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Anime: Smoking “Uncool”

dasai-tobacco (1)

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Anime is now the chosen medium for anti-smoking campaigns, thanks to the genius of the Okayama prefectural government in commissioning an anime with its “uncoolness” as its main theme.

Okayama prefecture’s improbably ambitious goal of the “complete elimination” of the scourge of underage smoking (from the staggering rates of 3.3% for high school boys and 1.2% for JKs) has resulted in an anime DVD for distribution to schools, intended to ensure they are all made to understand just how “uncool” tobacco is:

Whether an anime will have any more success than decades of anti-smoking, anti-drinking, anti-drugs and anti-sex propaganda has had in discouraging minors from indulging in these illicit pleasures is of course open to question…

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