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China “Planned To Claim Kyushu Air Space”



It has emerged China’s newly expanded aerial kill zone was almost extended all the way up to the coast of the Japanese mainland – even as China announces successful tests of the world’s first “carrier killer” anti-ship ballistic missile.

According to Asahi, hard-line generals and military reseach institutes in China were pushing for an ADIZ extending out hundreds of kilometres from China’s EEZ, encompassing not only the Senkaku Islands but also extending up to the coast of Kyushu.


This represented a “political desire” on the part of some of China’s top leaders rather than any military necessity, it is said, but in the end the zone was extended from Chinese territorial waters instead, encompassing only parts of Okinawa, Taiwan and South Korea.

Even this generous compromise secured China massive international condemnation even from nations nowhere near its airspace, but the consequences of attempting to usurp control of the skies so close to Japan can only be guessed at.

In other – and perhaps far from unrelated – news, Japan’s air force is planning to increase its planned purchase of F-35s, whilst China has apparently just tested the world’s first ballistic anti-ship missile, the Dong Feng 21D, capable of eliminating aircraft carriers in one hit at a range of 3,000km.



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  • Bahaha listen to yourselves guys, you’re already making assumptions about war this and that, talk about being a product of Fox News. Let me say, one master follows the dollar and another follows twisted obsessions of democracy or nothing.

    I’ll let you decide who the aggressor will be.

  • Oh gawd not the DOngs again, the best record of these are accurate to a 500 m radius on a static target.

    Unless you put a tactical nuke on them, these are not supposed to be used against ships.

    • It reminds me of their QBU-10 sniper rifle, and its 2~3 MOA “precision” : 6~9cm off at 100m

      According to Chinese documents, that garbage “allows effective engagement of the enemy personnel and equipment at ranges of up to 1000 meters”…

  • If china plans to go to war there will be a mass production of weapons and babies, child soldiers and child C4 aka suicide it would be a crazy psychological warfare, propaganda would go through the roof, cyber attacks etc Chinese Americans would probably be imprisoned in camps as spies would be a probability or placing a tracker on ships in port etc

  • The difference between China and America seems to be China boasts its cutting edge stuff and none of it is proven or works correctly.

    When America brags about stuff its because its old and been declassified because we are already 2 generations or more ahead on the current stuff.

    Don’t fear what you know America has, fear the stuff you don’t know it has.

    Meanwhile enjoy a corn dog, point at China and laugh.

    • It’s actually the reverse.

      These Chinese missiles are old tech. They are based off old designs that’s been proven over and over again in prior decades. The only thing new is how cheaply they can be mass produced. It cost less than 1/50th of the price tag of the missile that U.S. has for intercepting it…

      America is the one coming up with cutting edge tech, at ripoff cost to taxpayers. Instead of using aoe proximity warheads for interceptor missiles, they opted for a guidance system sensitive enough for physical impact. It’s like hitting one pinhead with another. They claim it works, but frankly, it would take a miracle.

  • Thank you for publishing the map that shows clearly how much larger Japan’s ADIZ is than China’s, Taiwan’s, or South Korea’s.

    I checked the Asahi article, which summarizes but does not quote the supposed opinions of some Chinese military studies institute, and admits there never was a concrete map of the supposed proposed large ADIZ.

    So this is more dangerous chauvinist BS from Sankaku, no doubt taken from the pages of a Japanese equivalent of the National Enquirer.

  • War! HUH what is it good for? Fixing the economy and population control!

    Maybe China wants to shed some population? Maybe the US wants to lose some aging Aircraft Carriers so they can place a contract to build new ones? Maybe Japan is planning to airdrop otaku on Beijing? Who knows, but here comes fun.

    • Man, I fuckin hate China, what the fuck claiming other country air space using military? Are war they seeking? Want another war that will cause everyone suffering just for oil and gas reserve in Senkaku island?

      I really hope somebody give these asshole some lesson, I can’t stand this arrogance attitude.

    • Regardless of where it blows up, the fact that it WILL blow up is dangerous. If it explodes in Japan/Korea/Samoa/etc then yes, that’s one thing, but even if just booms at the launch site all it will take is a single politician to scream “THE FOREIGNERS BOMBED US BY SURPRISE” and the shit will hit the fan.

      98% of the time propaganda and patriotism will influence what the populace believes regardless of what actually happened, and the result will be just as cataclysmic diplomatically in failure as it would be in success.

  • The funniest part is that a Carrier typically carries several C-RAM and countermeasures. Basically, you’d need a handful of these things and that’s not guaranteeing a sunk or even disabled vessel.

    Now against a city or ground troops, these things are devastating. I’d be sweating if I lived in Japan.

