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JK Pro-Wrestling Reflexology Busts: “JK = NG!”


News that having schoolgirls deliver pro-wrestling moves on paying patrons under the guise of “reflexology” has sent shockwaves through Japan – not least thanks to the helpful illustrations provided by the Nikkan Sports newspaper.

According to the report (illustrated), Kanagawa prefectural police arrested the 36-year-old manager of “Yokohama Reflexology Academy Rainbow Color” on charges of employing minors in a hazardous work environment, after they established he had employed a 15-year-old girl to perform various “massages” for the benefit of patrons whilst wearing a school uniform.

Their detailed reports of what the girls did to patrons in the course of their “reflexology” treatment includes headlocks, armbars and various other wrestling moves, as well as more conventional massages, all of which happened to bring them into intimate contact with the girls.

The manager protested his innoncence, saying “I had no idea having them do pro-wrestling moves was a violation of labour laws.” Police say the moves were intended to elicit sexual excitement in the patrons.

Customers paid 4,000 yen for 30 minute therapy sessions with the girls (mostly actual joshi-kousei aged girls from 16-18), with the wrestling moves costing an additional 1,000-2,000 yen, along with various other options such as trampling and snaps available.

The authorities report a figure four leg lock was amongst the most popular techniques to receive, for some reason:


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