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Japan Plans “Marines, Drones & Carriers”


Japan has announced a 5 year plan to rearm itself which sees it acquiring its own marines, drones and F-35s in response to the massive military buildup on the mainland.

Japan’s newly unveiled “national security strategy” (or more accurately, its “beat China by ourselves when the US abandons us” strategy) features a modest 2.6% increase in military spending over the next 5 years compared to the 10% year on year increases China has been busying itself with in recent years.

Of more significance than this paltry increase is what Japan intends to spend it on – for the first time, the self defence forces will establish a unit of marines capable of amphibious assaults on islands, supplemented by drones, stealth fighters in the form of 28 F-35s, and even 17 of the hated Osprey.

The navy also gets two new destroyers and five new subs, and, of course, the rest of its “escort destroyers” – which it surely has no intention of using to launch its new F-35s.

A redeployment of additional Japanese forces from Hokkaido to Okinawa and a promised re-evaluation of the ban on the joint-development and exports of military systems round out the plan.

Notably however, anti-missile systems are absent from the plan, as is a “first-strike” capable force – for now at least.

China as usual consider all this a sign of rampant Japanese nationalism with no possible connection to its own actions:

“Japan’s unreasonable criticism of China’s normal maritime activities and its hyping up of the China threat has hidden political motives.”

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  • Once again the majority of people commenting are completely clueless.

    The general lack of understanding in politics, economics, and warfare is stunning.

    There’s more talk about history and how the Chinese bear such a grudge to start a war to eliminate one of their largest trading partners. Of course that’s coming from people who’ve obviously never spoken to mainland Chinese citizens about this.

    There’s talks about launching nukes again, a weapon that some still believe to be so effective when the world has known about them for around 70 years.

    One of the smarter comments that talked about how in the case of an unlikely war, just how quickly China could dominate the situation is voted as a bad comment.

    Someone even thinks the Chinese would go financially bankrupt over a modern war that would be realistically decided in around a week.

    If you people are so uninformed just stick to Anime; something that you follow with far more attention.

  • You morons, you don’t need that crap, you only need to purchase shitloads of nuclear weapons and then drop them all on China. Nuclear war – Easy, cheap and fast. Order now and we’ll extend the suffering from radiation damage.

  • It’s not very likely that any major nations would come to blows in the foreseeable future. China makes it’s money off of the USA, so they don’t want to piss them off. War between powerful countries is now done through economics and intelligence. the world’s nations are much more symbiotic than they were even 75 years ago, even African nations with a GDP less than a 7/11 are vital sources of raw resources for computer parts. But as it stands right now, Japan is a bit of a sitting duck. they know that they won’t have a military capable of winning wars, but it’s at least a comfort to them, that they could hold out for a while until support arrives. But yeah, all the nations of the world realize that WW III is a bad idea.

  • My feeling is they’ll never really go to war until there’s nothing more to loose. For example if Japan government has learnt that they WILL sink in to the ocean in the next few months, they will definitely start a war without any doubt, as last resort. Alternatively China will never start war with Japan simply because it hurts the economy more than anything else. Unless major political changes occurred and a military campaign is absolutely necessary. The two countries are very dependent on each other in many aspects despite people might think otherwise. Meanwhile the involvement of USA further complicates this issue. Bottom line – Japan’s using USA to gain diplomatic advantage over China, which suits US need. Mean while China hates Japan and US for these disruptions but can not do anything until the very last card has been played out. At the end of the day, nobody wants to loose business. This isn’t just about resource and war, it’s more on the money side.

    Mean while, let’s watch out for some great shows coming up 2014.


    • Big Money controls the world. US never truly elects any official, as the winner is always someone who is backed by money. There is no poor elected official, at least at the State level or higher.

    • No, they should have never ‘returned’ the islands to Japan to begin with. They already knew there were oil deposits there and ‘gave it back’ anyway. Which was a very shortsighted decision, by a bunch of idiots not yet feeling the effects of the emerging 1970s oil crisis.

      “Following the 1968 discovery of potential undersea oil reserves in the area and the 1971 transfer of administrative control of the islands from the United States to Japan, the latter’s sovereignty over the territory is disputed by both the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC, commonly known as Taiwan).”

  • Let’s see the good side, if they’re attacked, they’ll probably have an unsuspected great army in the form of all of these survival gamers who are, for most of them, better equiped than the jgsdf itself, all they have to do is give them rifles and a little trainning, they’re already used to military tactics and guerilla.