    • I’m pretty sure the goal behind the planned manned moon flights by chinese is that they can claim the moon too… And yes, international treaties do say that moon can be claimed by no nation, but this is chinese we’re talking about.

      • In fairness its about time someone did something with the moon, I’m okay with China building shit there, as long as its not for military use. If they built a low cost method of reaching space/moon bases for civilian use that would be utterly brilliant. The fact NASA hasn’t been back on the moon in so long is ridiculous. It’s not NASAs fault more an issue with their budget.

        • NASA made multiple trips to the moon over the years, but the reason they haven’t been back in decades is because, to be blunt, there’s almost nothing of value. Granted there’s still the deep-surface geological studies that can be done, but getting equipment capable of drilling that deep while on the moon is a technological nightmare on its own, let alone the cost of travel.

          Everything is expensive in space, and with the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment already successfully set up, the only real benefit for returning to the moon is just to say “hey, we can do this, too!”

          …OK, yeah, they could also draw doodles on the original moon landing’s US flag, which can be seen to still be standing but has long since been bleached completely white by the sun, but that would be silly.

  • Any ballistic missile launch is detectable by satellite. The Chinese know this, and A) it gives a US carrier 10+ minutes warning; B) its also easily ‘mistaken’ for a nuclear ICBM launch, giving anyone the excuse to turn Beijing, Shanghai and any other city in China into a crater 10 minutes later. The Chinese ALSO know this. So no, this world-first missile is more a liability than a threat. You can fire one and sink a carrier as long as you’re willing to get a 10 megaton suppository in return.

    • >Any ballistic missile launch is detectable by satellite.
      >implying China first wouldn’t destroy those satellites
      There’s an anti-satellite version of this very missile. Also, the trajectory of this missile is that of a medium range ballistic missile, they “should” notice that it’s not the American mainland that is being targeted, thus no direct excuse to wage nuclear warfare.

      • The problem is, these missiles cost less than 1/50th as much as the American missiles used to intercept them. There is also limit to how many missiles ships can carry, but no limit on how many missiles can be stationed on land.

        The American interceptor missiles are ridiculous. Without proximity detonation, they basically have to hit one pin head with another. The guidance system is insanely expensive, and takes a miracle to actually hit.

        The Russian/Chinese system makes much more sense. Spewing a screen of molten copper droplets across the trajectory of incoming missile. It’s almost impossible to not hit. There’s no need to destroy the incoming missile, even slight damage would knock it off course.

        • To summarize:

          1. This missile system is based on stolen blueprints of the old U.S. Pershing missile system.

          2. It’s guided by SATELLITE.

          3. Chinese satellites are being tracked and
          targeted RIGHT NOW. They will be destroyed

          4. Without satellites that missile is USELESS.

        • What people don’t realize is that this missile system is dependent on satellites for locating the target carrier and guiding the missile in. According to the “brochure” they supposedly have drones to help in this process. Yeah….good luck on those drones not getting iced by a pack of F-22’s. Or hell, even a bunch of F-18E’s.

          There is absolutely NOTHING in the Chinese navy or airforce that could hope to get close enough for radar/sonar contact. Satellites are the only hope in guiding those missiles in.

          In a shooting war Chinese satellites will be the FIRST things targeted and destroyed. As I type this it’s a certainty that every Chinese satellite is being tracked. The U.S. has enough anti-satellite resources to get the job done, which would also include the shadowy X-37 system……which has the Chinese govt. in FITS,lol. ( The X-37 is essentially a mini-space shuttle drone. )

          By the time their missile system is operational the U.S. will have a force of X-37’s in place, ready to gently nudge the Chinese satellites into reentry.

        • You have no clue how big a shuttle platform is. It’s one of the largest rocket assemblies ever produced. The fuel tank alone has the volume of more than a dozen of these missiles. These missile launchers are less than 1/30th the mass.

          They’re also solid fuel, while shuttles are liquid fueled. They are ready to go at any time, can be in the air with a moment’s notice. While shuttles need hours to fuel, almost a day to launch, even skipping nonessential checklists.

          It’s the opposite, strikes against them need to be simultaneous and undetected, otherwise they’ll be in the air.

        • The launch profile of their anti-ship missile isn’t very small you know.
          It looks like a Shuttle launch platform.

          Unless they perform a surprise launch on allied forces on peaceful times, which in turn would trigger nuke strikes (the anti-ship missile has ICBM capabilities), then this weapon is merely a bluff once again.

  • Anti Chinese Imperialism and anime related news, the news combination of this site is the most ridiculous I have ever seen. It’s hard to believe that sankakucomplex is not supported by some Kuso-uyo groups.

