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Outrage at Kennedy’s “Stop Killing Dolphins!” Tweet



US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy’s tweets officially condemning the “inhumaneness” of her host country’s dolphin hunting antics are proving highly controversial, with even those who oppose them forced to wonder at her diplomatic nous..

Princess Kennedy tweeted her opposition to dolphin hunting in Japanese (which she does not apparently have any grasp of herself):

The American government opposes dolphin drive hunts. We are deeply concerned about the inhumanity of dolphin drive hunt fishing.

And subsequently in English with slightly different wording:

Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries.

Ambassador Kennedy’s appointment was feted by the Japanese media and Americanophiliac elements as a symbol of just how much the US values its vassal, although the more sceptical were left wondering as to just what practical use a washed up senator with no diplomatic experience or knowledge of Japan would be.


Twitter has seen scores of critical responses in response to her tweet (although only expressions of unanimous approval appear to be allowed to feature as responses to her English tweet), and 2ch has already expended well over eight thousand posts in condemning her as an ignorant barbarian:

“It’s about time she was sent packing.”

“Caroline, do you think all the baby cows and lambs you slaughter to eat are somehow more moral? Isn’t this just KKK level white supremacy? Eating whales and dolphins is traditional Japanese culture, you condemn it whilst conveniently ignoring all the whales your Alaskan inuits butcher themselves.”

“Yes, America atom bombs and defoliates indiscriminately the lands of the orient, but the real sinners are the ones who hunt dolphins!”

“And yet America considers it perfectly legal to hunt deer and bears for trophies. To any Japanese the kind of hunting which goes on in America is immoral itself.”

“It is pure hypocrisy for America to be condemning Japanese customs of dolphin hunting when they allow their own tribes to hunt whales and seals as they please. Would she dare tweet a condemnation of native American hunting practices? Is she trying to turn the Japanese against her or what, I’d expect this from the Korean president but not her.”

“This from the nation which kills untold numbers of cetaceans with the sonar on its submarine fleets. But of course killing them to eat is much worse!”

“This little princess is a total amateur at politics and diplomacy.”

“Why the hell did they send this idiot over here?”

“I oppose dolphin hunts too, but Kennedy is obviously completely unsuited to this role.”

“I don’t care what she says but as a Japanese citizen I think hunting dolphins is completely behind the times…”

“An ambassador who tweets insults about her host country’s culture, is she a total idiot?”

“8,000 responses already… I know you guys hate America but calm down!”

“I personally oppose these hunts. But there are countries which eat dogs and cats, and others where they kill bulls for sport. But these are elements of national culture so I think they need to be treated with forbearance. But she crosses the line.”

“Have you lot tasted dolphin? It reeks, it is not all fit for human consumption…”

“I’m against dolphins.”

“How interesting. If you reply critically to the English tweet it is deleted in a few minutes but the Japanese one is nothing but negative responses…”

“Annoying to see all the English responses to the English tweet praising her in thanks.”

“Most of them seem to be animal rights terrorists though.”

“Send her home. The media just used her as an extra, nobody wants her here and the term of an ambassador is a bit long for tourism purposes.”

“This stuck up princess really knows nothing of the world, does she? The most important diplomatic post available and all she can do is piss and moan about Yasukuni and our culinary culture. Do you see theUS ambassador to France whining about foie gras on Twitter?”

“Isn’t she supposed to be improving relations with Japan rather than ruining them?”

“Is this really US government policy or just what Caroline thinks?”

“It says ‘USG’ in the tweet.”

“She is entitled to speak on behalf of the US government, so it is probably just her abusing her position to make her personal opinion an official position. A real official position would be issued as a press release like with the Yasukuni stuff.”

“Twitter is a ruiner. This old hag already fell into its trap.”

“Why did the US send this idiot over here anyway? Was there some ulterior motive?”

“Perhaps they picked her to drive a wedge between the US and Japan?”

“I can’t believe this. The Democrats must just be overflowing with talent to send her over her, am I right?”

“She is like the American version of Hatoyama.”

“This is Japan’s fault for being such a doormat as to allow their major ally to palm them off with a total amateur of an ambassador.”

“Thanks to her all the foreigners are flooding onto Abe’s homepage saying ‘Japs stop killing dolphins.'”

“Send the old hag packing. Not that whaling is any good either though.”

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