    Also speending a little money on develloping new Kuratas models could be a good idea…

  • It’s to be expected, isn’t it? The constant shit moves by China as of late sort of spurred this on.

    Now China is sitting there saying “Japan has hidden political motives!” is like a kid pushing another and then getting upset when they finally get pushed back.

    “But I didn’t do any thing! Why would they be so mean to me?!”

    • Erm, dude for one- Japan was awful and still has not properly apologized for what they did to the Chinese in WW2 (they dropped freaking fleas with bubonic plague for christ sake on China)

      Also the only child which is having a tantrum at another child pushing them. Is America. China has done nothing different to how America behaves (along with America, deliberately encircling them). American bullying is all the Chinese doing. Yet when China do it, they more awful then everyone else. The whole identification zone that was created by them, is an American idea that they created for all the asian nations or at least Japans to encircle China.

      So sorry but I could care less about China pushing back. They been getting pushed and encircled for ages. What I care more about, is that America will just throw another region into chaos.

      • We shouldn’t give a crap about China. We should continue our policy of Western dominance. China already has a shitload of natural resources, and the only real reasons they want these islands is to troll Japan; and distract the Chinese citizens (who have been demanding more and more government reforms) by appealing to their sense of anti-Japanese fervor.

        If not for the US’s intervention, China and/or the Soviet Union would have conquered Japan after WWII, and the anime industry would not even exist.

        Sometimes you need to just drop political correctness, because our natural enemies will not show such mercy towards us.

    • Yeah because Japan “did nothing” to China…. Just raped the hell out of the whole mainland, practiced genocide, torture and human experiments on them… you know, just “nothing” to get “upset” about…

    • IMO, china still holds a grudge towards Japan because of what they did during WW2 and china is looking to get back at Japan.

      The problem is Japan is now a peaceful country, if china attack now, they’d look like the bad guys.

      That’s why china is bullying and flexing their military muscular might, they want a reason to attack Japan.

      It’s a provocation from china’s part, nothing new.

    • The only move China’s putting on is helping Japan bankrupt itself. The F-35 and Ospreys are the most expensive failures produced by the military industrial complex to date.

      China’s spending cents on the dollar for stuff they make in house, while Japan buy American castoffs to line the pockets of corporations.

      F-35 is a jack of all trades that managed worse specs air to air compared to both the F-22 that it’s supposed to replace and the new chinese stealth fighter. Air to ground, it’s worse than the A-10, which it’s also supposed to replace.

      The crash prone Osprey fares no better. It’s supposed to boast high cruise speeds of a fixed wing aircraft and takeoff of a chopper. But in the 3 decades since its inception, conventional chopper speeds caught up. Now, it’s only 10% faster than conventional choppers the chinese use, while far more expensive to build and maintain. In a few more years, that edge will probably be gone.

      The Americans bankrupted the Soviet Union in their arms race because of different economics systems. It happened despite the wastes and inefficiencies of the military industrial complex, not because of it.

      • Ospreys are no longer crash-prone due to re-engineering. The main advantage of Osprey is the range, which choppers do not have, since even though they can be fast, they waste too much fuel just hovering which could be better spent on forward motion.

        I’m not an Osprey fanatic, I’m just stating facts.

      • Yeah, the F-35 has nothing to do with the F-22. The F-22 is a dedicated air superiority fighter and appears to be pretty fearsome based on what is publicly known and coming along well considering it is still early in it’s life cycle. Nearly every complex aircraft in history had several years of problems to work out and the F-22 is no different. Pilots of the F-22 often remark that it makes things too easy and boring and in simulated combat single F-22 often destroy groups of 4-5 F-15s, with the F-15 being the dominant air superiority fighter of the last generation with a kill ratio of over 100 enemies down to zero loses. The main draw back is the price.. oh sweet jebus the price.

        • Sure, and the Pentagon still can’t say what will work in actual combat (Which the F-22 has been in… when, exactly? Flying CAP over battlefields full of Taliban peasants who have no Air Force doesn’t count) until it happens. Remember Rumsfeld and his “unknown unknowns”? One thing that never changes is the Pentagon’s penchant for overconfidence, test-rigging, self-delusion, and bullshit.

        • I can’t believe you’re comparing the Phantom to the Raptor, R&D methodology have gone through multiple generations since then.

          The Raptor has been proven in numerous exercises and actual combat.

