Zelda Musou: “Nintendo Has Sunk To Rock Bottom!”

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Nintendo’s unveiling of “Zelda Musou,” the latest entry into the massive cookie-cutter Dynasty Warrior franchise, has been the cause of some consternation with those concerned about Nintendo’s post-Wii slide into mediocrity.

The game, due in the summer of 2014 for the Wii U, has been revealed by way of a trailer:

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Massive derision has been the response:


“I thought this was just some weak joke but they actually did it!”

“Nintendo must really be struggling to be releasing a Dynasty Warriors title, the lowest level of action game.”

“This is the worst combination possible.”

“First Mario dies, now Zelda. Nintendo won’t last long if they keep sacrificing their top titles.”

“The best Nintendo’s elite graduates could come out with is this?”

“This title just exemplifies Nintendo’s decline.”

“Won’t the foreigners love this one!”

“Actually I quite want to play this one.”

“I’m sick of these damn lawnmower games.”

“Please stop this.”

“Have they really fallen this far?”

“What next, Pikmin Musou?”

“Pokemon Musou might work…”

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