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Japanese Suicide Bombers “Deserve UN Recognition”


The Chinese government has expressed its outrage at a Japanese town’s efforts to get its collection of kamikaze pilot memorabilia granted UNESCO recognition.

The city of Minami Kyushu, in southern Kyushu of all places, has applied for UNESCO recognition of its morbid collection of last wills and farewell letters from kamikaze pilots who gloriously flew themselves into various American ships and patches of ocean.

It hosted an airbase which sent hundreds of the pilots flying at US targets as they went about the final destruction of Japan’s empire, and UNESCO world heritage status for the collection would “highlight the importance of world peace” (as well as quite possibly make them into a minor tourist attraction).

China is appalled at the prospect, with their foreign ministry lambasting their application quite thoroughly:

“The design behind the so-called application for the kamikaze pilots is very clear, which is to try and beautify the Japanese militarist history of invasion.”

“This intention is diametrically opposed to UNESCO’s objective of maintaining world peace, and must be strongly condemned and resolutely opposed by the international community.”

PM Abe’s insistence on visiting Yasukuni, modest increases to defence spending and efforts to appoint historical revisionists who maintain Japan’s wartime conduct was beyond reproach to every public body in his power have all conspired to grievously annoy China recently – although outwardly their conduct towards the previous DPJ government so keen to kowtow to them seems to have been little different.

The government of the US meanwhile, although quick to castigate Abe for visiting Yasukuni, have so far not bothered to comment on the crazed actions of a metropolis with as many as 37,000 inhabitants.

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  • Carrot_Glace says:

    I specially went to see that place, and it’s not a “morbid collection” (maybe less than Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs museums can be called that) and the place is not glorifying them, I came out with a, more or less, “this was an error, this must not be repeated ever again” message.

  • How kamikaze has anything to do with China…? Aren’t they aimed at American to begin with…? I don’t recollect China has any fleets for Japan to throw flying bombs at them, let alone the usurper Commie-China.

  • Then, the onu should also give recognition to those who dropped the atomic bombs on japan for helping to restore world’s peace. After all those nukes forced those genocidal monkyes to surrender.

  • China of all nations protests ? Laughable!
    Invasion ? as in what does China trying to do constantly ?

    China is the last nation to speak in this matter.
    Japanese suicide pilots are proof of utmost loyalty and their duty, it may not serve as a peaceful solution in itself, but if everyone worked hard and be loyal and dutiful as they have been, perhaps we wouldn’t have wars at all ?

  • One man’s terrorist is another man’s hero. The only difference is who is writing the history books (usually the victor).

    In a slightly different timeline, Doolittle is convicted of war crimes for firebombing Tokyo, and everyone on the Manhattan project is executed for attempting to develop terror weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

    War is hell. Ideally, no one should be able to celebrate or memorialize people who kill each other. But if you allow some to do it, then all get to do it. otherwise it is just hypocrisy and meaningless.

  • Oh I know a lot stupid right wing Japanese (some of my stupid collegues) who would love to go there to glorify Japanese militarism.
    Auschwitz is different, because Germans are educated in this regard, Japanese not. A lot of them really think that what Japan did was correct…. and this will even grow, because of stupid Abe.

  • Seen a few movies where the Kamikaze plane flyers would have a few minutes talking about what was going on in their heads, and how they felt. I think they should get a award for Bravery or maybe Duty? I don’t think a purple heart works on this however.

  • If Japan truly wanted to glorify the “Militarist” point of view then they would’ve asked UNESCO to recognize the memorabilia of those soldiers commiting attrocities in Nanking, Manila, Hong Kong, ect.

    Recognizing the Kamikaze Pilot as protected history preserves the memory of these things instead:

    1. The futility of Japanese militarism.
    2. The waste of human life.
    3. A waste of sheer courage that could’ve been used to rebuild a nation.

    I honestly can’t see any Japanese people feeling emboldened towards Ultranationalism with those examples. If anything I think it discourages it.

    • americans glorify their bomber pilots all the time . Im not going to talk about chinese bullshit squad .Even though bombers generally kill women and children . I dont see why jap kamicazis shouldn’t get some recognition , they didnt attack civilians .

    • China really want to provoke wrath of Special Olympics all the time?