        • What? How dare you doubt that anything Uhmerican isn’t the best in the whole world. We’ve got the best police system. The best health care system. The best financial system. The best national security system. I bet you’re a left wing terrorist sympathizer who just doesn’t love Uhmerica’s friidums. We’re gonna find whatever pathetic poor ass backwards (i.e. UN-UHMERCAN) country YOU live in, declare democracy on it, and bumb the shit outta YA, until you start lovin UHMUHRCA with all your buttcheeks. So you better watch out cuz Uhmerica #1 Uhmerka #Uhmurka 1 UH UH UHHHH. WEHHR CUMMIN TO GET YOU

        • On paper, and in (often-rigged) exercises, the F-22 mops the floor with everything out there. And on paper, and in (often-overly optimistic) exercises, the Phantom mopped the floor with everything out there in its day. And then Vietnam happened, and things didn’t quite work out that way in real life. Yes, the Phantom was still superior, but nowhere near as superior as the Americans thought it would be, and the US military took horrendous losses in the skies over North Vietnam. No, really: there were F-105 units that had pilot loss rates of 70% and loss rates for aircraft that went *over* 100% – meaning they lost every airframe they showed up to fight with and a good chunk of the replacements, too. Because that’s what happens in real war: it starts, and things immediately begin *not* going the way they went on paper.

          As for the F-15’s kill record, the vast majority of that is the US and/or Israel against Arab armies, which are total jabronis at conventional warfare. Especially in a prestigious area like flying fighters, where getting accepted for a slot has always been about connections and nepotism. So no, sorry, I’m not overly impressed there.

      • I see you are misinformed. The F-35 is not meant to replace the F-22, as neither is yet operational. We are keeping the A-10 for now, and the Osprey is actually horrible. As for the F-35 being an expensive failure, you’ll note that Japan is better off with that than their outdated aircraft, and it will surely be subsidized by US taxpayers. We do love our allies. As for me, the only complaint I have toward the military industrial complex is that I’m forced to wear UCP, which is the most awful camo ever to be made in the history of mankind.

        • @17:52

          Radar profile for the Chinese fighter has been published, and it’s the same size as F-22, far smaller than F-35, despite being physically larger.

          Radar range for the Chinese stealth fighter has not been published, but F-35’s 150km detection range of 1 meter sized object is anything but impressive. The Russian stealth fighter’s radar range is published though, and it’s 300km for 1 meter object, twice as much as F-35. Every major nation already has 4th generation fighters with radar range far outdistancing the F-35, whose designers had to compromise in order to get ground coverage.

        • Considering the F-35 is a jack of all trade, I remind that it is not just trying to replace but also adds stealth and a radar that won’t be matched by its competitor whose still having trouble making a domestic engine and has to get it from the Russians. Neither stealth or radar quality will be published for their full specs, what should be noted is if Japan will make their own drones or work with allies to bolster new projects.

          There isn’t just America to look for in military or economics. Theres Australia with huge gas and oil deposits just in the neighbourhood. What about Germany whose just entered the drone market and has also been making ships for awhile. How about that little place thats a beachhead size thing called Israel notorious for their computer programming and drones?

        • F-35 is a mess. In every role that it’s supposed to take over in, it’s inferior to earlier specialized aircraft. Modern warfare is all about specialization, there is no place for jack of all trades.

          F-22 is still the gold standard. The only reason the chinese stealth fighter is able to match its specs for cents on the dollar is by narrowly focusing on air to air. They’ve got the right idea.

        • The F-35 isn’t a bad aircraft is just very expensive for what it is since it tries to be a jack of all trades.

          They should have produced both the Lockheed and Boeing Joint strike fighter designs and optimized them for different roles.

      • Back up with facts please, thank you. All you’re doing is spewing garbage that you heard from someone or from something you read, with no facts to back it up. What you don’t seem to understand is that most of the smack talk against the osprey is from 1. People who just want Americans out of Japan or 2. Retired military that are pissed that their investments were screwed up when the U.S. decided to use and order more of the osprey. Never trust what ex-military says publicly about any type of vehicle, they can’t while in service, but once they get out, they can and will use their knowledge to invest, so they try to alter public view however they can, but never back up what they say with facts as documents have “conveniently” disappeared, or that they couldn’t tell the truth early because they were “forced to stay in service to keep thier mouth shut.”

      • China’s building stealth drones, which just so happens to carry onboard charges that can be used for either self destruction of sensitive equipment or last ditch kamikaze attack. The irony there…

        Drones are smaller and takes far less effort and cost to make stealth. Once radar cross section shrinks down to bird sized, stealth is achieved.

        The cost of production and maintenance is also far lower.

