PS4 Sales “Over 6 Million” – Xbox One Sales “3.5 Million”


Sony is boasting of over 6 million PlayStation 4s sold, with the Japanese launch now having made it to 370,000, with 13.7 million games sold, to an estimated total of some 3.5 million for the Xbox One.

The “6 million” figure apparently covers “actual sales” rather than dubious distribution figures, and so already seems to represent a lasting and and unsurpassable lead for Sony in the present generation.

The “games sold” figure also includes download sales, which whilst fair to the coming delivery medium does likely gift them a large number of cheaper titles.

Microsoft has refrained from bombastic sales boasts for reasons which now seem obvious, but is believed to be stuck at around 3.5 million based on previous announcements and extrapolations of indirect sales comparisons made since – raising the spectre of further humiliating headlines in the near future when PS4 sales double those of the Xbox One.

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