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Kantai Collection Sequel = “Oshiro Collection”


DMM’s plans for a follow-up to it enormously popular Kantai Collection have surfaced by way of a quiet trademark application, for “Oshiro Collection” – “Castle Collection.”

The trademark application for “Oshiro Korekushon” (Castle Collection) lists electronic publications, video games, mobile games along with printed materials, figures and online games – just about everything needed for a fully fledged mixed media franchise except an actual anime, in fact.


As Kantai Collection consisted of anthropomorphised historical warships (of which the supply is starting to run a little dry), extending the franchise to new subject matter would be the logical next step, in which case Japan’s multitude of moulderng castles can expect to be moeified soon – doubtless to the utter ecstasy of local governments and the tourism industry.

Non-Japanese fans are of course still utterly absent from DMM’s consideration – although in a fit of Square Enix level business genius it plans to unleash its vast library of (still thoroughly censored) “squealing ‘JK’ rape porn” on the world in the coming months, there are no immediate plans for allowing the barbarian hordes access to Kankore, so the chances of Shirokore’s walls being scaled by the hairy ones look remote.

DMM can however perhaps be cut some slack for now – as what is essentially a giant porn company sitting on a mountain of cash with no international experience of note, Kankore is their first successful mainstream creation and they are feeling understandably protective of Shimakaze and company.

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