?

          I don’t think it’s right to Hate on people who you don’t even know and talk shiz about them just because they like something which you or many others wouldn’t. People may like Violence and horror games, that makes them ‘Cool’ or just normal? Wouldn’t that make them a Sick, psychotic Blood-loving Violent person to others who HATE on violence just as much as ppl who hate BL here? Watching anime, Skipping school, Heck, even GOING to school. People can find any of these things making yourself Look bad or stupid. It’s not like people Absolutely HAVE to contribute to the world. Even if they don’t know it, I’m sure people are contributing at least a tiny bit to the world and society without realizing it. I get that people hate BL, but that means your hatred towards BL makes other who like it bad? You’re on Sankaku Complex, so You probably don’t hate, Or you even like Ecchi and/or Normal hentai. You’re just about the same as those Fujoshis, but insetad of Yaoi, It’s ecchi or Yuri or Loli etc. If you hated ecchi as much, then You wouldn’t even be here. Don’t care much about ecchi? Well, sure sounds like ppl are sensitive to BL all of a sudden..

          People decide how they want to live, You shouldn’t even judge them like that without knowing a thing. They were arrested for doing what they enjoy, which Isn’t/Shouldn’t even be illegal. (Just stating what I felt like saying)

  • Ye know, if you want crazy. Look at the news that says that Kim Jong Un has ordered males to have the same haircut as him or face imminent doom(And by doom I mean they’ll fuck you up for not having the fat leaders haircut loool).

  • Another excuse that authority and law enforcement use to make themselves feel like they’re actually doing something in the society, even though they are only avoiding real problems.

  • Purging the internet of porn is like trying to turn off the internet…
    It’s just not possible…
    Now , here’s my comment to match the stupidity of the Chinese government’s attempt…
    The internet will continue to internet until it’s stopped internetting…which will take place close to around N.E.V.E.R.

    • whocares if its banned or not scarlet eyes, the chinese people have their own traditions and values

      who the fuck made YOU cunts the leaders of the world forcing your corrupted ideals on to people

      * well we white pricks believe in god so must you, put down your spears and follow us or we shoot you

      * well we don’t believe in god no more and insist you except faggots into society, and even have some hypocritically STILL believe in Christianity but let poofters into the house of god and except them fags, despite they will end the family bloodline, and kill off hundreds of years of ancestry and the fact you put your heart and soul in raising a child just for it to grow up and NOT give you grandkids but ‘sperm in a cup’. Oh and FYI if someone donates sperm or eggs, the donor is the REAL parent, there’s no such thing as two dads, one is the dad the other fag is just babysitting…how is taking someones baby with someone elses genes excepted as REAL parenthood??

      lulwut? why is anyone listening to you?? if you want yaoi sh*t then get it in your OWN corrupted run down country, you know? the one where they just made a new law in an american state where its legal to carry fire arms now in the public eg

      *government buildings

      and without needs to inform cops and cops aren’t allowed to even ask….plz shut up biatch

  • It was about time.I mean, you can like BL, and thats good for you, but 90% of Fujoshi are overdoing things.Every fucking site with anime arts are full of BL.Do a site for yourself, and post it THERE and ONLY THERE so you don’t ruin everyones life.
    Now maybe they will learn their lesson and stop posting BL on every forum/page/blog.

    • Unless you’ve been searching for porn/hentai/yaoi Excessively, I don’t think you’d see BL EVERYWHERE, you’re kind of over-exaggerating it. Sure, you may see it often, But not that often.

      Fujoshis overdo things? So do you. You’re obviously Extremely angered/annoyed by them, yet, you probably fap to porn, yuri, or hentai. And honestly, I don’t think that some lousy fan arts would ruin your life, Unless you’re saying the ideas and Creativeness of others ruins yourself. People are getting arrested for some BL Fan fictions. how’d you feel if ppl were arrested for being an Ass online? (you’d prolly go to jail)

      • I don’t have to search for it.I enter any site with arts – Zerochan, pixiv anything, and i try to search for some cool arts from my favourite series.Instead of cool arts i find 99% of arts with 2 guys buttsexing or kissing.Is that how it should be?! im not saying stop it completely, but take it somewhere freaking else.
        I probably do overdo things as well, because im indeed annoyed.I stopped entering some sites because all i see is BL.

