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PS4 Sales = “4.2 Million”, Xbox One = “3 Million”


The first Christmas battle between PS4 and Xbox One already seems to have swung wildly in Sony’s favour, with year-end sales for the PS4 topping 4.2 million versus 3 million for the Xbox One.

Microsoft states that “over 3 million Xbox One consoles were sold to consumers in 13 countries before the end of 2013,” whilst Sony says it achieved 4.2 million “actual sales” of the PS4 in “over 30” countries by the 28th of December.

With the PS4 due in Japan soon whilst the Xbox One’s Japanese launch is still “some time in 2014,” a further substantial fillip in Sony favour also seems likely.

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  • Did the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 800xl, Atari 65xe, Atari 128, Nintendo, Sega Genesis 16, nintendo 64, IBM PC 25DX up to today with the Xbox360, Playstation 2 from Japan, I can tell you, Consoles suck. the little games only last 3 days to 1 1/2 months on the old RPG versions. That online stuff is much better with a MMO and a computer like the I7 with Sata3 built in. I understand those with little apartments and hard to secure areas not wanting a expensive old pc box but hay, I can play every game these game companys have till i die with the Personal Desktop Computer I custom built. No way with those.

  • Sony has Japan as extra sale boost while Microsoft got 50% of Europe where they didnt released yet to boost there sales (although many just went for a PS4 because of that fact).

    I just hope the PC ports will be decent and buy a Wii-U

  • Console gaming is dead in Japan. Don’t expect more than a few 100k units to sell. Meanwhile, xBOX sales in the West will continue to surge. If it’s that close when XBONE costs $100 more, imagine how much it will beat PS4 over time.

  • ps4 sure is sold in 53 markets, xo in 13 market, but because a lot of people don’t want to wait for official release, there are a lot of small size importers who bring both consoles to market they haven’t launched yet.

    in the end when xo finally launched in previously not officially launched yet, place the demand won’t be that big, because they got their supply through small time importer which got their xo stock from US xo stock.

    you can buy US xboxone in china, indonesia, philippine now eventhough it’s not officially launched there yet.

  • Nifty difference in phrasing.. The Xbone could be sold to retailers @ 3 million units, and sell half or less of it. While Sony states an clear ‘4,2 million actual sold’, in other words sold really to consumers, instead of just shipped off. What are the actual figures? And considering the PS4 is sold out in a lot of places apparently, and the Xbone is not in it’s just 13 markets while the PS4 is sold out in it’s 53 markets, Microfail seems to have a big problem.

      • XO is in stock becuase it is well supplied, differently from the PS4 which relies on a very difficult to find GDDR memory. Everybody who knows just a little bit about the industry knew Sony would have a hard time supplying the market with enough consoles while using this kind of memory. Having said that, it is likely Sony will grab the first place in this generation, but it is amazing that it was launched in 4x more countries than the “maligned” xbox one and still witnesses a console which is weaker from a strictly hardware point of view, and more expensive, selling so much. Just goes to show how much Sony has fallen in the general perception.

  • Everyone’s going on about the “console wars” and rooting for Sony or Microsoft, and honestly I am just entertained sitting on the sidelines over here.

    You fanboys/fangirls can keep your war. I have all three systems and a computer, and guess which systems have no games–Hint: Wii U has games, so does my computer–and won’t see much use.

  • The console war has just begun, still there is a lot of persons waiting to see what happens with the new games and probable problems in both new consoles. Remember that ps3 and xbox360 came up trhough the years with different and enhanced versions. The less sales of the Xbox are for now explained because is pricer and works at 50 hz (waiting and actualization to fix that, incredible). About the people commenting that the consoles are dead, what are you talking about? More than 3 millions for one and more than 4.5 millions for the other in only a little more than a month? Don´t forget that many people has the PS3 and Xbox360, two systems that still have a lot to offer.