      Special Olympics say:

      “China….WHY do you insult the mentally retarded with your even MORE mentally retarded behavior? It’ like you’re mocking them mentally retarded! You’re mocking those with DOWN SYNDROME….for obvious reasons,lol. If you’re going to act mentally handicapped then you need to ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD that this is just “Us acting like dumb Chinks” & not trying to insult the mentally handicapped.””

      I feel that to be most reasonable response. China can be stupid and respectable too!


      I proud to be proud China man.

  • While were at at why don’t we do the same for the terrorists that flew themselves into the twin towers? or maybe other suicide bombers.

    Why stop at Kamikaze Pilots, you should go all out and include all sorts of Suicide bombers.

    *infinite facepalm*

  • I have a lot of sympathy and respect for the poor guys who “volunteered” to serve their country by committing suicide. I’ve read a book that talked to the few who hadn’t gone up before the war ended, and really got to understand their mindset and their predicament at the time. Their families would be shamed if they didn’t agree to go. And they themselves believed the chauvinist propaganda of the time.

    But I’m afraid there are people in Japan who would use recognition of them as another way of keeping the old imperial mindset alive in the country. So the UN shouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

  • i know kamikaze is the same form of a samurai seppuku but i’ve always thought if the leader isn’t there to die with you, then the leader is too coward to do it themselves, sending others like a herd of pigs going to their slaughterhouse. Respect to the pilots that have the courage for their country to do it so they deserve it and for the leaders, they should be the smallest print or no print at all on the monument for the cowardliness they sent these brave men to a losing war.

  • From what I can find through a cursory glance, the World Heritage things are either natural places (forests, lakes) or buildings/parts of cities (ruins, temples, a few statues).

    While the letters might kinda sorta fit under the “unique or exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared” criteria, it seems highly unlikely that they would be designated when apparently no other documents like that for much larger and more famous civilizations are.

  • Sounds like the usual right-wing museum pieces glorifying yamato damashii by pushing their nationalist agenda.

    right-wing textbook approval system:
    emperor sending “brave” soldiers to their death = O
    army raping chinese & korean civilians = X

    Nationalist dinosaurs are doing an excellent job at keeping those textbooks full of national pride. And brushing war crimes under the rug.

    • The rape allegations are a lie. The comfort women were simply whores. Koreans are Jew tier liars. If there was any force involved, it was the Korean families forcing their own daughters into prostitution out of greed in some instances. Comfort women were highly paid prostitutes, who were making 15 times the monthly salary of a college graduate during the years of the war. Koreans whored out their own young daughters, and as Korea was part of Japan, and Koreans served in the IJF, and were fully considered subjects of the emperor, Koreans would have been among those using their services. There is ample proof that the girls were only whores, and little evidence to the contrary but inconsistent anecdotes from former “victims.” Why would there be advertisements for procuring girls if the evil Japs just went in and kidnapped and gangbanged ’em? There are quotes from one of the Korean former comfort women who claims she was a sex slave. Suffice it to say, her story is inconsistent, and the story changes significantly across the 15 quotes presented. “Comfort women” were merely prostitutes, there was no mass rape committed by the Honorable Great Japanese Empire. Japan did nothing but provide for the Korean people, and develop its modern infrastructure. Check the Japanese link for source information. There are pictures of Korea before and after the Japanese devils brutal occupation. Suffice it to say Japan made some semblance of a modernized country out of a state that was Africa level shit tier before annexation by the Great Japanese Empire. Dai Nippon Teikoku Banzai! Tennou Heika Banzai!!

      • Isn’t it nice that you can have sex with someone, throw some money at them, making them a ‘whore’, which legalizing your act, even though they had no intentions of ever having sex with you and would actively try not to. Yeah, no rape there at all.

      • You are a fool and I have pity on you for your blatant ignorance. The Japanese coerced Korean women to work as sex slaves for the Japanese military. Were some of them prostitutes? Perhaps. Of course one could argue that they were forced to do this due to Japanese economic oppression such as taxes. But witness testimony shows that many Korean women thought they were being sent away for regular employment, not knowing they were going to be used for sex work. Japanese veterans have even confirmed these reports. As for you questioning the witness testimony, I would imagine that being raped would traumatize one’s memory beyond comprehension. A traumatized mind is probably going to have difficulty putting together details. Many of these women were humiliated and violated, and want to bury this nightmare. But Japanese denial unburies these horrific nightmares.

        You say the Japanese committed no mass rape. That is disgustingly inaccurate. The proof: The Rape of Nanking and all the photos/witness testimony of it.

