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The New Japanese Man: “55.8% Have Never Even Dated”


Figures for the latest generation of Japanese to reach adulthood show them turning more herbivorous than ever, with 55.8% of 20-year-old men now apparently having no romantic experience whatsoever.

A coming-of-age day survey of young Japanese having just turned 20 found them lonelier than even before – some 80% of the men and 70% of the women had no partner.

The same survey taken in the year 2000 found approximately 50% of those asked had a partner, prompting much gleeful media speculation about the emasculated herbivorousness of the latest crop of degenerate youths, who may well “have problems communicating with the opposite sex,” as a result of all their time spent online or them refusing to buy cars or watch TV, perhaps.

Of those wretched young men with no partner, a mere 63.8% reported actually wanting one, the lowest figure since 2000 as well.

55.8% of men and 39% of women reported having had “not even one” partner, and 23% of men and 14.8% of women reported never having so much as an unrequited romantic interest.

As usual, harem masters may have been hogging all the action – 22.6% reported having had over 5 partners (whether in series or in parallel is mercifully not specified).

Most were unsurprisingly in no huge hurry to get married even if they could afford a partner – over 90% thought “under 30” was an ideal time to get married, although women favoured 30-year-old men and men 25-year-old women.

Precocious wisdom or deviant herbivorousness was displayed by 19.6% of men who did not want to get married at all, and 20.5% of women, figures in line with recent years.

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