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Loli Manga “Should Be Banned As Hate Speech”


The latest effort by feminists to get loli manga banned sees it being condemned as “hate speech” injurious to the rights of women and children.

Japan’s “Society to consider sexual violence and damage caused by pornography” has attracted some recent attention by twitting about the evils of loli manga – likening it to “hate speech,” a new one:

“Even if it is 2D, it is sexually abusive hate speech as damaging to the human rights of victims as racist hate speech, and as such should absolutely be banned.”

The evolving “debate” about banning lolicon pornography in Japan has largely been led by feminists attempting to cast it as a violation of the rights of fictional minors, but this is apparently the first time they have tried condemning it as criminal hate speech.

Their argument is that even a fictional representation of abuse injures women as a whole (although as usual both evidence and logic appear to be largely lacking) and infringes the “human rights” of women not to be subject to free speech which some of them dislike:

“With pornography featuring real women there is both direct and indirect harm caused, whilst with 2D pornography there is indirect harm.

Just because there is no direct harm does not mean it is not indirectly harmful, so it is harmful all the same.”

The wider context of their remarks is that Japan – a nation without any laws against racial discrimination – has of late been seeing increased calls for laws banning “hate speech,” almost exclusively the result of right-wing racial antipathy towards ethnic Koreans.

They even go so far as to conflate the two:

“People carrying placards saying ‘kill the Koreans’ are using words which are not three dimensional, but they still infringe the human rights of the entire target group.”

As might be expected from the online masses still gleefully supporting the right of Japanese protesters to march through Korean areas sporting placards bearing the legend “kill the Koreans,” there is not much sympathy for their position online:

“No matter how many times I read their arguments I don’t understand what they are on about.”

“Shouldn’t this mean all works featuring murder should be banned as well?”

“All games, drama, novels and everything else featuring violence is apparently violating someone’s rights now…”

“Their reasoning is utterly imbecilic.”

“More leftist Korean-worshipping attempts to destroy otaku culture!”

“More from these ECPAT crazies who want all porn banned.”

“So they finally decided to start calling everything they disagree with hate speech…”

“It’s just a label to vilify things they disagree with to them.”

“Somebody please oppose all this left wing hate speech.”

“If we recognise the human rights of fictional people, does that mean they’ll finally get the right to marry us?”

“Amazing how they manage to keep overlooking the fact all the nations who banned this stuff have vastly more rape cases than Japan.”

“Why worry about the real crimes when you can prosecute fictional ones!”

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  • Lolicon has 0 to do with the harm or cause of harm on kids. The fact of the matter which has been entirely avoided is that there are groups who look at lolicon as a source of control is all. By banning lolicon, they “control” the masses in society and put people in prison they don’t like over cartoons. In all honesty these groups couldn’t give a flying hoot about the supposed “safety” of our dearly beloved fictional drawings of pencils and erasers. Instead it’s leaning on a more moralist aspect by using children as a shield and excuse to ban lolicon. It all dates back to the old “Wuumen and children first” era of thought. What actually harms kids is the wrong food, bad parents, bad school systems, and nasty people in life. What DOESN’T harm nor hurt kids is material clearly marked and labeled 18+ for adult use only.

    The ironic part, the mere existence of lolicon has never contributed nor changed the existence of children or their safety. Just as violent movies never change a thing. For those calling lolicon a “gateway” I say are completely full of it. I can watch 1,000 movies involving horror, blood, murders and what-not and STILL be a decent law-abiding citizen of society. Why? Because, as any sensible person is taught, fiction and reality DO NOT mix. What we see on the screen or watch on a movie is just for that and that only. It is not to be repeated, not to be done and in it’s essence it’s so entirely exaggerated and fake it’s obvious its scripted. Cartoons make this even more clearer and no, no matter what anyone says, no one looks like a cartoon character voiced by an actress and produce by artists in a studio. That part is obvious. Lolicon is simply a fictional production, not a human trafficking. Idiots.

