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“Groping,” “Peeping” & “Sex” Top Teacher Sacking Charts


“Indecent activity” is the number one reason for Japanese teachers losing their jobs, according to official government statistics detailing the 2012 antics of the nation’s hentai teachers (or those unlucky enough to get caught at any rate), shocking – although perhaps not surprising – many.

According to the latest public statistics for the 2012 educational year, disciplinary dismissals for sexual offences (which may or may not have resulted in criminal charges as well – although generally not it would seem) increased to 119, along with 35 suspensions and 11 pay sanctions.

A grand total of 186 teachers managed to make their antics so indiscrete as to defy a cover-up, and, needless to say, the offenders were overwhelmingly male – all but 2, in fact.

The most dangerous teachers were those in their fifties and sixties, with 60 dismissals reported, although once adjusted to take into account the relative populations of teachers it was those in their twenties who were most likely to be sacked.

JKs were apparently their prey of choice – 68 of the teachers were placed at high schools, 60 at middle schools and 49 at elementary schools. 9 took it upon themselves to misbehave at special schools.

49.4% of the sexual indiscretions recorded were against pupils, 18.3% against other staff, and 20.4% against common civilians, putting those merely visiting or working at Japanese schools in almost as much danger of being sexually victimised as those forced to attend them.

Although the statistics helpfully conflated “sexual harassment” with actual cases of sexual assault and illicit relationships betwixt teachers and students, only 4 of the teachers sacked were involved in anything so comparatively minor.

What exactly these teacher were doing to the schoolgirls subjected to their care was also made clear in the statistics – 59 were gropers, 40 were peekers, and 35 were disciplined for actual sexual activity.

Standout highlights of the year include a 52-year-old teacher who treated his elementary school pupils as a virtual harem, making 6 of them kiss him in the gym and having one poor girl kiss him several times a week for a year before finally being rumbled.

Another 52-year-old (and perhaps familiar) teacher twice touched up one of his JCs in his car, and then had sex with her mother.

A particularly unfortunate case is that of a 25-year-old teacher whose “personal tuition” of one of his 17-year-old JKs blossomed into an intimate relationship, apparently with the approval of both her and her parents, only to be reported to the authorities by a jealous classmate – although in this case he did at least manage to escape prosecution.

All this has aroused a lot more than just comment it would seem:

“Do they really all become teachers because they are lolicon?”

“They need to stop giving teaching qualifications to any old pervert who wants one.”

“Just think of all those teachers you see marrying former students.”

“Why do you think they became teachers? My old home room teacher said as much – and he married a former pupil.”

“Where is Agnes when you need her?”

“Japanese teachers are even more dangerous to girls than American soldiers.”

“I was chatting with a teacher friend at a bar and he mentioned he was constantly hard throughout his PE lessons…”

“Teachers = sex criminals.”

“This lot is the tip of the iceberg considering how few get punished.”

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