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NEET Busted For JK Sex Walking


A NEET has been arrested for partaking of paid sex with a schoolgirl he paid to walk around Akihabara.

Kanagawa police report a 36-year-old unemployed Yokohama man came to be acquainted with a 17-year-old joshi-kousei at a “JK walking” service in Akihabara.

Strolling the sights of Akiba together evidently did not prove lucrative enough for the girl or stimulating enough for her customer, and over the spring and summer the schoolgirl arranged a total of 3 sexual encounters in a Tokyo love hotel with him, charging from ¥5,000 to ¥15,000.

Police have since arrested him for engaging in prostitution with a minor.

The man denies the charges, claiming he “didn’t know her age.” Police are silent as to whether her Akiba employers or the girl herself will face any legal action.

The prevailing non-media narrative surrounding these cases has long since shifted to decrying the lack of sanctions budding young prostitutes face:

“Arrest the damn JK too already!”

“They never arrest the girls so how do they expect to stop this?”

“He just bought what she was selling, what is wrong with that…”

“And as usual the whore and her pimps get off.”

“These prostitutes know they will not be arrested, will not have their names made public, and will be treated as victims. There is no downside to this for them.”

“Honestly I think the police let these services run so they can more easily find johns to bust and score points with.”

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