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DMM Unveils “Overseas Access To 220,000 JAVs”


Japan’s top porn megasite, forex trading site, car renter and KanKore creator DMM has formally announced its full scale English language porn site in the form of, due to launch in the spring with their entire catalogue of adult videos, ero-manga and doujinshi, finally providing a centralised legal avenue for barbarian access to all the nation’s “squealing schoolgirl rape porn” and gorgeous ero-manga.

DMM’s official announcement of the launch gives some inkling into just how enormous the Japanese porn industry is and how big a part of it DMM is:

The new website will have a large collection of Japanese adult videos online which will be easily accessible through a streamlined marketplace and a feature-rich search engine.

Their current catalog of Japanese movies, compromising over 220,000 videos, will be published to the service.

The site will launch with approximately 150,000 videos and will be expanded to 200,000 videos within 3 months.

In addition to hundreds of categories of movies and 5,000 hentai comics will be available for release along with an exclusive selection of fully localized hentai comics.

Their official blog is a little more lively in its description of just what this means for AV aficionados:

When it launches will be the largest English language Japanese adult site on the net. How big? First you have to consider the Japanese adult industry at large.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the concept of how much Japanese porn is available any minute, of any day, and even harder to try and explain it to someone else.

I imagine it would be like trying to count the number of TV shows that have ever been released in the US since the 1950′s; would you include a list by channel? Type? Length? Season? Once you start factoring all those things in, it gets pretty crazy!

By my last count, we had 796 different production companies that will sell their products through

Of that number, 72 of those companies are our own productions. These aren’t your small production companies, they are the largest producers of Japanese AV. Big names such as E-Body, S1, Moodyz, Madonna, Attackers, Kira*Kira, Muteki, Bi, kawaii, Idea Pocket, and the list goes on and on.

This allows our site to have an unprecedented amount of new movies and content added every month, unmatched anywhere else.

We add over 2,000 new movies to our site every month, 2,000!!! If I quit my job and did nothing but sleep and watch porn, I still would not be able to watch all those in a year.

Not only do we release a lot of new content every month, but these are not short 5 minute clips uploaded to your average Tubesite. We are talking feature length adult films, 120 minutes or more! In fact, most of the movies I come across are a ridiculous 3 to 6 hours long!

What the press releases are understandably coy about mentioning is the possible Achilles’s heel of the service – as DMM was apparently unable to secure an understanding with police or a sufficiently convincing degree of separation via an overseas subsidiary, all the titles will be presented in all their original mosaiced glory.

There is also still no word on overseas access to or localisation of DMM’s burgeoning collection of games – Kantai Collection foremost among them – although the vast AV selection on offer seems likely to keep all but the most 3D hating busy for months if not years to come.

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