“Shibuya Moe Puchi” Busted for Fake JS Sex Sales


A “delivery health” establishment which advertised sex with elementary and middle school girls but in fact only dispatched “adult girls who were short and looked young” has been broken up by police – though for offences apparently unrelated to this aspect of their services.

“Shibuya Moe Puchi” operated in the Shibuya area, dispatching girls to the love hotel of the client’s choosing for healthy massage and non-penetrative sex as with most delivery health establishments.

However, unlike most delivery health establishments (most Japanese use SNS and specialist “enkou” BBSes for this), they offered a “elementary schooler course” for some ¥100,000, with some customers paying as much as ¥300,000 for their “4th year course.”

According to police investigations, one 29-year-old Ibaraki prefecture man who thought he was paying for an encounter with a fresh young JC was in fact sent a perfectly “legal” 19-year-old girl, and in other all other cases the girls were in fact over 18 and “short and young-looking.”

During the 10 months they operated the business they managed some ¥20,000,000 in sales, all without actually dispatching any minors.

Police eventually took action against them, arresting the 35-year-old proprietor and two managers – although they were charged with the same pimping related offences all delivery health establishments are mysteriously allowed to get away with rather than child prostitution or fraud.

Needless to say, none of the prostitutes participating in the swindle were subject to legal action.

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