        Japan wanting to help the Koreans? That is one of the biggest hypocritical statements I have ever heard. The Japanese didn’t care about the welfare of the Koreans. They only cared if they were profitable and useful. It is fact that the Japanese industrialized parts of Korea and improved infrastructure. But was this for the interest of the Korean people. No. The Japanese modernized the Korea so they would become more profitable and more useful for accessing mainland Asia. Also almost none of the wealth from these changes were given back to the Korean people. It was sent back to the Japanese homeland. That’s how colonialism works. Also Korea had started improving infrastructure and industrialization before Japanese rule (Gwangmu Reforms). Korea didn’t need Japan to improve itself. Korea wouldn’t see industrialization for it’s own benefit until the 1960’s.

        Koreans were viewed lower than Japanese within the Empire. A US soldier I have met told me that Koreans were not allowed to walk on the same street as Japanese people. Many of the ones who served in the military were conscripted against their will and were given grunt work such babysitting POWs. Also if the Japanese wanted to help Koreans, how come they infected, experimented, and vivisected numerous Koreans and Chinese without anesthetics as part of Unit 731?

      • …and the holocaust never happened. Dr. Shiro Ishii and Dr. Josef Mengele never conducted experiments on live subjects, etc.

        Whatever you say kid. The Axis powers committed many war crimes leading into and throughout WWII. And no matter how much you turn a blind eye or they whitewash their textbooks the rest of the world knows their crimes.

        • The holohoax is the greatest lie ever told. The Jews were the aggressors, not the victims. Jews butchered 60 million orthodox Christians and attempted to spread the red scourge to Germany. the Nazi party formed in response to a Jewish-Bolshevist attack on Munich.

      • I’m probably feeding here, but comfort women came from all over Japan’s WWII empire, including Europeans who were living there. It seems they had a 75% mortality rate, and much of the remainder were now infertile through STD’s and physical trauma.

        Please realize no country is anywhere near perfect.

    • There was nothing honourable about that shit.

      “Hey you youths, all of you are lucky enough to sacrifice yourself to the emperor. Anyone who doesn’t want to, please step forward in front of all those people and shame your families. No one? Awesome”

      Fuck imperial Japan.

  • Kamikaze is a cowards death, there’s no honor in ramming your plane against a ship or against another object, if you had some genuine skill at flying you would go out there and shoot stuff down and still return home with some glory, ending your life in such a pointless way is not honorable at all.

    I know I may upset some people saying this but its the truth.

    • That’s the thing though. Many of these “pilots” were taught how to take off, how to fly to their target, and how to crash into it. They weren’t taught any advanced maneuvers. Add to that the planes they were flying were usually barely air worthy stripped out junkers with only enough fuel to reach the target. Many of them crashed early due to mechanical failure or running out of fuel.

      • Incorrect, not all Kamikaze pilots were forced, many of them volunteered of their own free will. Infact there are many pictures of pilots smiling/happy before going out there to end their lives.

        It doesn’t change the fact it was a cowardly way to die.

        • The emperor himself instructed those island monkeys to take their own lives & told if they did not, those “dirty american devils” would rape them senseless, mutilate their bodies, eat their kids, etc. As a result many civilian families leaped off cliffs, to their death, to avoid capture.

        • The U.S. started the war with Japan, our pilots were embedded with the British and faught the Japanese, before the U.S. even entered the war, that’s why they bombed Pearl Harbor, that and revenge on what Perry did to them, if he had had his way, we would have fored them to a coup and taken their coal resources, just like we took Hawaii’s pinapples, and tried force a coup in Cuba to take their Bananas, believe it or not (which is why Cuba hates us.) Even back then we were ran by corporations.

        • Japan had already lost the war but their leaders were willing to sacrifice the entire country on the off change they could win via attrition.

          If the US didn’t use the nukes as many as a million allied and 10 million Japanese were estimated to have been casualties.

          The Soviets were gearing up for an invasion of Japan as well.

        • is that the winners truth they teach at your schools?

          japan was defeated, that was clear to everyone. the capitulation was only a matter of days or at most weeks. there was not the slightest reason to throw two nukes on cities full of women, children and old people, whose husbands, fathers and sons were struggling at the front or were already dead.

          simple as.