    If we society crow about accepting homosexuality of folks and whatnot, why can we not accept the sexuality of those who simply mind their own business and enjoy their fictional entertainment?

    Honestly i’m tired of seeing the Lolicon society always being painted as either bizarre or loopy dangerous people. It’s time Lolicons start speaking up for themselves, instead of allowing the hate-speech and discrimination of Feminist and alike to mis-label and misjudge lolicons. I just don’t buy a fictional cartoon character with cat-ears contributes to the “harm” of children.

  • Clearly reeks of western idealogy. The japanese need to STOP allowing the west and their idiotic ideas to ruin the culture. This includes the so called feminist and their bullshit propaganda. I’ve notice in the past couple of years that the NA and parts of EU have an idiotic chip on their shoulder concerning Japanese culture. Then again it’s always fun to point at another culture, while clearing ignoring the b.s. in one’s own. Like the real and growing problem of gun violence where REAL kids, teens, and adults are at-risk at some crazy gunman’s mercy with yet MORE incidents of this occurring.

    The west should mind it’s business and stop thought-policing people over cartoon characters and comic books. Pay attention to what’s going on in the real world instead of making false excuse arguments over someone’s artwork under the guise of being some wannabe advocate for teh wuumen and teh children. I really don’t see anyone raising a stink about the multiple fictional characters that are hacked and slashed up in movies and films. Maybe they should have “rights” too, those papers and pencils.

    Loli is not hate-speech, it is not abuse, there are literally 0 victims or any victims at all it is not any of that. It’s just cartoon characters and artist and fans alike should be able to read whatever fiction they please, without society or the government butting in to what people do with their money.

    The japanese have become weak and their butts soften. Don’t they understand the feminist and these so called advocate groups are just using lolicon as an excuse to literally purge japan of ALL it’s erotic material? Soon it’ll be “BUT THE “GROWN” Woman CARTOONS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!1!!”


  • “Amazing how they manage to keep overlooking the fact all the nations who banned this stuff have vastly more rape cases than Japan.”

    Japan has less REPORTED rape cases. Say it with me. RE-POR-TED. Anyone who knows jack shit about japanese culture already knows how much they hate standing out or causing trouble or going out of their way to report something, much less bringing ‘shame’ to their family, etc. And need I remind anyone how incompetent the police are? They’ll go after a ‘potential’ rapist because its easier, but going after an actual one is too difficult and time-consuming for them; plus it involves catching someone who has committed a crime ; its much easier to just see some random person who -looks- suspicious, right?
    This ridiculous myth that japan has less rape needs to die already.

    • Every countries rape statistics are severely unreported to officials. Also like the fake shit about Japanese police not catching rapists, but then contradict yourself that if they show traits that they arrest them. Anyways japan still has the least rape even with the unreported ones and the fact you need to call japanese police incompetent when you probably live in Europe, which is now under muslims, is the most ironic statement here.

  • Vladislav III Tsepesh says:

    Maybe we should write our demands. Destroy yaoi!
    “Even if it is 2D, it is sexually abusive hate speech as damaging to the human rights of victims as racist hate speech, and as such should absolutely be banned.” BDSM yaoi/gay porn(IRL) damage human rights! Especially man’s rights. Did you see how awful and horrible it is? Blood, violence, hate speech, humiliation – these thigs are only start for that.
    How will these femicreatures shlic(k)(In my opinion they cannot have a boyfriend or husband) whithout yaoi/gay porn.

  • Interesting…So now calling an imaginary pretty little girl a “loli” is now the same as calling a real human being a “nigger”, a “spic”, a “coolie”, etc. And creating stories expressing sexual & emotional desires toward lolis is now the same as expressing distrust, contempt, & hatred toward another human being.
    If such an analogy is applied only to stories depicting lolis being hurt, humiliated, or behaving uncivil-like you might want to agree with them or at least show some tolerance towards their complaining. But it seems they’re only targeting stories depicting lolis in a sexual manner.
    Sexual depictions will not always mean hateful depictions. But societies tend to have issues with sexual expression, so people may eventually acquiesce to this if it’s pitched long & hard enough.