        The Chinese are spending cents on the dollar while Japan buys overpriced American products of failed projects like Osprey. You’d think they’ll be better off developing their own drones instead.

      • While you are correct that it would be a rip off of the kamikaze methods, the fact is China has more than enough troops to do that. However it doesn’t matter because China doesn’t spend as remotely as much on military as the United States does. Japan is right behind the US in military spending so that should give you some idea just how much of a difference between the military might of the Japanese in comparison to the Chinese.

        • Oh look an uninformed idiot who is making up shit about which he knows noting about.

          The Top 5 counties by military spending are

          1 United States 682.0 Billion a year
          2 China 166.0 Billion a year
          3 Russia 90.7 Billion a year
          4 United Kingdom 60.8 Billion a year
          5 Japan 59.3 Billion a year

 you can look it up yourself on this website here, and not bull bullshit out of your ass next time.

  • 28 F-35s? America has some gullible customers; those things are overpriced like crazy!(and have very high maintenance costs) They would be WAAAAAAAY better off buying older jets and simply equipping them with new gear.(that would still be better than most of China’s stuff)

  • my question is can the land of Otaku put up a fight against China?

    Chinese troops are put through toughest and most realistic training available, while Japs soldiers read Girls Und Panzer as a manual for combat and their minds are too infested with out of this world mechs.

    • Worthless? F-22s are the only fighters that match air to air specs of the new chinese stealth fighter, while the F-35s will get swatted out of the sky.

      Developing the F-22 may have been costly, but they’re still the best even today, far superior air to air than the POS jack-of-all-trades F-35. That’s the reason they’re selling F-35s instead of the F-22s, which are now out of production and slated to be retired until the brass realized just how bad the F-35s are.

      What do Osprey and F-35 have in common? They’re both expensive failures, which are now being unloaded to Japan to offset development costs.

      • f-22 was way overpriced, but mainly cuz they only built 120 or so of them. If they had sold some to their better allies that respected the US copyright then the price would have been allot lower.

        As for the f-35, it was never intended to be a air superiority fighter, it was meant to be a fighter bomber like the old f-111 or super hornets.

        original idea was to have front line troops armed with f-22 and f-35 while reserve or second line troops have f-16, f-15 and f-18’s(possibly f-35’s depending on costs).

  • If something hapens again, I hope the world learns its lesson this time and drop nukes on those fucking island monkeys until their god-forsaken island gets reduced to radioactive cinders and nothing different than the pieces of charcoal made of their charred bodies remain standing.

    • Er, one of the most common uses of military forces is for emergency relief efforts. My father was a military engineer and he was deployed around the world to help with relief efforts after natural disasters. The military can mobilise manpower in hours where it takes civilians days or weeks.

      Oh, and drones were used at Fukushima since day one to monitor the situation.

  • For country size to expenditure ratio, Japan actually spends more money on military than China and given that they have been spending the same amount years before China even began increasing its spending (since all these data are measured in USD that may lead to an offset in exchange rate/PPP). Also real values > percentages (also in economics which tend to give the unsuspecting masses the impression of an oncoming threat even when it might not e.g. 10% of 1mil is just 100k instead of 10% to 10mil which is 1mil; 900k difference)

    • ummm, china is now #2 economy so 10% is a hell of a lots of money. and that is supposing 10% is really 10%, those are china’s figures not facts.

      China builds a purpose made air force base with multiple runways bunkered hangers for the fighters and different bunkers for amo and c3. there is an electic fence, guard posts and a minefield. Guess what, the mines, the fighters, the sam’s, the ammo and the paypackets of the air force who take over after it is all finnished are the only things on the military budget. Building the whole shebang is on a state infrastructure fund, the same one that builds hospitals lol.

      air base was only an example to show how they game the system, and the real reason thier neighbours are nervous. No one knows how much china is actually spending, but it isn’t 10%!

      • @ anon 6:32 18/12/2013
        I’ve been to many parts of mainland China, they have visible jet fighters at every non international airport (pretty sure they have some at the international ones also, just not visibly there).

        Also from what I’ve heard also is they have already stolen American Stealth Tech. here’s some links:

        China now, is as much, if not more, of a world power than the U.S.S.R. was. But They are not trying to fall by going into the Cold war trap that Russia had against the U.S. I doubt they are going to match the U.S. budget spending any time in the near future. They are taking advantage of their economic growth to get as much info/technological patents from the influx of tech companies that have come flooding in since they opened itself up to “Capitalism”. Their Schools are not structured to nurture Creativity, as much as it is structured to memorize (much like how the west in starting to structure it’s schools, for the poorer regions anyways)…think I should stop there as I can go on forever about this stuff.

