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Kuroko Terrorist Busted: “Not A Fujoshi After All!”

kuroko-maniac-busted (1)

Police have finally managed to catch the deranged Kuroko fan whose many threats of mayhem and murder caused so much disruption to events and shops handling Kuroko no Basket related products, surprising many by not being a crazed fujoshi after all.

The 36-year-old Osaka man of uncertain occupation was arrested in connection with a campaign of criminal intimidation waged for over a year and the cause of much exasperation to Kuroko fans and embarrassment to police.

For sending menacing chemicals to the alma mater of the Kuroko mangaka and posting some 250 threatening letters to a variety of businesses throughout Japan, he faces numerous charges of interfering with official duties.

Police say he admits the charges, saying “I’m sorry, I lost.”

Each count carries a maximum of 3 years imprisonment or a 500,000 yen fine.

kuroko-maniac-busted (2)

He apprehension is the cause of some celebration online – and plenty of speculation:


“Took their damn time…”

“Well done.”

“That much evidence and look how long it took to get him.”


“So it was an older guy after all.”

“At least it wasn’t a fujoshi!”

“I so thought this was a forty-something fujoshi.”

“Sorry for doubting you, fujoshi.”

“What kind of grudge did this guy have…”

“This idiot caused chaos all over the country.”

“He was more rotten than the fujoshi in the end.”

“Finally we can have Kuroko at Comiket unmolested again!”

“I can’t help but think there were multiple perpetrators and he was just a copycat.”

“We still don’t know what his actual motive was…”

“Seriously, what could drive a 36-year-old man to this level of hatred over Kuroko no Basket?”

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