  • goddammit these fat,old,unattractive hags sure have lots of free time and apparently the best thing they can do with it is trying to tear down something that men love.
    how nice of them
    funny how something as innocuus as drawings incites the outrage of this kind when they are totally fine with something like fifty shades of gray

  • I would think “it must be nice living in a country that’s 98% 100% Japanese, that way nobody is racist!” but, as a mixed race person myself…nooope. Japan isn’t just super racist, they don’t even realize it! They’re culturally unable to realize their racism, and send their time calling a dirty manga hate speech.

    I won’t argue against their objective, but when they’re shouting crazy talk I can’t help but pause.

    • no offense but why the fuck would you think nobody would be racist in a country where one race is the majority? The more homogenous a place, the more racist it is. I live in a town that is pretty much 100% dumb white people and they reacted in shock and horror apon seeing an asian person who visited the school, like she was some kind of mythical beast.
      Your average japanese person has never met a foreigner.
      Hell, Japanese people dont even recognize people who were born in Japan, or are the third generation of someone born in japan, if they’re not actually ethnically Japanese. You could have been living in Japan for 3 whole generations if not more but if you look white you are -always- an outsider and you will be treated like one. Dont even get me started on their treatment of koreans.
      Hell, their even racist against other Japanese people – Ainu, anyone?

  • Personally, I think all of you people are idiots, including the people I agree with. Why? Because I’d like to point out the fact that loli is short for Lolita. While originally that term was used to describe children, it is mainly used now to portray women who are instead childlike. So, given that most of the time these “lolis” are actually NOT underaged but simply LOOK it, there’s no real reason to ban “loli” porn/anime/manga/games/genre/whatever. All they need to ban is explicitly CHILD porn. Then again, why ban it? As long as it’s 2D, the paedophiles get their fill and don’t resort to becoming child-molestors. Once they find live-action child porn, let me know. Then I’ll accept the banning of it. But right now, wouldn’t banning it be a little risky? What if an uproar of child-rape comes up because cp is banned? What will the government do then?

  • Lolis do nothing for me but… seriously? Absolutely anything can be considered to be “indirectly harmful”… They’re after lolis today, they’ll be after ecchi and hentai in general tomorrow. We can’t let them win.

  • Why must feminists continue to make themselves look like fools?

    Feminism itself is just one great big hypocrisy.

    Women objectify themselves, then blame men for taking notice of the fact. Women know damn well what they’re doing when they dress provocatively, but then feign ignorance when they’re called on it. “I just want to dress how I want without being objectified”

    Bull. Fucking. Shit.

    You’re jealous that the other girls get more attention from men because they’re more attractive than you. So you then feel forced to “objectify” yourself because whether you want to admit it or not, *you* want that attention that the other women are receiving. Why else is there such a giant fashion industry for women’s clothing/makeup?

    However angry it makes you that you have to put emphasis on “objectifying” yourself, that’s the curse women put on themselves the moment they realized they can dress in such a way to attract the attention of men.

    • This is the dumbest fuckin post I’ve ever seen.
      Women get angry when men objectify them because men can dress however the fuck they want without being objectified or told to ‘cover up’, unless they were actually completely naked. (note=may vary in different countries, but in my town guys regularly walk down the street shirtless).
      Most women dont WANT mens attention. There is nothing worse than just going for a walk and having some neanderthal saunter up and tell you he wants you to suck his dick, and then continue to follow you well after you’ve told him to leave you alone; because men think that they are entitled to womens bodies no matter what.
      If a woman is looking for a mans attention, she’ll go for it. She’ll come for you, not flee. This is something a kindergartener should be able to understand, but its lost on dumbasses who say ‘b-but she was wearing a short skirt, how was -I- meant to know she didnt want it? Its not like we have some kind of system where words have meanings that form communication or anything!’