  • I don’t care about either console, but I have to give my neutral analysis^^
    So, the PS4 sold 1.2 million more than the Xbone. That ain’t even THAT much. What caught my eyes in particular is that the PS4 sold in “over 30 countries”, whereas the XBone sold in “13 countries”. No matter how “insignificant” those smaller countries might be for sales… if both consoles sold in the same number of countries, sales results might look different. Statistics might show a win for Sony, but that’s only because Microsoft started with a different strategy (which a lot of people worldwide hate^^).
    I’d say there is no clear winner. BTW what happened to hardware defects on either console? Haven’t read anything for some time.

    • Consoles are dead in Japan. Expect a total of 5-6million PS4s sold in Japan, over a 10 year period.

      The smartphone and handheld market & development costs have already successfully killed off most Japanese console sales & developers.

      Sure, there’ll be another Final Fantasy, but it’ll be multiplatform and rely on international sales to avoid a massive financial loss. The same is already true for Metal Gear Solid and Dragon Quest has stuck to handheld since the DS first showed up. In fact almost anything involving a JRPG will pretty much be released on handheld, just as it was last generation, for the very same reason; development cost.

  • 360 originally sold out in Japan when they released tales of symphonia game. Doesnt mean much as there might have been hardly any stock, but this generation is all about the games available for each format, superior console means nothing.

    Sony sold 2 million ps4’s in America on launch compared to microsofts 2 million over 13 countries/launch which effectively means 1.2 million more for ps4 over 17 more countries by the end of december. If X1 releases in 17 more countries it would be closer than what die hards of either think (besides in Japan :P)

    Ps4 could win this gen (I think it will and I own a x1, planning on getting a ps4 later on)),
    but until there are some decent exclusive titles for it (no doubt as soon as the jap launch) it will be down to which console the games are made for (usually the less technically advanced) and ported over to the other (causing glitches etc).

    • less technically advanced? wtf, so what thef happens when the most powerful console, which the ps4 is, is also easier to develop for as well, because thats what a lot of developers have been saying, also the only reason most multiplatform games were developed on 360 was because eventhough the ps3 had better hardware, it was a pain to develop for

      • PS4 and Xbox One both use the X86 architecture and most games are going to be ported from the PC to the consoles.

        Just shut the fuck up man you have no fucking clue what your talking about it was the same likewise for the Xbox 360 to PC they were all downgraded ports since they both are supporting the same architecture.

        You do not need an i7 4770k with a 920x ati radeon to play games but you guys believed in the marketing campaigns so much that you forget the graphics cards in both machines are both from the mid 2009 range meaning that your GTX 650ti in your computer is more powerful than both machines.

    • 1.2 million is actually a very huge difference in number. That 1.2 million is not just a number of consoles, but a number of consumers. That means the Xbox will have a market for their games that is 1.2 million consumers lower than the ps4, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales.

      • by the million of units

        Wii 100.95
        PS3 82.29
        360 81.04

        Wii 913.45
        PS3 801.11
        360 870.22

        Wii outsold both systems by nearly 20%, yet the total number of software sold does not outnumber both systems by the same percentage. In fact by the numbers, the system which sold less hardware had more software sold per system than its two rival platforms.

        So don’t go thinking just because one system sold more hardware means it’s guaranteed to sell more software.

  • I was a huge 360 fan last gen (eventually got a PS3 mainly for blu ray), but fuck microsoft this gen, everything is wrong with the xbone. No “friends online” popups? No party chat? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM? Oh, they spent all their time sucking the dick of TV stations and on their stupid fucking Metro UI that is designed to make you want to use Kinect. Fuck them in the ass.

    360 controller is still the best controller ever though.

    • Soooo youre saying Sony represents the great and powerful East while Xbox is the West great white hope? why the hell are you trying to discriminate? who gives a fuck what company made them and where. Xenophobes like you are the reason why humanity can’t progress.

      A little bit of advice: Don’t visit the West, freedom and diversity might be a little too much for your peanut sized brain to handle. There is way too many people there that “does not look like you or talk like you” and you might not be able to take it.

