South Korea Claims Chinese Airpsace


South Korea has again joined the nations challenging China’s new air defence zone, this time by enlarging its own zone to cover China’s after it emerged it had forgotten to include some of its claims in its old zone and claimed by China.

South Korea’s new zone covers more of the waters between it and China, and comes into effect on the 15th of December.

Ieodo rock, which is not even above water, has long been claimed by South Korea but was omitted from the previously extant air defence zone.

China’s new air defence zone, most notable for now extending over the Japan-controlled Senkaku islands, also extended over Ieodo, prompting much anger in Korea.


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  • China’s newly implemented zone is like one of the most stupidest/war-mongering/shittiest international policy in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF FOREVER. Why would I want to put something out that could easily trigger a war. I’m calling on all Chinese people on China; ELECT ME AS YOUR LEADER. I’LL BE A BETTER AND MORE COMPETENT LEADER than ones you currently have there.

  • I don’t remember since when this website is so political and people in here start arguing shit and picking sides. We need some peace hippies with weed to smoke just like the 1950’s… wait I mean peace otaku with hentai to fap.

    • No offense and just for the record I am not Anti Japan or Pro China. But it does reminds me that the Japanese started WW2 and invaded China by planning a bomb on their own railway ( a Japanese owned coal company or some shit like that) in China and eventually found out it was their plan during the war but they refused to stop the war and withdraw from the league of nations and say FU to the west so they can keep invading China. The reason of me mentioning this history is because your comment kind of remind me the book I’ve read recently, no any reason to provoke any rage or shit here… man I gotta be clear about this otherwise people on either side are gonna mad at me lol

  • Humor aside, I sincerely hope that this doesn’t escalate into more than countries measuring their e-peens. In the end majority of the people in Asia like me doesn’t want any of these conflicts. Those nutcracks at top are the one responsible for this and all I want is to visit other countries without being racially discriminated and be the object of spite of the local residents just because some retards playing house decided to lose his temper and send war planes.

    • As a Vietnamese, I doubt Vietnam will join the fray. First, Vietnam don’t have “allies” to rely on. Second, the government is working their asses of to survive because the citizens are less and less supporting Communist Party. And finally, Vietnam share border with China. Unlike Japan and SK, China can mobilize their army in days to wipe out Hanoi. It’s not wise to stand against China but they are too stupid to hang on to Communism to steer clear from China. Many students were jailed for openly protest against China’s aggression. Someday, I may also be. One more thing, China already stationed their troops camouflaged as “workers” in Vietnam. Any move could lead to a massacre.

    • It’s probably gonna be less “war” and more “America so completely and utterly destroy’s China’s military infrastructure that it’s almost as if their military never existed in the first place, and does so in less time than it took the British to hand Zanzibar their own asses on a silver platter”

        • somehow i think it was a typo, prolly meant chink. personally i rather like the chinese they just have a sucky government. Think we can all relate to that! haven’t read all the responses, has someone mentioned that the premier rammed through some reforms and extended the no fly zone to molify the ultra nationalist in the comunist party? Think tea party but shorter and with rice bowls…

        • Wait a minute, I don’t care about the political crap but as a Chinese, it is my first time hearing the word “chunk” lol I wonder how many C words exist that can be used to call Chinese. I have heard of Chings and Chino. Well, sometimes I joke to my black American friends that I envy them coz only the N word means disrespect to their race. Seriously, except “chunk”, “Ching” and “Chino”, are there any other word for calling Chinese? I really want to know lol.

        • Another ignorant fool that buys the story about how American’s econonmy is entirely dependent on the chnks. Learn some proper global economics.

          War with America will destroy china far more than a recession US will experience. US doesn’t need china as much as china needs US to prop up its economic income.

          They already fell into the dollar trap and are frantically trying to get themselves out, while US is forcefully jacking up the yuan and slamming inflation after inflation and trade rebalance on the chinese.

          As for nuclear weapons, US already knows about the secret stash in the tunnels and bunkers. If it willed so, china will be a memory in less than an hour after the comprehensive nuclear strike on all its assets.

          Conventional military operation will decimate the chinese, thanks to them not having an inkling of battle experience since 1950 while US has been practicing and honing its military through continuous conflict in all forms of warfare. I still remember how the chnks tried to invade vietnam in 1979, then lost 15,000 dead and more wounded before tucking tail and running away in LESS THAN A MONTH. What, they couldn’t even hold out for 9 years like US did?

          By all means, tell me all about their ‘stellar’ performance in the korean war. It was laughable how they couldn’t even win outnumber the enemy 4 to 1 in their backyard, in a terrain that negated most of the technological advantages of US.

          When you can barely maintain a stalemate against an enemy that you outnumber 4 to 1 in your front lawn, I would think twice about calling that a ‘victory’.

      • While I would gladly pay real money to see that happen, I very much doubt it ever will. America will only use diplomacy in this situation.

        It’d take an actual invasion of Japan (or Philippines or maybe Taiwan) by the Chinese for the US to do something other than talk about it.