      • Also, the people who rant about how ‘women WANT mens attention for dressing like that’ are the same guys who would probably recoil in disgust and horror if a guy dude tried to hit on them. What? You dont like being treated like something to hit on? You dont like unwelcome sexual advances? But you’re attractive to this gay guy! Its your own fault for not covering yourself up in a burka and letting no gay man see your dazzling eyes and cute ass, man. You were totally asking for it.

  • This is not a feminist vs non-feminist issue otherwise political support in Japan would be entirely different.

    Currently the strongest supporters of a ban are conservative (LDP), while the opponents are leftists (communist party afair).

  • Despite my obvious criticisms of loli art, I know for one, that banning it will only bring more trouble. There are only correlations between sex crimes and lolis, and these findings alone are entirely speculative at best.

    So long as there is no direct harm imposed upon real people, artists have the right to create whatever they want under the right provisions. This is what we call artistic freedom and feminists can say whatever they want, but it will not change anything unless some foolish politicians buy into their propaganda (a real possibility, unfortunately).

  • I live in the UK. (Loli is illegal here, but yay for civil disobedience.)

    I love loli, (that includes them naked or in sexual situations), but I abhor real child abuse.

    I’d prefer they spend my taxes cracking down on the people who sexually abuse real children than someone who masturbates to drawings.

    Or is that too fucking difficult for them?

  • Someone doesn’t know what “hate speech” means… I wonder if they throw around terms like that for anything they dislike? “Stupid racist traffic jam…”

    “Just because there is no direct harm does not mean it is not indirectly harmful, so it is harmful all the same.” Therefore, all things are harmful. If there’s no direct harm, it’s harmful all the same. They seem to have missed the whole step between “doesn’t mean it’s not indirectly harmful” and “therefore it’s indirectly harmful.”

    Give me a break… Too many countries have morality laws with real triggers and real consequences, put in place because of hunches and prejudices. I live in a modern, Western nation, that bans importing of any “demeaning” pornography – because no one consents to being demeaned in sex, right? Nope, never heard of that… It’s about time regulations are set to limit actual harm, based on evidence, rather than as personal projects to persecute prejudicially.

    Which brings up another good point about this nonsense… These crusaders in question are the ones closest to propagating hate speech here. They are trying to ban free expression of a group who chooses their preferences no more than gays, without demonstrating a reason why.

  • Well, tbh that KuroInu thing episode 3 – they just need to show that to the politicians and I am sure it would get banned. But a lot of stuff is said about how people think because they see something in a porno they think that how it works in real life. I personally think a study or survey, needs to be done- Anonymously. To look into it, like they try and constantly failed with videogames. To prove a correlation. That would then address the issue of how porn corrupts people. But man some of that Loli stuff is fucked up, way I stay far away from it. You definitely get arrested.

  • If they are going to ban loli manga, then they should also ban the Friday the 13th movies, considering that the women in them are killed in some very sexually suggestive ways and that might encourage a citizen to….. oh wait, no, it does not encourage SANE citizens to do anything.

    What the radical feminists really want to say here is “We want to make lolicon illegal because it might make people think about the fact that we are born with fully functional genitalia outside of actual reproduction (dropping eggs for girls and shooting sperm for boys) and therefore some might start thinking of making pedosexuality, including actually having sex with consenting children, legal!”

    It is the same exact bullcrap that they did with homosexuality and interracial relationships back in the day.

  • Indirect harm?

    Nonsense. Indirect harm means there are harm is still done, just indirectly, and yet, there are no prove whatsoever loli manga make guy hate/smack/rape real woman (direct) or changing the readers views towards real woman/kids(indirect).

    This due to the reader well aware the manga is fiction, and can differentiate well both of them.

    In short, no harm at all, directly or indirectly.

  • MechaTama31 says:

    Freedom of speech, for everyone, is vastly more important than the “right to not be offended” that this group and others keep trying to assert. When I hear anyone start going on about “hate speech”, then I pretty much tune out anything that follows, since they obviously have no regard for anyone but themselves.