    • So you fell for the marketing campaign you know Sony and Microsoft are actually working with one another.

      EVEN THEY BOTH THANKED EACH OTHER AFTER THE LAUNCH of course Sony fanboys can’t see the forest past the bush.

  • Xbone diehards have been chanting that:

    “The sales are almost even, shut up!”

    while ignoring the limited release of the PS4, and how it’s out of stock almost everywhere still.

    Might be time to hammer the final nail into the coffin..

    • Facts, funnily enough, actually matter. The PS4 is available in 53 markets, while the XO is available in 13.

      I say this as someone who owns a PS4 and not an XO, but I happen to think that facts, regardless of how inconvenient they may be, matter a lot.

      • You should know Microsoft popularity is limited to the 13 country, while PlayStation is always dominant in most countries, aside US.

        So, even Xbone is sold to the extra 40 country, it won’t make big different. Especially in China or Japan, where Xbox not popular, at all.

    • Activision, EA and AMD are the real winners of this generation.

      The most sold console games on the Xbone and the NOGAMESation is COD:Ghosts and Battlefield 4, followed by Ubisoft’s yearly Ass Creed.

      Seriously every time these 3 are released they ride the support the console 10 times, I wonder if these 3 companies are asking money to put their games on the console now.

    • Actually all of North America & Europe has PS4s, as in more countries already have PS4 for sale that BX1 does. Sony simply phrased it differently, so idiots like yourself would think available in 13 markets vs just 2 markets. And it worked.

  • When the PS4 launches in Japan the console war will be over. The Japanese don’t like Xbox, it sells what a few hundred a week? Sure the Xbox is more popular in America but Sony has the European and Japanese regions wrapped up and sells moderately well in America.

    It’s Xbox One vs Wii U for 2nd place.

        • Don;t count your chickens before it hatches, cause you just described the Console fanbase right there buddy.

          Aren’t you suppose to be attacking the Steam fanboys and defending the consolefaggots?

        • You can already download & use SteamOS. It’s just a modified linux platform. The ‘console’ is just a preconfigured system for people dumb enough to think some shitty desktop from walmart & target is going to play graphic intense games.

      • Actually the PS4 has already outsold the WiiU in Europe and is less than 60K units behind, in North America. The only reason WiiU is currently ahead is because 1.52million units were already sold in Japan.

        Here are the totals, EXCLUDING Japan.

        PS4 4.13million
        WiiU 3.73million
        XB1 2.93million

        Even with a full year head start, Nintendo has already lost. And soon even Microsoft will surpass their North American & European sales totals.

        Nintendo should have become a 3rd party console developer and relied on their handheld to generate royalties. Or partnered with Microsoft. At least then they’d still stand a chance and draw even more exclusives to their handheld. They both would have mutually benefited from such an evil union between giants.

        • On the other hand, if we include handhelds, the 3DS outsold the PS4 by a fair margin in December. đŸ˜›

          Really though, the new consoles are likely limited much more by production in the initial months of their release, so a console’s sales alone in its first months are not a very accurate indication of which will sell better in the long term, so long as their units aren’t stacking up unbought on shelves. The PS4 was released in over twice as many countries, so of course its sales should be expected to be somewhat higher, so long as they had enough units available for purchase in all those areas.

          Now, the Wii U definitely seems to lack much momentum in its sales, at least for the time being. Even in the initial months, it became apparent that it wasn’t selling quite as well as planned. Some more big game releases will definitely help, but it seems unlikely the console will come out anywhere near the top this generation. Not being in first place doesn’t mean your product is a failure though, and I’m fairly sure all three of the major console manufacturers will profit from their devices in the long term, even if some sell more units than others.

      • japan is last because America and Europe are much bigger markets and Sony couldnt afford to release the PS4 later especially with the Xbone, releasing it in the US and EU first was the best thing they did for the PS brand

        • America & Europe are larger markets because Japan’s console market has dried up.