  • Aircraft carrier at 3000 km distance? Not that I like the US, far from it, but this seems like China presenting an middle finger to the US… The Russians have a few carriers, the French have, the British have… but not much others, and the Russian carriers are mostly stationed near the European part of Russia or at the Black Sea.
    Only ones who could be a target for such a weapon in reality could be the US…

    Got me thinking… is China preparing to take Taiwan and trying to stall any potential American support with that weapon?
    Although we have yet to see if that weapon just doesn’t fall apart when it reaches the top height of its ballistic curve….

    • Why you no like U.S.? and on a similar note tell me what country you’re from so I can give you the full list of skeletons they have in their closet that probably just as bad as the U.S., if not worse.

      Comparing the dumbasses in the U.S. to the rest of the world would reveal that there are far worse countries to hate.

    • “Is China preparing to take Taiwan”?


      But probably not by going up militarily against the U.S. China has to have sufficient military capabilities to make the U.S. think twice about a fight, but also to let a retreat be available to the U.S. in order to save face.

      The more probable method is that at some point, China can say to the U.S. “Look, we have all these U.S. Treasury bills via which you owe us trillions. We’ll give them all back to you, if you simply sail away from Taiwan and don’t look back.” And at some point, that is precisely what the U.S. will do, because when it comes right down to it, the U.S. doesn’t give a damn about Taiwan anymore.

        • Besides, 17.42, borrowing to pay debts does not mean you don’t have $ at all. It’s the same thing with multimillion corporates still taking loans on buying assets. Its is not like they don’t have the $ to buy them but they don’t want to spend their own $ by using other people’s $. That’s cash flow management. Other than that, if you borrow $ from a person and that person is being arrested involving with criminal acts, will you still even return his $ to him?

        • >20:50

          China haven’t been a “factory nation” for 2 decades. The bulk of its GDP nowadays in domestic consumption and construction. Export to western nations is a mere ~10% of GDP. It’s huge, yes, but keep in mind that not all western nations will comply, and some of it will be absorbed by others taking advantage of the cheaper price.

          China holds 90% of World’s rare earth metals. Any nation cut off from it can expect complete collapse of all sectors from auto to telecommunication, and partial collapse of many others such as retail and medical care.

          Embagoing China is economic suicide. You need them. But frankly, they don’t need you.

        • No, 17:42, it’s your post that disregards politics. If China simply conquered Taiwan by force and starts a war with the US over that, of course the US would at least freeze any kind of Chinese capital in the US. And so would ALL NATO members. That would include embargoes on all chinese products. Yes, that would hurt the West tremendously in raw materials, bulk products and all the investments in factories over there being practically void. But at the same time China would suffer mass unemployment with the loss of pretty much ALL their market power. Sure Iran, N. Korea, African nations, maybe India would still buy whatever comes out of China but that isn’t nearly enough to compensate. The cut the long story short: If China goes to war with the west, it would lead to civil unrest in China itself. It would be the end of communism.

        • Your post reeks of raw ignorance.

          That’s not how modern credit works. Default on anyone, for any reason, and it’s over. The US government this day and age needs to borrow every fiscal year to pay for current expenses. The borrowed amount for revenue turnover has long grown past any margin for idiocy. Even slight increase in borrowing costs will break its back.

      • You have to factor in distance. The military assets we can field off China’s cost half way around the world is extremely limited, and will get wiped out by the 10s of thousands of land based missiles in the initial salvo.

        Distance and supply issues are still relevant today as ever, we can’t fight real wars with real nations at their doorsteps. And no, Afghan and Iraq are jokes, not real nations.

        • This is a little silly. Do you think US ships won’t see 10s of thousands of land-based missiles launched? Or course they will, as that’s a given. So then maybe you think they’ll just sit there and take it like the stoic peace-mongers they are, content to die in testament to the horrors of war?

          Many of those naval ships are equipped with extensive load-outs of cruise missiles for their aircraft, and there are even such things as Missile Carriers now, to say nothing of what submarines and missile cruisers are expected to be carrying. If China launched such a salvo, the US response would invariably be to launch a counter, decimating the Chinese coast at the very least. It would be so Pyrrhic I doubt history would ever be able to rationalize the action.

          China isn’t stupid. They are slowly siphoning concessions by pushing little by little, but they know better than to actually spark WWIII, especially on their own like this. There’s just simply nothing to gain otherwise.

    • I find irony in the fact that the only time we ever praise America in military investment is when China, Russia or any other non American friendly country invests in military too.