    • Apparently, femitards and their scumbag “knight” defenders still haven’t got that memo.
      It’s like they NEVER learn attempting to ban something, you’re making it more popular.
      They’re either delusional or retarded or both.

  • ~_~
    should b banned my ass.. damt i feel so pissed when i see stuffs like this… indirect harm? *cough cough*
    trust me make sex with a bunch of dicks when your daughter is sleeping in the next room if more harmful *cough cough*. who the heck do they think that they r anyway? bunch of whores scared of their children becoming like em? DONT WORRY! they r already whores like u bitches~ and its not cauz of the loli stuffs cauz they dont even know what in the fking hell it is. ^~^
    dont try to interfere with our art, ~_~’ we do w/e we wish, its our world~ the world of artists n ppl who love the stuffs / support~
    jeez. such useless effort those chicks r doing~ OFC that they will fail lol….cauz we r the ones who rule this world =x
    but still cant help but feel pissed ‘

    loli manga banzaaaaai ~o~ loli eroge banzaaaaaaaaai~ loli hentai banzaaaaaaaai~ loli anime banzaaaaaaaai *-*
    loli pics! banzai as well xD!!

  • They are using the same argument as the one used in Sweden by supporters of our anti-loli legislation.

    Basically, they define loli material as a hate attack against children as a group, rather than individuals. This allows them to avoid the fact that there are no actual children involved. A drawing of a particular child could be considered an attack upon that child, but by defining it as an attack against a group of people (who lack legal power) they avoid this entirely.

    It is probably a very smart strategy as it also allows them to conceal their conservatism beneath a layer of supposed progressivism.

    Note that a consequence of the argument itself is that with just minor modifications it can be used to ban adult pornography as well if accepted.

    • What’s more impressive is that this is the easy way out, the feel-good method that solves nothing and is ultimately likely to cause real harm to children by removing the outlets for the people who might do such things if they don’t have a distraction from it.

      But hey, any increase in such incidents just means men are even more evil creatures, and the lack of a decrease just means that men are evil enough that they need to have even more outlets removed. That’s how groupthink works (or doesn’t).

  • Know what i am a damn good drawer to a point i could draw manga and if shit like this continues and more and more shit get banned id probably go to produce my own manga in a genre they ban and post it on the web probably post it on a pay to read to make enough at least make a living not a luxurious one but one to get by and if shit went well id even go to make anime i wouldn’t care for fame or fortune but because i love anime and manga a road like this would be brutal as people would become impatient with releases and pester for more as i do it with current manga’s like bleach and naruto i guess id be rebelling against the bans 😛

  • So will that merry band of retarded females hunt me down and lock me up for murder if I play hangman??? According to them, I just killed a fictional person with the same rights as real people. Maybe he was a loving husband and caring father of 2 baby stickmen.

    Oh, wait: They would only care if it was a female and the game was called hangwoman…

  • In retrospect feminists are not that different from nazi’s. Hitler hated jews to the point he became leader of a country boasted about his ideals gained sympathizers and followers and almost wiped out an entire race of course there not that mean right? They just want to force there ideals on others that like, Don’t care or don’t see it being bad and if you don’t agree your the enemy and then brand you with a label. you could say i am contradicting my self by arguing against there belief to argue ours but i detest. Why is it that people are forced to follow someone else’s beliefs or punished if you don’t follow someone’s beliefs its just a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

    • To add i do sympathy with some points they make i dislike hurting women physically and mentally in some areas i also hate rape EX: Kuroinu Kedakaki S seen first episode thought my heart stopped until rage set in and wanted to smash things. Any way incest step-sister don’t mind been there blood sister thats a bit blurry circumstances, mood and feelings would play a huge part. Loli how loli we talking pedophilia, hebephilia or ephebophilia because pedophilia hell no they wouldn’t even know what was happening hebephilia i would say no but and yes i said but there are factors that might pursway me, her Understanding of what she is asking, whats she is feeling what she might lose or gain why see feels the way she does etc but the biggest is this what she truly wants and is she truly happy. ephebophilia well yea i would.

