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Otaku Busted for “Criminally Cute” IdolMaster Credit Card


Americans confronted with an unfamiliar IdolMaster credit card apparently found it so cute they could not believe it genuine and instead arrested the owner for fraud, causing some consternation amongst Japanese Aimasu fans.

The IdolMaster credit card was issued by the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (which, like most Japanese banks, is relatively exacting in who it grants the privilege of bilking to), and is one of the many anime-themed cards available in Japan.

When its Japanese owner attempted to use it overseas in the US however, its cute girls apparently proved too much for American staff, who did not believe it a genuine card and reported the incident to police, who promptly arrested the owner for suspected credit card fraud.

Mitsui Sumitomo reportedly intervened and subsequently apologised to the man for getting him arrested, promising compensation for ignominy.

As might be expected the incident attracted much attention in Japan:

“So cute it’s criminal.”

“Arresting him over this, it couldn’t be helped!”

“The yanks really are about as stupid and ignorant as they come, aren’t they?”

“Watching cartoons at that age!”

“So creepy they arrested him, I suppose that is fitting.”

“Idiots, nobody would pick such a creepy illustration for a fake card!”

“What kind of man goes abroad with his IdolMaster credit card…”

“I didn’t think anyone would dare use these in a shop.”

“You’d think they’d have checked with the card company before calling the cops on him?”

“As suspicious as it might be it is hard to believe they’d arrest him.”

“What kind of police would even arrest you for this without checking first that the card was OK?”

“Pretty bad – what’ll happen to all these novelty cards after news of this gets around? No more character cards?”

“He can probably sue someone hard, this being America.”

“It could be worse…”


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