          PS2 23.1million units
          Wii 12.7million units
          GBA 16.9million units
          NDS 33.0million units
          3DS 14.7million units

          NDS nearly outsold the PS2 & Wii’s combined figure, the two best selling platforms for their generation. And 3DS is quickly catching up.

          As for can see from total sales, the decline in total sales of the number one selling platform dropped by nearly half, while handheld sales nearly doubled. And as mentioned, the 3DS is quickly catching up to NDS sales.

          Face it, consoles are, dead in Japan. This next generation whichever console comes out ahead will be lucky if it tells a mere 10million units. Which insistently is equal to the number of GameCubes & Dreamcasts sold, most of which were considered a failure. If not for the foreign market, PS4 & WiiU would be Sony & Nintendo’s last consoles produced.

        • America & Europe are larger markets because Japan’s console market has dried up.

          PS2 23.1million units
          Wii 12.7million units
          GBA 16.9million units
          NDS 33.0million units
          3DS 14.7million units

          NDS nearly outsold the PS2 & Wii’s combined figure, the two best selling platforms for their generation. And 3DS is quickly catching up.

          As for can see from total sales, the decline in total sales of the number one selling platform dropped by nearly half, while handheld sales nearly doubled. And as mentioned, the 3DS is quickly catching up to NDS sales.

          Face it, consoles are, dead in Japan. This next generation whichever console comes out ahead will be lucky if it tells a mere 10million units. Which insistently is equal to the number of GameCubes & Dreamcasts sold, most of which were considered a failure. If not for the foreign market, PS4 & WiiU would be Siny & Nintendo’s last consoles produced.

    • Sony’s seems to be winning America, too. Retailers are swamped with unsold XB1s, while PS4 is nigh-impossible to find in stores.

      But yeah, M$ was never going to win Japan. THE iDOLM@STER was probably the biggest thing they had going over there, and now even that’s moving to Sony.

      Wii U isn’t gonna take 2nd, though, not unless it starts selling right quick. It’s been out for over a year, and XB1 is 70% of the way to catching it after just six weeks (PS4 is just about to pass it, despite supply shortages). Nintendo looks more likely to just cut bait and focus on handhelds this gen.

  • i still refuse to believe it. its not like these numbers are that hard to believe or anything, its just that I’m having a hard time trusting numbers from a source which is neither neutral on the topic and is known for constantly lying about stuff like this in the past

      • “You don’t lie about sales figures at such a large company. You just don’t. The shareholders will bring out the pitchforks at the AGM otherwise.”

        Actually Sony’s PR firm lied at least 3 times last generation, claiming to have outsold the 360 in total hardware numbers. It was not til reticently they actually did.

        In fact Sony’s PR firm lies about a lot of things, and not just video game related. It’s all part of being a large corporation. And the fact that you think a “large company” would never do that is the most idiotic thing I’ve read all day.

    • Every game that is out on the ps4 is also out on the ps3 and looks almost exactly the same. There are no next gen games out yet.

      Its like buying a brand new, super fast car. But only be able to drive it in your 20 foot driveway, while you wait for a road to be built.

    • Yeah, in terms of software this had to be one of the worst launches since the Sega Saturn. Hardware sales are strong only because it’s been the longest gap between generations since the 8bit era.

    • You still have to buy the consoles to play the games, buying now or buying later is no different except buying now, you’ll get to own, see and put it on below/beside yer TV, right away.

      Unless you want to wait two years for possible price drop, and don’t play any next gen games for 730 days.. and I expect during this 2 years of waiting time, many games will be released, so you’ll miss them and only play it when everyone move to the next new games.

        • WOW so when are they being released? FFXV not this year since they are focusing on FFXIV: the Realm Reborn. Kingdom Hearts 3? So you want me to buy the next gen console for games that probably coming out on PC now + they aren’t even out yet so where are they?

          MGSV is coming out on PC so what again?

        • I see you have a gaming PC. I thought you only have the last gen console.. so my wording of ‘next gen’ will make more sense in that aspect.