        Also, Yuri should have it own place as well.Why not follow hentai’s example and make sites for people to enjoy it IF they want it.Don’t throw your fetishes at others face.

        • ‘I hate when I’m forced to look at things I dont want to’.
          Well now you know how I feel when I want to find pictures of female characters I like and have to sift through 5 pages of them covered in the spooge of 5 guys.

        • Nono, i know you weren’t stating your fetishes, i meant Fujoshi.Sure, you can like it, but don’t put it in places where alot of people don’t like it.
          Also, i don’t HATE BL, as i said many times, it can be there, but I(!) don’t want to see it even if it’s 2-3 arts per page, im just that type of guy.Check out tumblr…i used to love this site, there were so much interesting stuff going on (some years ago), but now its full of yaoi and fangirls in every anime topic.
          Also yea i probably overreacted with ”It’s about time” because i absolutely hate when im forced to look at something i don’t want to.
          I try to ignore them from years because what can i do.Its not working tho, my eyes are just looking at every pic thats on site, unless i see the pic i can’t say if i like it or not.When BL pops out im like scrolling it down as fast as i can…lol.

          I know they have their own places, but its still not working.Fujoshi don’t care about it and post their stuff everywhere and thats what i hate.Sure, we guys aren’t holy either with Yuri and Ecchi everywhere, but its not on girls levels, they just cant control themselves.

        • 1st of all, I wasn’t stating my fetishes, But was just stating what guys would Normally like *Assuming you’re a guy.* But anyway, Honestly, I don’t find THAT much BL stuff when I search on those sites. just about 2 or 3 every page. Also, I don’t think it matters much at this point, As you and I have our own opinions.. But, Sankaku Complex has lots of Ecchi/Hentai/Loli etc. And it seems those sites for arts have BL in them. I don’t think BL is much to be upset about unless you hate it. You can still find Epic arts, You’d just have to try ur best to ignoring the BL pics.
          But still, I don’t think it’s right to say “It’s about time” when people get arrested Just for making some BL Fan fictions.

          btw BL, Hentai & Yuri already have their own place. Porn sites. Although, You’ll still find them in other places, since it’s not like porn/BL is limited to porn sites. Imo, the Main home for Porn/BL/Yuri etc. is the Internet, Although the Internet does have many other things.

  • China vs Butt love!

    I can’t wait to see how this ends. Thinking about what would happen if america did this is making me smile. Homo’s would take to the streets and major news networks would have to talk about badly drawn fujoshi mangas. I can see it now.

  • Jungle Evil says:

    BASED CHINA, thank you for removing fujoshit scum. How’s that for equality, bitches?!


    just kidding. What a fucking terrible country to live in. I cannot wait for the day that country collapses in on itself. Say what you will about america, China and Russia are 10x fucking worse.

    • no one cares if you shop in some stupid american company called walmart, the world doesn’t revolve around you stupid americans

      if you hate china so much why do you accept its money? you borrow from china banks and owe HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, why do you except so many tourists that is a BILLION dollar industry?

      you b*tch but still take the money? how noble of you…you loser

  • if you don’t like it don’t look, if you accidentally see some searching for something else go ewe nasty and move on, cause you most likely looking for something others feel the same way about.
    and if looking at a drawing can leave you mentally scarred then maybe you should be in a nice padded room cause you must have some serious issues

  • I’m always saying this happens because in this world there aren’t required several and deep stupidity tests for public and private job authority positions.
    It’s preferable having someone who isn’t qualified and trained enough but not stupid for a job, than someone who has lots certifications, experience in previous jobs and recommendations but stupid. Any person can learn anything, even if they are slow learners, but healing stupidity it’s almost impossible.

    *Pincheschinos se la recontramaman

    • I know in the U.S. there used to be Civil Servant tests, that you had to pass in order to get a federal government job. But the courts ruled it wasn’t fair to all the members of certain races who tended to score so much lower on average, so they had to stop the tests.

      Now idiots of all races get government jobs in the U.S. Which should explain a lot to the rest of the world about us, I suppose.

  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What bullshit…. The world is getting more and more paranoic and scared of sex…. I’m not interested in homos and etc, I’m straight, but I do have fetishes and until they don’t harm anyone, it’s my damn right to read/see/do what I like. So these girls have a right to love, what they love.
    PS. The politicians needs to change morals and view points to present realm of things, not to try to supress people’s mentality to old standarts