    • Just think for one moment, if they wiped japan off the map, the game industry would consist solely of first person shooters and consoles that will IMPLODE the week after they are bought. And i’m sure nobody would want that.

      In addition, all manga and anime production would stop, causing tons of people to either:
      1. Rage on the internet
      Two. Rage in the streets
      C. Spiral into a deep depression
      IV. Actually do something useful with their lives or
      5. Start watching american series/movies
      And unless you’re an extreme sadist, these are things you don’t want :p

    • It’s called ‘deterrence’. The more losses China has to suffer to invade Japan, the less likely they are to invade them.

      (This was also what kept Switzerland out of World War II. They were surrounded on all sides by the Axis, which was much larger than them, but taking Switzerland would cost a ridiculous number of casualties so despite Hitler’s wanting to get rid of those pesky Swiss, they were never invaded.)

  • China owns the moon now.

    Soon, China will build a colony there and turn it into a death star armed with nuclear missiles, capable of targeting every country on earth.

    All the earthly matters of little Japan and big Murrica throwing a shitfit because they cannot stand to watch a rival power rising that they have considered so long to be populated by inferior lifeforms, gets irrelevant when China becomes the celestial empire that she is fated to be.

    When China colonizes space, she will leave those island apes and fat burgers behind on an irradiated earth without any natural resources. Maybe she will have mercy and nuke the rest, while watching the show from far away Mars and Titan.

  • Japan is still an one-bomb country.

    No matter if Japan acquires thousands of nukes one day, a few dozen Chinese nukes, and Japan is no more.
    Thousand nukes or so can be easily absorbed by China without even a dent in their population and infrastructure.

    And considering that China is building two more carriers, as well as expanding their airforce and navy – not in the tiny numbers like a few dozen like Japan, but rather in the dimension of hundreds, Japan will still stand no chance without the US.

    In general, China’s recent military maneuvers and assertiveness is less targeted at Japan, whom China merely considers to be a dog of the US without their own will and political freedom of action, but it is targeted against the USA.

    China and the USA are in a great-power rivalry – Japan is just a spoiled little child who throws a tandrum and wants to be taken serious while the big boys play.

    • Your scenario would go like this: china nukes japan, america nukes china, while the initial blasts would be of comparatively insignificant size, the danger of nukes lies not in the blast, but in the aftermath. The end result: the entire human race dies due to radioactive waste being spread everywhere. Nobody wins.

      • It’s not the bombs or radiation that kill you. Radioactive waste is mostly contained to the blast sites. There will certainly be a global rise in cancer rates, but a few km away from the blast zone would be inhabitable in just a few years. Remember Hiroshima? There are people living there right now.

        This is a small consolation through, since a nuclear war would cause an artificial ice age for at least a few decades, which will completely destroy all crops and cause a massive famine the likes of each we’ve never seen before. Soviet era predictions put the death toll globally at at least 90% in the following year, and that’s the conservative estimate.

    • That is cute, you think that Japan would need a nuke to beat the Chinese. A large scale war would be enough to bankrupt China, they can have has many numbers as they want but deploying them would cost big time! No seriously Japan has advanced missile detection systems that easily match up to the US capabilities if not surpassing them entirely so maybe Japan isn’t as tough as the US but they could destroy Chinese nukes before they left Chinese airspace and the fall out would be catastrophic. What we are observing is the beginnings of a war and as much as the US could police it, I’d rather see Japan and China duke it out because Japan has the lead militarily and financially.

      Stop thinking that just because China is a bigger land mass that they somehow have an advantage. That just makes them a bigger target.

      And yes, a war between the US and China would yield similar results. China would lose.

      • >needing destructive nukes
        >actually firing a single shot
        >not pulling all manufacturing contracts
        >not consuming all their natural resources
        >not turning them into the next North Korea
        >not insighting a civil war

        hahaha, do you faggots even know how warfare works? sun tzu is laughing from the grave.

      • The problem here is their resources. While china could send (exemple ) 100 low quality missiles japan would have only 1/3 of the necessary interceptors(though of better quality). Though if Usa were to join jap side that problem would be solved.

      • >Bankrupt
        >War Economy

        You dont know shit about how a real war looks like.

        In a real war, not the ones the US are fighting by shooting goat herders, a whole economy turns into a war-machine over night, without any resemblence of capitalist financial and market economies.

