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Japanese “Deserve Nobel Peace Prize”


Efforts to award the Nobel Peace Prize to “all Japanese citizens” for their 70-year support of a constitution which technically forbids Japan from maintaining any army at all are already proving incendiary – and that is even without the involvement of any Chinese or Koreans.

The petition to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Japanese people was started by a 37-year-old Japanese housewife whose time spent studying in Australia saw her moved by the realisation that Japan’s pacifist constitution had delivered 70 years of peace.

Since the prize itself can only be awarded to an organisation and not the constitution itself, giving it to the Japanese people seemed the next best thing to her.

Awarding the prize indiscriminately to millions of people is not without precedent either – in 2012 it went to “the European Union” for “advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe,” by which standards Japan would seem more than worthy.

The petition has attained moderate momentum and looks likely to gain the endorsements needed to at least be considered by the awards committee:

We have organized an executive committee for “Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution for Nobel Peace Prize” and started a petition drive as an effort to share, protect, utilize, and promote its virtue, to The Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The Nobel Peace Prize is intended to be awarded to an organization or person, the Constitution is not eligible. However, the EU was awarded Nobel Peace Prize as an organization.

Thus, we think it is possible that Japanese citizens as an organization, who have continued maintaining the pacifist constitution stipulating thorough renunciation of war, would be awarded it, similarly.

The Japanese citizens may not have reached the stage to actively utilize their constitution. We, however, maintained the constitution which actively renounces war and force for nearly 70 years, throughout the pressure of the entire world to realize things with a weapon, to desire for the happiness and peace for people in the world due to the remorse of the war.

We might say that their contribution to the world peace and stability may have been immeasurably large.

Needless to say that not every Japanese citizen supports the current constitution.

We, however, haven’t revised the constitution at this moment. This is due to the fact that many people in Japan talked about the sorrow and the folly of the war with a remorse and desire for peace after the war, and this desire for peace has been inherited and still deeply exists among them.

We also believe that it is meaningful to share a value “It is laudable to desire for world peace and not to engage in wars, and we protect and share this belief!” toward winning the prize.

At this moment of crisis of the constitutional revision, we hope you understand and help us with our effort to protect, utilize, and promote our pacifist constitution for the world peace.

With the reputation of the Nobel Peace Prize as much more than a left-leaning propaganda prize at something of a low after its award to spymongering incompetent Obama and glorious Internet inventor Gore, there are plenty in Japan who would want nothing to do with it even if offered, along with those who question the very logic of awarding it to a nation dependent on American imperial might for its security:

“This is insane.”

“Who wants that thing!”

“Who needs a western propaganda prize.”

“Just take a look at who they’ve been awarding it to lately to see what a joke it is.”

“The left’s desperation to stop constitutional change is just pathetic.”

“Since Abe is going to change it they are desperate to throw a spanner in the works with stuff like this.”

“Like the pacifist constitution is taken seriously as reason not to attack us… it is the deterrent power of the US and Japanese armed forces which does it.”

“Article 9 can only exist because we are protected behind the shield of American power. How can you claim to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for a pacifist constitution by relying on the military might of another country?”

“These people don’t want peace. They want Japan to be defenceless and at the mercy of another country.”

“If article 9 is so fantastic go and get China and Korea to adopt it.”

“If they want the rest of the world to renounce war and desire world peace, go and get them to adopt such constitutions.”

“It has been awarded for completely idiotic reasons in recent years. You can keep it.”

“The prize money would amount to like 1 yen for every Japanese citizen.”

“This is nuts. They are just trying to block constitutional reform.”

“The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to the man with the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, who begged to invade Syria, and is busy spying on the entire world’s communications. You can keep it.”

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