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Rozen Maiden Ends (Again)


The latest mega-manga to draw to a close is none other that goth loli legend Rozen Maiden, by most accounts climaxing in style and poignancy.


Aside from a game and a potential continuation of the anime, Rozen Maiden fans have no further reason to live but seem to be taking this well enough:

“A good ending!”

“I cried. Things were really tied up well for a single chapter.”

“Just read it – seemed a little forced. I suppose it is the good end fans wanted.”

“Not enough Shinku in my finale.”

“I liked Megu but even so I think the ending was pretty good.”

“Not a bad ending.”

“Nicely done but a bit sad for Shinku-lovers perhaps. And Jun changed completely from the start.”

“There’s a hole in my heart…”

“The tears came. It’s over.”

“Well done and thank you to the author for this masterpiece!”

“A good end… now when are they doing the next season of the anime?”

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