        • @14:05 BWAHAHAHAHAHA this kid thinks real life target acquisition is a fuckin video game.

          Learn some proper avionics and see how fuckin retarded you sound. Hitting a building sized stationary target 800 miles away without missing has a probability of 95%, ASSUMING you have proper military hardware to the level of US military, including satellites, guidance systems, etc. If not, your missiles will not even land within 1 km radius of the target.

          Now, a moving target sailing at 30 knts on an open sea 600 miles away requires proper calibration and updates to the target via satellite, not to mention somehow trying to fool the spoofs and counter measures employed by warships themselves that fooled more than one chinese made missiles. Not to mention, upgraded BMD Aegis can easily match price-per-missile cost of shooting down a ballistic missile in flight, as was tested numerous times. That is, if DF 21D can even get there in the first place.

          And what the fuck makes you think US isn’t going to blow up a PLA corp or two with its own volleys of high impact deep penetrating thermobaric warheads when missiles start flying? How about that 22 Base Unit 96401 in Taibai? What use is trying to dig out your nuclear warheads from rubbles in those tunnels when US warheads destroy your military?

          US has plenty of ASAT capabilities not to mention pre emptive strike to detect and destroy DF-21D. You sound like you are forgetting US is the foremost in ballistic missile offensive capabilities as well as defense.

          This ain’t 2009 kiddo.

        • Aircraft carrier is a large nut waiting to be cracked open. Hardly any targeting is needed, any number of satellites, including civilian ones, can’t miss it, considering the size.

          Navy F-18s range fell well short of medium range missiles. Air force bombers have longer range, but can’t be launched from carriers. Escorts can’t screen saturation attacks. Carriers are either highly vulnerable mobile bases for power projection against targets that can’t strike back, or prestige projects.

        • 09:38

          What’s amusing is that ch! nks think those missiles some how can’t be hit before they fire. By firing, I mean they need to aquire the target first, calibrate their weapons, ensure that those AMAZING missiles could actually land anywhere within the 30 mil radius of their target, all the while making sure no ASAT assets of US military knocks out any vital components that guide the missiles and keep them on target.

          US has long range missile people can’t intercept as well.

          It’s very amusing to see a chnk bring out that missile thing over and over again. As if Beijing won’t be a smoking crater after they fire one of those things. Being dependent upon enemy’s niceties is not a way to win a war.

        • @anon 04:17

          Thats seriously laughable, coastal defenses are meaningless against modern aircraft carriers. A modern American carrier can park its self well outside the range of the defenses and launch fighters all day long. A couple squads of F/A-18s would reduce those anti-ship missile defenses to smoking craters. Or there is more than a dozen other ways to easily take out any defenses the Chinese have.

        • 04:17 Been listening too much to the DF propaganda? LOL this chnk.

          Trying to sink a US carrier is tantamount to attacking US soil. Last time I checked, US had a lot of experience invading Beijing.

          Also, tell your chnks to stop making obvious edits on wikipedia articles related to china. Everyone’s aware of you bein a bitch and trying to revise various articles to negate anything even remotely negative about china.

        • In a war that won’t happen, the US would actually lose. It has to do with the way the militaries are set up: Projection vs Domination.

          Chinese lacks projection, which they are only beginning to correct, but will dominate the small area within its reach.

          The focus isn’t on the new Chinese stealth fighters, which aren’t even in formal production yet, or the new naval ships, which are still inferior in every way except missile technology. Both are beginning attempts at refocusing on projection. It’s about the tens of thousands of mid range missiles stationed along its coast covering the area for ages. Any asset moved into it is as good as gone.

          A sea surface skimming antiship missile cannot be intercepted, and it takes only one to sink the largest aircraft area. Armor is an outdated concept in modern warfare. You either evade or intercept.

        • Actually whereas the USA has more than enough nuclear weapons to turn China into a parking lot, The Chinese only have enough to hit a handful of US cities (admittedly large cities)but overall the US’s naval and air power does outweigh the Chinese’s, mostly if a war started it would attempt to be stopped by the pacific fleet….not that the us has the amfib’s needed to establish a beachhead, let alone a full scale invasion. So’d it be mostly a “we have this big shiny navy we can park of your coasts bro.” kinda war

        • Conventional military power is mostly irrelevant between superpowers since strategic weapons were developed.

          There is no chance for US and China to enter a war, because both of them now that it would end in mutual assured destruction.

        • Actually, Japan had better not count on America too much. Remember that America “takes no position” on who the Senkakus belong to. That is a fairly flimsy backing for its promise to defend Japanese territory.

          And despite America’s ability to crush the Iraqi military, China is a different thing by far, both in military strength and in vastness. You will note how reluctant the US was to attack even Syria.

          Anyway, although I understand Japanese nervousness, this is hardly an act of war: Japan already has its own enormous information zone. And from even your own map, it is evident that its outer points are closer to China than to Japan. Maybe that was the act of war?

      • Believe me, if America and China ever go to war, there will be nobody left to use that infrastructure. Whoever survives the nukes and the imminent ice age will die in the massive famine that follows.