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Lolicon JS Bagger Bagged: “He Had 2000 Loli Doujinshi”


A man who handcuffed a 10-year-old girl and put her in his bag with the intention of taking her home has been arrested after police singled him out from 6,000 other buyers of the same handcuffs – and as if his crime were not already heinous enough, they also recovered “6,000 volumes” of loli doujinshi from his home.

The 29-year-old man, an civil servant employed by Adachi city in Tokyo, was arrested on the 17th in connection with a crime which took place in July of 2013.

That crime saw a man trespass on the grounds of an Edogawa city apartment and accost a a 10-year-old girl on her way home, handcuffing her hands and feet and threatening her to “Shut up, if you go along with me I’ll return you soon” with the aid of a fruit knife.

Telling her “Get in the bag!” he forced her into a large bag and attempted to take her home, but her screams and resistance caused him to lose his nerve and flee the scene.

The girl was unharmed save for some grazes from her restraints, which police recovered along with her.

In what must be a cautionary note for BDSM aficionados, the breakthrough in the case came when police tracked the model of handcuffs recovered with the girl, gathered the names of 6,000 purchasers from online dealers, and then narrowed this down to 560 who had bought multiple sets.

It is not clear how police got the DNA of all these handcuff purchasers, but get it they did, which tied their suspect to the crime scene and resulted in a search of his home.

Police extracted their customary confession from the man, with him admitting “I put her in the bag with the intent of taking her home and performing indecent acts on her” and that there is “no doubt” he is the culprit.

The city authorities have apologised for unknowingly employing someone who committed so gave an offence.

Police say they recovered “2000 volumes of doujinshi with sexual content depicting young girls” from his apartment, which along with the generally sensational nature of the crime has attracted attention from those sensitive to otaku bashing for some reason:

“Stick to 2D you trash!”

“What is it with civil servants all being lolicon.”

“So much for ero-doujinshi…”

“So at 500 yen per volume that is about 1 million yen’s worth – nice to see civil servants so well paid.”

“Reckon they are going to use this to shut down adult doujin circles at the summer Comiket?”

“No way did manga influence him… more like he was sick to start with and was blowing off steam with the manga for years.”

“Like hell all 2,000 were loli, did they look through every single one?”

“As far as they are concerned any doujinshi probably counts as loli manga. Although they were probably right in this case.”

“Did all those people just volunteer their DNA?”

“They just have to ask to swab them.”

“The history your online purchases leave is a bit disturbing…”

“Pretty much any ero-doujinshi is going to involve young girls.”

“I think they are just bringing up the ‘loli manga’ angle to manipulate public opinion in favour of the ban on 2D they are proposing.”

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