        Money plays no role anymore, but only production and industrial capacity, as well as manpower.

        All of these things, China has in abundance, while Japan will quickly meet her demise after a couple of Chinese missiles hit their nuclear plants.

        Result: Overwhelming victory for China after just a week, whith Japan humbled as they should for losing against people they considered to be subhumans.

        America stays out, because they are too pussy, as seen by the recent indicent where a chinese landing ship could force out an american Aegis Cruiser.

    • The thing is: 70-80% of Chinese poulation LIVES AND WORKS on absurdly populated cities (near the litoral). A few nukes there and the often FORGOTTEN if not ABANDONNED 30-20% of the population will live free of its government…..

      • Protip: They cant.

        China just recently aquired the technology of the Russian Iskander missiles, and produce those under the designation DF-12 for their own use.

        These missiles are designed to wreck american missile defense systems due to their unpredictable flight path, terminal evasive maneuvers and self-employed countermeasures.
        These missiles are literally impossible to intercept, which is why Russia is now stationing them in Kaliningrad to target the Polish NATO missile defense.
        China has those on the eastern coast facing the Miyako islands and their missile defense radars stationed there.

        In the first moment of war, China will unleash a barrage of 1700 Short and medium range ballistic missiles, as well as several hundred cruise missiles to take out everything from missile defense radars to air-bases and airports, as well as military harbours.
        Chinese submarines will conduct offensive mining operations and fill everything within the first island chain with advanced bottom rising self homing rocket mines, while Chinese warships will conduct offensive air-defense operations to down the Japanese air assets in the area.
        Chinese marines and paratroopers will land on the Senkaku islands, as well as Okinawa and turn these two islands into area control fortifications, basing further missiles, SAM and aircrafts there.
        US carriers in the area are quickly detected by China’s already large and extensive space surveillance network, as well as over-the-horizon radars and UAVs, and taken out by barrages of anti-ship ballistic missiles and air-launched supersonic cruise missiles.

        America can nuke China, but they have already lost all of their power projection assets in asia. And thinking of the US economy, as well as the economy of Japan, both countries will give up and accept the Asia Pacific as China’s immediate sphere of influence, acknowledging China’s Monroe Doctrine.

        Japan has no chance. They should have kneed down decades ago and beg the Chinese for forgiveness – but instead, they have chosen the path of revisionism and containment. Japan will pay.

        • Hey, moron, China has nukes too. And it takes a lot less than 3000 to reduce American population to pre-colonial era levels.

          Please seek treatment for your diarrhea of the mouth before it ruins the neighborhood.

        • Right, because American missile can’t ever get through the great chinese missile defense. About 3000 nuclear warheads all in 200 kt range exploding over china has ‘no effect’ on chinese population.

          HAHAHAHA dumb ch!nk. If the nuclear warheads don’t do the job, our NBC armed forces will. Remember how Beijing got raped more than 3 times by outside invasion?

          Blast and Radiation alone will kill at least 700 million, not to mention aftereffects of the climate change, environmental disruption, out of control fires all over the country, poisoned soil and water, ashes on ashes that will choke the air and block sunlight for a good time afterwards.

          Ch!nks are cowards hiding behind populace and 1.3 billion pussies don’t make any difference fucker! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Japan and the nearby american ships may very well be destroyed but america wll 100% win the war and steal natural resources from both countries. unless Russia and corea both.get involved this is what will happen. If they will get involved there will be no winners and only losers from this war . And the one who will take advantage of all this is a certain neutral country we all know

    • “Without even a dent in their population and infrastructure.”

      Puhlease most of their “capable” population are along coastal and port cities. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, and the likes….. some of them are all clustered together in river deltas. The rest of the population are just farmers along the countryside.

      • It would hurt, but nothing will hurt as much as the millions of death of their past famines. And those didnt bring China down to her knees.
        Just as the Japanese invasion of China, which also targeted and destroyed her eastern coastal cities – China’s industrial centers were simple evacuated to the easily defensible mountainous hinterland.

        As China is heavily investing into their western regions as well, developing cities and industries, and generally has a tight grip upon the society and country as a whole while sending their population off to colonize and ethnically invade the minority regions, China could still survive without her eastern coastal regions.
        As long as China’s nuclear forces in their underground tunnels and within the strategic caves in the Tibetan Himalaya mountain ranges survive, her ability to wage war wont be affected as much.

        And Japan knows this, which is why they are refraining from acquiring a nuclear deterrence of their own, despite all the talk by nationalistic LDP and far-right wingers.