        • Also the Japan wanting to surrender before the Nuke was just a myth, a ploy even. Records do show that Japan contacted the Russians but Japan wanted to surrender via its OWN terms. They made no official attempt to do so via the Allies, and displayed a willingness to fight until the last man up until Nuke number 2 was dropped.

        • Victims? No. That’s a matter of opinion, most certainly did not qualify as victims. Also, one hand? That’s certainly one large hand you have there.

          And no, Japan refused to surrender and thus the first nuke was dropped, when they still wouldn’t surrender, nuke number 2 was dropped. The country did not know when it was beaten, it took 2 nukes for them to surrender. Simple as.

        • of course they were indoctrinated. do you consider this as free will? they were victims, not cowards. and no, the volunteers could be counted on one hand, despite the indoctrination.

          “it took a damn nuke to end things.”

          the “damn nukes” were thrown as Japan was already in negotiations about capitulation . it was the last chance for the u.s. of testing them on the living object and one of the biggest and most unnecessary crimes of war ever.

        • Big talk? What? Japan had some funky propaganda(More brain washing) going on during the second world war to convince its population that America were the big bad, fight for the honor of the country yadda yadda ya. This was a country that still didn’t get the message when the Allies repeatedly beat them in Naval warfare and in the Skies, it took a damn nuke to end things. You can not possibly claim that most pilots were forced, I’m not denying that some were but a lot simply offered up their service for the good of the country.

        • the most of them were boys at the age of 15-19. they got some training in a wooden simulator for a few hours to learn the basics of steering their planes. they were threatened to be exposed as cowards to their families and the whole nation if they won’t fly. they were threatened to be executed if they dare to come back alive. a lot of them don’t even made it to the american vessels because they crashed into the sea. the “smiling pictures” were also forced on them to present them as heros in the propaganda press.

          and you are big talk, sir.

      • That’s just it, Japan were a dangerous war mongering enemy nation who simply would of continued to fight regardless, the nukes were a necessary evil to stop a nation who’s leaders wanted a war to end all wars.

        • No, seriously, do some research. The Japanese government had decided to capitulate *before* the nukes were actually sent.

          Nuking Japan had only one purpose: showing the rest of the world how far the US were willing to go against their enemies.

        • Idiotic useless ideas like operation 10-go and mass kamikazes showed the US command just how far the Japanese leaders would go to prevent defeat. Because of this, the Atomic bombs were approved for use. Otherwise, the invasion of Japan in 1946 would have been bloodshed of an unimaginable level.

          Truman did the right thing and ended the war with the least amount of lives lost. Millions would have died with an invasion.

  • China being China. Japan being Japan. And internet commentators being internet commentators.

    Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it. Whether they were fighting for “right” or “wrong”(the idea of good and evil in war is BS), they gave the ultimate sacrifice for their side. I would imagine the last wills and thoughts noted down by these people would be quite interesting.

    • not really. they were totally indoctrinated servants of the emperor and had no skills that deemed them indispensable to the war effort. as dim stars, they certainly eagerly jumped at one moment of glory.

  • Actually, Auschwitz is also on the Unesco world heritage list. Well, it’s all part of history and history should be preserved and protected.

    On the other hand, unlike the Germans, the Japanese still can’t deal honestly with their world war 2 past. Japanese history lessons on japanese schools gets censored learning material. The yearly visits to the soldier shrine and etc.

    I can understand that China is still upset about it.

  • Japan is facing a slow death through stagnant economy, falling birthrate and the young generation’s refusal to give a fuck about a bunch of old men who don’t care about them or the future.

    Those retarded old men are so desperate that they feel the need to cling to their past. Whitewashed and glossed over as it is.

  • UN recognition? Probably not. The UN isn’t there to recognize war hero’s of any nation, or at least I don’t believe it is. If it is then I must be ill-informed on what the U.N.’s goal is. If you want to build a memorial then just do it.

  • Crashing your plane into an enemy target does take some balls so I wouldn’t mind it if Japan wanted to honor them for badassery. They are their soldiers–let their home country honor them however they want. As long as they’re not saying the invasion was for Asia’s own good, I see no reason for anyone to raise any eyebrows.

    I think it’s just that Japan’s neighbors will jump at everything they can use against their wartime enemy. Especially the fearmongers who rely on such sentiments for votes. All Asian countries are rather self-important to a good degree–they like to picture themselves as being better than everyone else, and that there’s something inherently special about their nation. It’s pretty annoying.