      Like seriously? What is it with the ‘murica boner whenever it comes to military and weapons, yet whenever Iran or such pop up with investing into the same we shout warmongers and nationalists?

    • just saying; they have the arsenal to make any country think twice. Of course, nukes are out of the question. But any military action in that region probably be condemned to high heaven by the UN regardless of China’s security council membership.

      Personally, i think its a lose-lose situation for China in the region. They need to sit down and have a time-out in the corner.

    • Nukes are out of the question… for the main reason that all the fallout and radiation (clouds) would end up landing right on japan.
      china is pushing hard to find the breaking point…proverbial dont step over the line I drew in the sand…this is a powder keg with a long fuse but it will explode…

    • @Tasche 06:34:

      Pulling out the nukes is not the best first-option, but there are less-extreme-yet-still-effective options.

      American President: “China has some new carrier-killer missiles, eh? Let’s just sneak an ‘upgrade’ into their flight-control firmware, heh-heh-heh.”

      Option A (subtle): the missiles “just happen” to narrowly miss their targets (US carriers).

      Option B: (less-subtle): the missiles detonate at launch time T minus 20.

      • The chances of these missiles actually working are pretty damn slim. Hitting a stationary target a thousand miles away is incredibly difficult, hitting a moving target a thousand miles away is down right impossible without highly sophisticated hardware and software that quite frankly, the Chinese just don’t have. The best China can do with their dongs is spray and pray.

        • >04:53

          Where did you get this stuff from? Ever heard of geosynchronous orbit? It’s so saturated with both military and civilian satellites that there’s not enough antisatellite missiles in the world to take down 0.1% of them.

          Satellites have zero trouble locating and tracking large objects like carriers. Even tracking fast moving jets via atmosphere distortion, had been considered old tech since 2 decades ago.

          The last time any carrier battlegroup got “lost” was in WWII.

        • Aircraft Carriers have already been obsolete for several decades. Modern anti-shipping missiles already have the capacity to easily destroy CAGs despite escorts. Purpose manufacturing ballistic missiles is pure propaganda, and are far less efficient then cruise missiles and torpedoes.

          Also satellites are useless locating moving oceanic vessels. Satellites as their name implies are constantly orbiting the earth, which means they spend only scant minutes overlooking parts of the ocean. Satellites are great for finding static emplacements, docked vessels, etc.

          All in all, just China making a bunch a noise about something that is useless, against a problem that already has a solution. As usual.

        • @06:37

          Would you stop pulling this stuff out of your ass? It’s embarrassing.

          China has its own satellite net for their version of the GPS system. So does Ruissa, actually, although it’s much smaller than US and China’s.

        • It’s ballistic. Do you know what that means? It means it has no way to significantly correct it’s course once launched. It’s fuel is gone, and it’s control surfaces are not large enough to do much more than keep it’s warhead pointed at the ground. It MIGHT be able to make a correction of a dozen meters or so, but that’s about it. Anything more extreme would probably send the warhead tumbling erratically.

          Simply increasing the carrier’s speed would be enough to avoid it, given the time a long-range ballistic weapon is in-route to the target. By the time the carrier has the least amount of time between launch and the missile getting to the target, the launch sites would be in range of fighter-bombers.

          Saturate the target? Then you’d have most of them destroying themselves via fratricide. Carriers are big, but not so big that you’d be able to safely target one with more than two ballistic missiles.

          This is a bluff, plain and simple. They might have a ballistic missile that hit a carrier. As long as that carrier just sits there and waits for it.

        • You’re wrong there actually. Just have 3+ satellites in the air that can guide the missile, have the ship focused on with the GPS-signal and there you go.
          Any nation that can built satellites, launch and control them and which also can built and launch ballistic missiles, ought to be able to pull it off.

    • China testing 3000kn rockets! Nice invention of 2014!!!….. If only the U.S. hadn’t created similar weapons and defenses to aforementioned weapons…. 20 YEARS AGO

      Way to show 1990’s America whose boss!!! (slow clap)

      • Yet it’s 2014 and they still haven’t developed a 100% reliable ballistic missile defense net. Don’t even bother with mobile ones, you know, the ships this missle will be pointed at.

        OMG technology save us save us.

        • That is such a massive waste of resources. If they make 100 for each and every vessel, China would not be able to maintain a level of quality that would make the return worthwhile. If even one of those fails to fire or explodes before launch, goodbye money, materials, equipment, and men.

          As we’ve all seen, China really has an issue with things breaking (read: exploding)at the worst possible moment.

    • Yes, it’s possible…In previous worldwar, the “axis of evil” lost. In next, the NEW more evil axis could win. Atent to core similarities with the previous axis, buy woth more demagogue propaganda machine.