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PS4 Japan Sales = 320,000 “As Bad As The Vita!”


Sony’s decision to throw Japan under the bus in order to focus on western markets looks to have proven as shrewd as it looked – despite what is by PlayStation standards a damp squib of a launch in Japan, it has managed to shift 320,000 consoles in 2 days.

Famitsu reports “consoles sold” in the two days since the PS4’s release Japanese as being 322,083

Buzz over the release has been almost non-existent in Japan, though despite suspiciously well stocked retailers and a total absence of compelling games for the Japanese market there does not seem to have been any attendant collapse in sales.

By comparison, the 2012 release of the Wii U saw it “sell” 309,000 units, whilst in 2006 the PS3 somehow managed a pathetic 88,443 units in the same span (although this was due to precisely the kind of shortages Sony has so keenly avoided with the PS4’s release).

The Vita managed 321,000 and the 3DS 371,000, making for a respectable total for the PS4 – especially considering its lineup so far contains barely anything of interest to Japanese gamers beyond the wonders of FF14.

Meanwhile when the Xbox One’s putative Japanese release will fall is still a matter of conjecture, presumably meaning it is a long way off indeed.

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