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Shingeki no Kyojin “So Popular Even A Spin-Off Sold 500k”

Kuinaki Sentaku

The titanic popularity of Shingeki no Kyojin continues to snap necks and crush lesser manga – this time having won the unusual accolade of a lowly spin-off manga which managed to shift 500,000 copies and is hurriedly being reprinted to meet demand, in the form of “Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku”…

The first volume of Levi gaiden Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku has managed 500,000 copies, and ARIA, the monthly magazine it is serialised in, has reportedly increased the size of its print run tenfold after the first three issues carrying the new story sold out completely.

This compares not unfavourably to the 13th volume of Shingeki no Kyojin proper – which managed an initial run of 2.75 million copies.

Kuinaki Sentaku

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    • It’s a shame that people who hate it get disregarded as ‘trolls’ who only hate it because they’re trying to be cool, because I legitimately dislike this series.
      The writing is honestly really bad, half the characters look the same, the art in the manga is -terrible- (the anime at least improves this, as well as making some of the characters distinguishable from eachother), the characters themselves are bland and uninteresting (barring maybe Mikasa, but even she’s getting dull now) and the original artist is a bit of a moron. It should have ended ages ago, and I’m beginning to wonder if the editors are forcing him to keep going with it since it prints money.
      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it at the start (although I never understood why everyone treated it like something so fresh and ground-breaking and revolutionary when it was basically the same shonen formula with some enhancements) but its really gone downhill in the last 10 or so chapters. It’s disheartening to see people calling this the best anime of the decade, or that its ‘saving anime’, just because it isnt a mindless moeblob show.
      Kids these days.

  • The question is will it take the US by storm during its Toonami run….

    Can the dub translate even better the emotional impact of the first 7 episodes…. We’re about to find out boys. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The English dubs for an anime will seem bad if you’ve seen at least a couple episodes of the anime already with its original dubs, I’ve noticed. Same thing goes vice-versa. If people watch the English dub first, they might still prefer that dub instead of the original. I know how much I dislike the Highschool DxD English dub, but that’s because I’ve seen the original first, so I became accustomed to watching it in the original subtitled Japanese dub. The opposite for me is true for Hetalia. I got so attached to the English dub, that when I found and watched Hetalia: Beautiful World (which doesn’t have an official dub at the time of me posting this), I only got a few minutes into it and had to turn it off because I didn’t like the original voices (the art style was also a contributor, but it was mostly the fact that it wasn’t English dubbed) .

  • So far it has been a pretty good manga (I’m at chapter 52) still waiting for more chapters to come out since every new chapter makes me want to read the new one asap. I just hope for better character development for mikasa, I don’t know what people see in her that makes her so great, don’t get me wrong I like her but she is so overrated, she needs better character development and when it ends hopefully it has a conclusion and not an ending that leaves everyone speculating.

  • Yet not one studio has made a quality game of it. These days you either get a visual novel, or a very badly done platformer(Exceptions being Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online(In a way), and Bleach).

    • Well, they have made one fairly crappy and unimaginative game. There is also that fan made game that requires actual skill and is pretty unique. Only issue with the fan made one is that it will always be fairly limited in scope, being a one man project.

  • Fucking Zombie movie with OVERHUGE designs
    Been over this shit,
    Hard to tell people to get over it.

    Bath Salt mental issues.
    And ppl who toss money at idiots.

    You want a real anime.

    Design one with the shit you see in the news.
    The bad shit that is over hyped and someone kills themselves in the end.

    That is real plot there.

    AKA justin beiber praying at shrine without knowing what its for. (Mistake yes, did he have a tour guide)? Eat shit all I say.

    Won’t read or watch another Zombie bullshit like this series at all or sweat hating on shit.

    You can make him rich all you want.
    Not worth the paper people boil alcohol for ink or carbon used to make pencils with.