          Anyway, the list your given is currently released consoles game, do you think that is it? Forget about the already announced Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Heart 3? Uncharted 4? Halo 5?

          You see, this is just the beginning, and even more consoles exclusive games will come out in the PS4/X1 7 years life cycle, that you PC gamer will miss. Just like in PS3/Xbox360 era.

          I am primarily PC gamer, and yet I know I’ll need consoles if I don’t want to miss all the console exclusive.

      • Which only makes a difference if we happen to give a tumbling fuck about anyone else when it comes to games. We’ll just catch up with the other great games already out and then get them later on, save some money, and enjoy them the same way everyone else does, just a year later. No difference, just time.

        • Currently, yes. But in future, there will be real exclusive.

          I don’t think its stupid to buy it now, because it an investment for the future, which based on consoles track record, the exclusives will come out eventually. They own some of the best developers around, after all.

        • 19:09

          I disagree, consoles, especially from Sony’s side have tons of exclusive in past in which is not available on PC. To name a few.

          Metal Gear Solid, Demon Souls, God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Sly Cooper, Infamous, Tales Series, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Beyond: Two Souls and so on.

          Most jRPG is not available on PC too.

          And I expect the same type of pattern happen on PS4/X1, buying those two is the only way to play exclusive games.

        • All the games are coming the PC at the moment, unless you like playing EA sports games, Dead Rising 3, a shitty halo clone or even the 2 best “real car” arcade simulator there is 0 reason to get one.

          Everything else is on the PC and free to play with other people without adding another bill to your internet.

          There are practically no real exclusives coming out that isn’t released in the past generation or the current one and even the must sought after one.

    • Not really bad news for Lowie and the Wii U.

      Microsoft has got the America market on strangle hold, they are selling more Xbox ones than PS4

      Sony has the European market on stranglehold, the only thing they got is Japan..

      It wont be long till Sony and Microsoft push Nintendo out of the market unless they both implode first.

      PS4 and Xbox One are both 1st and 2nd in those markets and only 3 multiplat games are actually carrying them…

        • I’m sure you can’t read that is for certain here I print them for you.

          AT 28th of Decemeber

          PS4 USA: 175k, Europe: 209k
          Xbox one USA: 203k Europe: 70k

          Seems you haven’t mastered basic maths 203 is a bigger number than 175 what did they teach you at school 1+1 = window cause that’s what im reading here from your stupid comment

        • Actually according to VGCHARTZ PS4 has a .19million unit advantage in the States. A .77 million unit advantage in Europe. And a .24 million unit advantage in other territories. PS4 is ahead in all markets, according to them. Thou as of this moment, that advantage is not all that significant.

  • I don’t care how many they sell, I’m not getting either one for another year or two… least by then hopefully have a lot of games out for it (rather than a few measly launch titles), fixed any bugs/issues they’re having, and HOPEFULLY reduced the price a bit. Cause right now neither console is worth the price

      • What I find funny is why people still think that you can only buy 1 thing ever when it costs like nothing to get every console and a PC if you actually got off your lazy ass and did work.

        • Let me see if your argument holds true.

          Console 399
          Games 50 bucks, no sales for new games have 10 games released
          Controller 60
          Internet for a year 50

          so with basic maths skills which I acquired from going to school here are the results.

          400 + 500 + 60 + 50 = 1110 also why not add 50 bucks for a camera as well 1160 with a continuing cost of 50 bucks a year for the internet.

          so why are you paying 1160 for a console setup when you could get the equilavent right now. Even Bioshock Infinite ran pretty crap on the 360 and PS3 and that’s suppose to push it to the limit.

          To get a computer now probably the same cost even lower if you shop around, any video card over 200 bucks is just as powerful as what you get in the new systems nice try and you could even pay the computer shop 50 bucks to assemble it and still be ahead !!

      • Maybe because it’s easier to hook up to our big ass led tv and play it while slouching on the sofa, not worrying even one bit by mundane questions such as “Hey wait, i think i need to upgrade my memory first” or what not. And hey, putting the next gen consoles side by side with our home theater system is kinda sexy nowadays. But then again of course, everyone has their preferences.

