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Finally: Sharp Unveils “Moe Imouto” Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Sharp has finally introduced a moe imouto robot vacuum cleaner capable of following instructions and engaging in tsundere outbursts, bringing the long wait to an end.

Sharp’s Cocorobo line of robot vacuum cleaners, known for their useless bells and whistles in contrast to the pathetic if highly functional stupidity of their Roomba rivals, have for some time boasted voice recognition functionality in the top end models, but Sharp has decided to take things a step further and introduce a full-blown moe character for the device.




“Precoco-chan,” as she is known (although like a good little sub she will accept to any name her owner chooses for her), leads a cheery and adorable “imouto-like” existence, but much like the real thing is occasionally prone to moodiness and sullen defiance – though whether this is intended to explain her violently bashing furniture and choking herself on wires as robot vacuum cleaners are wont to do is another matter.

Like a real imouto she is even capable of simple conversation, with examples provided:

“What would be good for lunch?”

“Ummm, okonomiyaki is very tasty♪”

“What exercise should I do today?”

“Erm, how about a jog around town♪”

“What exercise should I do today?”

“Can’t you think of something like that for yourself.”

“You have a cute voice, don’t you?”

“Thank you. I think I’m gonna blush♪”

“You are good at cleaning.”

“I-It’s not like I cleaned up because I wanted your praise or anything, OK!?”

Precoco-chan herself, if rather artlessly appliqued to the unit does boast good moe heritage in the form of character design by mangaka Kinusa Shimotsuki and vocals by 16-year-old seiyuu Ibuki Kido, of GJ-bu fame.

Home automation fans can also apparently look forward to remotely controlling various other consumer electronics through her onboard wifi, promising a whole new era of robot vacuum cleaner chaos – at least until the project gets shut down by random tweets about her being demeaning to women and promoting child labour.

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