  • oh no! They want to make their war memorabilia important? What ever should we do?

    It’s not a big deal to me, if someone wants to praise the hell out of their soldiers for kicking ass, far be it from me to feel butt hurt about it. Killing people is something people do.

    Now, is it worthy of recognition? Not in the slightest. It’s just a whole lot of old wills and last words. Nothing remotely important for anything outside of those who asked for it to be recognized.

    • It’s not praising soldiers for kicking ass. Those are letters written by the soldiers themselves to their families, and there are some which show how much those poor boys were scared of dying, and nonetheless forced to do what they did.

      Such documents should remind us all how stupid and futile war is. Period.

      • War isn’t futile though, I mean look at the wonderful World our grandparents sacrificed themselves for and built for us.

        I’m sure that my grandfather’s lying comfortably in his grave looking down with pride from heaven above knowing that thanks to him his grandson (Me) can go out on a weekend, snort some sort of artificial Chinese made drug (Revenge for the opium wars) then meet a nice Somalian lad who came here illegally somehow then get a good stiff black cock shoved right up my ass.

        I’m sure this is what he and his kind fought for and I thank them for it.

        Thank you for saving us all from the Nazis. 😀

      • You just assumed that, and you assumed wrong. Many of these letters have already been published.

        They overwhelmingly show the pride these young boys felt in scarifying their lives for God Emperor. The effectiveness of Japanese brainwashing of their young at the time is terrifying.

        Worse yet, many of the right wing nuts in Japan today initiated over the internet and is relatively young. They have already expressed their hero worshiping from letters that were already out. This stuff needs to burn in fire, not displayed and glorified.

        There’s a cultural difference. When Germans put up a WWII museum, they feel no reverence to Hitler. When Japanese does the same, they show real reverence to the emperor.

    • Wanting to make your country’s memorabilia important is one thing, wanting to make it World Heritage is completely different. Do we really want to give give a bunch of papers not even a century old the same status as the chinese Great Wall, Rome’s colosseum or spanish Alhambra? Those are real World Heritage, these are not even at “grandpa’s memento” level.

  • No one can honestly believe that we should commemorate such horrific actions which cost the lives of hundreds.

    If such an act is allowed recognition, then we should also recognise the children which are used in many wars in third world countries to kill one another.

    does that sound right to you?

    • Even though China’s looking for another reason to be angry at Japan (and they’re 100% in the right to do so), other countries aren’t supposed to care when something horrific happens to another now?

      So, as a US citizen, the whole Nanking this that occured is meaningless because it happened to another country then.

      That’s not how it works.

        • The only person doing something against the Nanking rape/massacre was a member of the Nazi party.

          Nothing is black/white in history people, know the nuances and you’ll see things differently. The Nazis were bad, so were the Japs in the war. This doesn’t mean every action by ever Japanese in the war was a bad one.

          The men who flew these planes, they were deluded but they did it for what they felt was right. They saw no other way out and gave the ultimate sacrifice. This is different from strapping a bomb to your body and blowing up kids on a bus. These were military acts, very desperate ones. I think it’s a sad ending we need to take a lesson from.

        • well, tasche, “most” japanese weren’t even taught about what happened during the war. it’s not a matter of forgiveness, guilt or outrage if they had no idea what occurred in the first place.

        • @19:07- that can be said for any “tragic” event including war itself. There will always be animosity for those who have wronged you. e.g revenge, vendetta, etc. If that was the case, shouldn’t the Japanese hold a grudge against the Americans for dropping the only 2 a-bombs ever used in military history?

          But hey, “most” Japanese now a days forgive and forget about their militaristic past and just want to live their lives even if they were taught a altered history. im not protecting either country but im pretty sure china places lots of emphasis in framing japan as their mortal enemy in their education programs. If that’s not propaganda or brainwashing, i don’t know what is.

          On the other hand, japan teaches an altered/omitted history which pisses off the Chinese and Koreans. But even if Japan goes ahead and teaches about the omitted history, do you think china or Korea will stop their belligerent attitude against japan? for Japan, whom i think has learned its lesson; its a lose lose situation for them.

      • If you were wondering why Chinese don’t like Japan, look no further than this guy expressing openly what so many Japanese feel: their minds are still stuck in the 1930s. They really have not regretted their actions in China. They only regret that they ended up losing the war.

