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Fujoshi Make Twitter “Too Dangerous” For Seiyuu


Top seiyuu Takuma Terashima has been forced to delete his Twitter account after “dangerous” posts from his legion of stalkers prompted fears for his very life.

The 30-year-old seiyuu, best known for his role in fujoshi favourite Uta no Prince-sama♪, announced his retirement from Twitter by way of his agency’s staff blog, laying the blame on one or more of his stalkers and hinting that his private army is already mobilised to protect his august person:

“The other day it emerged Takuma Terashima’s Twitter account was the recipient of some inappropriate and downright dangerous posts.

There is action underway behind the scenes to ensure there is no attack on him personally so there is no issue there, but because of the trouble such incidents may cause fans and those responsible for working with him, it was necessary to delete his account.

Appropriate measures have already been taken after agency discussions, but in case the worse happens additional measures were felt necessary.

It is distressing that a venue all his fans enjoyed so much has been snatched away like this, but we hope you will be kind enough to be understanding about this.”

Given that other rotten favourites have already inspired threats of gas attacks by crazed maniacs, their caution is perhaps understandable – though scant consolation to his 100,000 followers.

In this case an additional motive may also be present – Terashima still maintains scores of detractors who loathe him for his involvement in the 2012 “Ijime Connect” incident, a complicated minor scandal in which he was caught publicly harassing Ika Musume and Kokoro Connect seiyuu Hisako Kanemoto, which might again make otaku and not fujoshi the prime suspects after all…

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