  • “If we recognize the human rights of fictional people, does that mean they’ll finally get the right to marry us?”

    This. IF only those feminist group use this as one of their arguments, I’m pretty sure there would be some who supported them.

    Mainly, those who wants to legally married their waifu.

  • Instead of trying to ban loli themed works, these people should just face the reality that there ARE people who enjoy these kind of fiction and there is nothing that could be done about it. This is fiction nothing more, nothing less. If a person acts because of influence from fiction related works then the fault lies in the person who did it and not to the media he is influenced in. We have annual Hollywood movies about drugs and murder yet we don’t go around cutting each others’ head do we?

    I enjoy manga like kodomo no jikan but I will NEVER act upon these urges in reality because the act is downright disguting and little kids are brats whom I want to send flying because of how annoying they are. I recon this is the same for people who have siblings yet like incest. Just leave my lolis alone, damnit.

  • This type of “feminist” is not truly motivated by any concern for fictional characters. They simply hate men. They especially hate that fiction of this sort provides men with a sexual outlet that the feminists do not control.

    Too many Japanese men have decided that working themselves to death for access to Japanese womens’ vaginas is a bad deal, and they’re using porn as an alternative. These women hate that the men aren’t willing to be obedient slaves, and are attacking what men are using to replace the women.

    This particular attack just happens to be against loli, but it’s part of their entire attempt to exterminate any alternative for men but to bow down and serve their “feminist” masters in order to have access to the Holy Vagina. It’s what any business wold love to do — eliminate the competition.

    • It’s not even that extreme. It’s just a bunch of frustrated girls (and some women) who want to blame others, like any other club of the same sort. They’re just out to make a lot of noise and rant a bit, and that’s why they choose the dumbest and least productive things to rant about.

      Most people just grow up and vent their frustrations in video games, sports, or getting off on some loli porn. It’s actually sad that these people haven’t found such an outlet yet when they’re so readily available. It makes real feminism and suffragette suffer by proxy, and brings others down to their level too.

  • Stupid ass anti-loli feminists trying to be oppressive. Why even listen to them they bitch and complain about the things they hate and try to push there ideals on others to gain more follower and sympathy just to fulfill there own ideals. know what I DONT CARE WHAT YOU HATE! I love loli and ill continue to love loli that being said i have a wife and daughter of 10 YO i love my daughter very much i am very protective of her well any woman but even more so with little girls and i would do anything within my power to make her happy thats within my reason.

  • Well, everyone have to admit… women and children in hentai are nothing more than sexual objects, rape victims and nymphomaniacs. Umm, now that I wrote about it, that counts for the men too! Where is the love for us male victims?

  • How do they know if the fictional lolis hate what happening with them?
    Did they ask or what? And If i want to do something with my fictional character, next time I need to ask his/her opinion about it, because I hurt his/her rights? Seriously its fcking stupid, the doctors would send me in a nut house. Actually people who say shit like this should be sent to receive some drug therapy.
    Or they should stop with the drugs.

  • If I kill someone and there is no direct good coming from that, there might be some indirect good from the dead person not negatively affecting someone else in the future. Just because there is no direct good does not mean it is not indirectly good, so it is good all the same.

    Women’s logic!

    Also: Koreans are real people. Just sayin’.

  • I wish these people wouldnt call themselves feminists. Most feminists I know dont give a shit about loli manga because its FICTIONAL DRAWINGS and not real children beng harmed in any way. Equating drawings with child porn is not only ridiculous, but incredibly insulting to the real victims of actual child porn.
    Of course, there are going to be a bunch of dumb comments from people going on about how dumb feminists are and that they are all think like this, which is the equivalent of saying that all otaku stalk seiyuu and camp outside their apartments.

    If they want to ban hate speech, do more about Japan’s ridiculous lack of racial discrimination laws.

