Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”


Quality hentai producer Pink Pineapple has been causing an clamor amongst sore-wristed otaku with its newest oppai mouse pad, claiming that it accurately depicts actual “life-sized” breasts in aspects of both proportion and sensation.

What initially started as a joke has evolved into a new form oppai mouse pad, bearing the likeness of a character from Pink Pineapple hentai series Koakuma Kanojo (“little devil girlfriend”) and has been marveled at as a step forward in the Japan-pioneered field of oppai mouse pad production.

A prototype of the mouse pad was available for otaku viewing pleasure at C85, but has since seen through development to a more advanced and complete version as witnessed here, eventually becoming available for purchase on April 18th with a mere 50 mouse pads in stock – which were all apparently sold within a prompt 30 minutes.

A video demonstrating the mouse pad in action, also present on Pink Pineapple’s website:

Images of the mouse pad for potential shoppers:







The unconvinced may of course at this point just how much experience the pad’s designers had with the real thing, let alone in horizontal D-cup configuration…

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