        • How is that a fucking argument now? its been proven that both PS4 and Xbox One has video card not even past mid 2009 range.

          The reason why the games run so well cause they have to compenstate and don’t say the latest games run soooooooo well on the PS3 I played bioshock infinite on the console and it ran like shit bugs everywhere, choppy animation and so forth so much for your latest game on the ps3.

        • Oh look, it’s a dead horse. Let’s beat it.

          The age of upgrading PCs every 2 years is just as dead as Moore’s law. Computing power no longer grows exponentially, and 5+ year old mid-range hardware is fully capable of running pretty much anything you can throw at it today. Modern PCs are faster than what most videogame genres need. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a game released in the next 10 years that won’t run well on a $800 PC built today.

          [quote]Maybe because it’s easier to hook up to our big ass led tv and play it while slouching on the sofa,[/quote]
          Easier? Attaching an HDMI to a PC is just as easy as attaching an HDMI to a console. The same goes for adding wireless controllers.

        • you know how much a video card costs? a quarter of the price of a console.

          + the new consoles have video cards which were the latest in mid 2009. They haven’t got the latest tech in there.

          Your argument is only valid if you can’t put 2 pieces of lego blocks together which you obviously can’t as well as get a grade 1 A grade in maths which you haven’t got either.

        • True that, and recently I find myself scratching my head because my PC start to show its age and I have to buy a new graphic card to continue playing games. Which is never the case with PS3, I still can play without additional cost even after 7 years.

      • 800K of those were in the US alone, don’t act as thou the sales were even remotely equally distributed throughout those 13 countries. And PS4 also had all of North America release day, it was not a single country either.

        • So did Xbox One a week later they had the systems ready but of course none of you can see that I give up be a sonyigger and a xbot that’s what they want you to be.

          Drive into the hype instead of being a proper fence sitter next your gonna tell me that one system is better than the other when they both came out of the same factory and if one was more powerful you bet an AMD leak would of told us that already.

    • You should know in the extra 35-13 = 22 country, which is the rest of the world, prefer Sony consoles over Microsoft..

      Even if Microsoft step their game and try to sell more to the 22 country, it will be futile.

      Don’t forget Xbox dominant place is US, and in Europe it was even with PlayStation, but in most country especially in Asia region, Xbox is almost non existence.

      • You should also know that Sony and Microsoft are both working together since everything came out are almost the exact same bar 2 titles.

        They are both working to push Nitendo out of the market and even then Valve is coming into the picture.

        • They are, you can see it if you sit on the fence. None of the 2 companies have made direct or indirect hits on each other nor have they made fun of each other.

          Even with the Releases both Sony and Microsoft congratulate each other on there equivalent sales another sign they are working with each other yet none of you guys can see it even if the evidence is right in front of you.

          Not even in e3, Microsoft couldn’t of stuff up e3 but they changed their policy to keep Sony in the game, why? They also make some money off of the Console that sell as well and if Sony is still in At least they would sell some Consoles from Multiplats if people prefer the kinect Media Station over the PS4.

        • I doubt Sony and Microsoft work together..

          I also don’t really like the idea of Nintendo pushed out from the competition, because big N is the reason why there is so many innovation in gaming.

          From bringing gaming industry out from destruction, to the button (analog, D-pad), 3D action adventure (Zelda Ocarina of Time), touch screen gaming, and 3D gaming, all was done by Nintendo.

          If Nintendo die, we’ll play the games the same way as we play now, forever. We need the little mad scientist on our side to experimenting on how to make gaming, even better.

      • Also you should know Sony and Microsoft are working with one another since the consoles are similar and both are sharing similar patents trying to push Nintendo out of the console race.

        and both of them are succeeding very well but you know after all the similar campaigns and messages you haven’t seen one article that Sony made has a direct attack on Microsoft and vice versa.