    • Thank you.
      Hell I care about health care (why pay SUBTANIALLY more to treat her illnesses?), job AVAILABILITY (we ALL need jobs), and rape prevention (Real rape that actually scars a living person male or female for ACTUAL life.)

    • Neo-feminists aren’t as much feminists as they are misandrists. You know, that word that everyone loves to pretend doesn’t exist, and quickly strawmans the person by saying they must be anti-this-or-pro-that. It’s more about being naive and childish and frustrated, and wanting to blame someone for it. Like joining PeTA or Greenpeace or some other organization that might have had good intentions at one point but has since become as bad as what they fight against.

      Proper feminists actually study things, and not just feminism. They understand the difference between reality and fantasy, and they believe in genuine equality, they simply feel they have to balance out inequality vocally and proudly, but they know when to stop before it becomes inequality of a different type.

    • Maybe they should start with banning religions first. Some twat smoke weeds thousand of years ago and wrote about their fictional characters and billion of people take it seriously.

      cp, slavery, war, hate, torture, murder, rape, incest, all can be found in the so called “holy books” and i don’t mean just one book.

      We like Lolis but we don’t worship them. And unlike some invisible man in the sky Loli never asks her fans to go on crusade or jihad against the infidels.

    • Racial discrimination laws are in themselves racially discriminating, and utterly idiotic to implement in any civilised nation that allows for universal human liberties already.

      Thank god Japan is still one of the last few bastions that hasn’t been overtaken by leftist hysteria. Although it seems people are trying.

        • I think the whole gist of that exceedingly long passage was that basically, laws, like Affimative Action here in America, that are supposed to help a minority have a better life end up ruining the chances of other groups by making it more difficult to work or do what they want. What I have noticed living in an area of 80-90% minorities is that often the opportunity is not given to the better qualified but who has the correct skin tone / sexual preference. You have to accept a certain percentage of each race even if they are not qualified to do the simplest tasks you need done or the gov’t will jump on your company for not being “culturally diverse”.

        • [quote]Racial discrimination laws are there to prevent or reduce the leverage a person can get from charging someone of something based on ethnicity, it also gives those being discriminated some power. So for instance they’re being prevented from landing a job based on race, they can bring that up with the law, or they’re being turned into a scapegoat with their race as basis, law states they can’t do that, their accusation doesn’t hold up assuming they have no additional evidence.[/quote]
          Sounds like a problem with poor lawmaking meeting bad cultural preconceptions. If anything, this is an argument against inefficient governments. Also,
          [quote]for instance they’re being prevented from landing a job based on race[/quote]
          sounds exactly like discrimination to me. Surely you must mean a scenario where they were denied a job not because of their race, but brought up the “race card” anyway?

          [quote]i think he meant, that if you implement such laws it is like admitting there is a difference between them.[/quote]
          Nope. It’s admiring that there are people who think that is the case and would go to stupid lengths over their ignorant belief.

          [quote]Don’t bother. He’s one of these reverse-racism nutbags.[/quote]
          Educating the unenlightened is a worthwhile pursuit. Even “nutbags” can be salvaged. Sometimes.

        • Racial discrimination laws are there to prevent or reduce the leverage a person can get from charging someone of something based on ethnicity, it also gives those being discriminated some power. So for instance they’re being prevented from landing a job based on race, they can bring that up with the law, or they’re being turned into a scapegoat with their race as basis, law states they can’t do that, their accusation doesn’t hold up assuming they have no additional evidence.

          Laws and morals are two different things, the reasoning of racial discrimination laws being inherently discriminating is a moral perspective, and helps society not at all, but it is a good mindset to have, to try and view and treat all races equally. Being different is inevitable, the law accepts that, and becomes a regulator. A rule essentially. Please note though, that the law is also not one-sided, if worded soundly, the law can support it’s nation’s natives too if they’re being discriminated.