      • i’m not chinese or japanese but saying like japan did it so easily but all their equipment came from Russia. I guess the US did it easily too by using nuclear bombs on japan. Death causes pain and nothing to laugh about and like tupac said “revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.” A child that remember his family that died will continue the cycle of vengeance. I wonder when will there be peace with each others and forget what our fathers caused and live like we are all family. Now that there are too many of us, we dont see each others as one anymore.

      • You do realise that if China wanted to, China could invade Japan without much effort? Japan doesn’t have the military power to defend itself against a major first world power, and if you think America would defend Japan think again, in this day and age its all political, no President would go to war with China over Japan, America would only act if China attacks its own forces. China would have air and sea superiority around Japan within the week and likely would have troops in Tokyo within the week and effectively taking the capital. You should be greatful China has no interest in attacking Japan because you’d lose quite severely.

        • @14:13

          You’re about as ignorant as they come. Here, I’ll spell it out for you.

          In a few yrs. most of NATO will be teeming with F-35’s. There is NOTHING in the Chinese pipeline that can compete with it.

          1. It’s radar signature is small enough that it won’t show up on Chinese/Russian radars until 20 miles at best—-far too late because their AMRAAM/METEOR missiles will have a range far longer than that. That also enables them to maneuver OUTSIDE THE ENEMY’S RADAR CONE FOR A BLINDSIDE ATTACK.

          2. The J-31 (a failed espionage-knockoff of the F-35 will show up on radar 50 miles away.
          (Without the J-31—which may not even be built, China is left with hordes of easy to spot, easy to kill SU-30’s. )

          3. Do the math. Whoever sees the other guy FIRST will win. Period.

          4. NATO’s Gen. 4.5 aircraft–Eurofighter, Rafael, Gripen—far outperform any SU-30 derivative whether beyond or whithin visual range.

          5. Japan, S.Korea, Israel & perhaps a few non-NATO members will all be fielding F-35’s.

          6. No F-35’s for China LOL. Nice try with the espionage, though. Too bad you couldn’t steal the engines, internal structures, onboard computers or enough stuff to make the thing fly straight. Also it’s CANARDS pretty much RUIN any stealth you would’ve gotten from the stolen blueprints. Sucks to be China.

          7. Oh, before I forget….the F-35 with it’s EODAS system can pretty much kill targets BEHIND IT because of it’s spherical IR helmet coverage.

          8. I sleep just fine, dude.

        • @6:33

          You are delusional as fuck. In a few years the best airforces will be ranked as follows:

          1. U.S
          2. NATO
          3. Japan (after acquiring F-35’s & upgrading their legacy gen 4 planes with AESA radars)
          4. S. Korea
          5. …….who cares
          6. Russia (LOL)
          7. China (LOLx2)
          7. India (OMG they’re tied with China LOL)

        • Get back to me when you’ve seen the Japanese SDFs combat aircraft lol. The F-4 Phantom II is an aging plane, F-15J is also pretty old and there’s much better out there, the UK and US use better planes, the F-2 is an alright plane but Japan doesn’t have a huge amount of them. All of Japans next gen planes aren’t available for use/haven’t been made yet. The Su-30MKK and J-11s that are part of Chinas airforce would rape Japans planes.

        • You been watching too much Chinese propaganda?

          Only thing keeping Japan from achieving MAD capability is moving all that nuclear industry plutonium to the facilities where they got the JAXA rockets. And before that you have to deal with the SDF which isn’t even close to being as lacking in capability as the name might imply.

        • @11:02

          Lol entire NATO got smashed together to be worth anything?
          South Korea? LOL
          Japan? LOL
          Whatever helps you sleep better at night.
          Although eating up bs on Sankaku should already do the job.

    • Even a chewed-up rag-tag regurgitated Sankaku-fied article of a real article from Reuters, and you didn’t read it.

      “which is to try and beautify the Japanese militarist history of invasion.”

      They aren’t outraged by the subject, they are outraged them trying to get world wide funding/protection of something they feel should be condemned.

  • calling them a suicide bomber makes them sound a lot worse than they were.

    they did not target civillians – they were no different than an american bomber who went on a high risk mission, and did not expect to survive.

    oh and i’m australian, so i’m not from any of the countries involved in this. i just think they deserve respect for fighting for their country.

  • What the fuck? I thought the Japanese had already deemed the kamikaze as a “surprise attack that might have worked once or twice” but that it was foolish to continue beyond that, given the failure rate.