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SAO “Rape Anime”; Fined for Indecency

sao-rape-scene (1)

sao-rape-scene (3)

The Sword Art Online anime stands accused of the other kind of rape after
the station which aired the show in Taiwan was reportedly fined for illegally airing a rape scene, the forceful licking given Asuna at the show’s finale proving too much for TV censors to bear.

The controversy centres on the final scenes of degradation meted out to Asuna at the climax of the season (in this case broadcast in December), with the brutal eye-licking of a virtual elf Asssangesquely being branded a rape scene and inappropriate for public broadcast, leading to the broadcaster being fined the astonishing sum of 210,000 NTD ($7,000).

The disgraceful scene in question, possibly one of the lesser humiliations the good heroine found herself subject to during the show:

sao-rape-scene (1)

sao-rape-scene (2)

sao-rape-scene (3)


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