        • Racial discrimination laws are not dumb, but a double-edged sword in some cases. The thing is, words are freedom of speech, and even the worst, most horrendous hate speech is still simply an opinion, and people having a right to gather of like mind is something that everyone can do. Hate speech escalating into actions of hate is where there is a solid, unblurred line against racial discrimination, the argument is that the hate speech incites the mob mentality, and also racists speak constant lies and exaggerations. All the most powerful racists bring God into the mix, immediately making their argument ridiculous and stupid to anyone who is not ridiculous and stupid.

          The key is that humans by and large are lazy. Look at what we in America are allowing without pushing back, companies getting slaps on the wrists, if anything, for their complete decimation of our economy through shady practices, or outright calling it legal, and nobody goes to prison. If we were not lazy, we would be doing much, much more, to the point that politicians would act, because that’s what they do, get pushed by us because they won’t get elected on big enough issues.

          The idea is that they are worried that if hate speech is allowed, then escalation to hate actions is just another step. But any idiot knows you cannot force change and expect it to work, an evolution has to happen with gentle pushes. If they tried to make “Nigger” illegal for anyone, for example, it’s a snowball effect of special interest groups demanding only certain people can say it because of their racial credentials, and then word after word being banned, and then everyone will start feeling cornered and racism would resurge to new levels. The worst thing you can do in racism is give favoritism.

        • i think he meant, that if you implement such laws it is like admitting there is a difference between them.
          this can be true, but that is only a matter of how you set this law up. like you may not say this or that to those people. or you may not say this and that to anyone. slight difference but the first one would indeed be admitting there is a difference while the second would not.

        • The whole concept is flawed from the root, because racial discrimination laws are based on racial discrimination, and the end-result would only be more racial-discrimination.

          For example, some countries impose a quota of immigrants. That just means you won’t get the job because you’re not an immigrant. Call it reverse racism if you’re stupid, but it’s just plain old racism, except the target is a different one.

          The target doesn’t matter, but to some people sending racist to gas chambers sounds like a good idea.
          Those people are as stupid as those so called feminists.

          Furthermore, anti-racism laws are made to punish and restricts, instead of having productive goals.

          What good is there in restricting people? Should we send anyone who offend us to jail?

          Doesn’t the responsability ultimately lies within the party that takes the offence? Why would I face charge because I said something that you don’t like or drew something you don’t want to look at?

          If I’m not forcing the drawings in your field of vision, and shouting stuff at your ear with a megaphone, it shouldn’t be a crime. If racism is a flawed idea, it’ll die on its own.
          Such a law isn’t even coherent with the rest.

          You know who restricts speech they don’t want to hear? totalitarian governments… and apparently neo-radical self-proclaimed feminists.

          If they had brought social “studies” their ridiculous demands wouldn’t sound like a tantrum, but sadly for them, the only studies I know of show that loli manga makes child molestation rate go lower. I don’t remember the intricate details but it was mentioned to some political person in nederlands I think.

          Needless to say, gun don’t have a will of their own and go on killing people, and preventing kids to buy kitchen knives never saved anyone’s life, ever.

          You’re free to enjoy stalin’s USSR, but history shown us that totalitarianism isn’t the way to go.

  • I wonder if it never occurred to these people that if they manage to broaden the concept of hate speech too much, they will end up banning themselves. If they are feminists, they will inevitably criticize the patriarchal Japanese society, and what is that if not hate speech by their own lax definition?

    • Hate speech is a hypocritical leftist creation, and anyone attempting to rationalise it is either legitimately hates freedom, or is a complete and utter moron.

      Let us protect human rights, by eliminating as policy the basic human liberties of speech and thought against specified groups as determined by us! Yes, because only criminals would dare oppose us people who believe Human rights are upheld by banning racism and sheltering children from the evils of the world.

      You know, hating things is also a fundamental human right. I have no bloody obligation to love or respect my fellow human beings, especially the ones that are obnoxious. I hate idiots and morons, that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out of my way to punch every single one I see, but for gods sake let me tell them they are idiots and morons.

      • It is not a leftist idea. It is a stupid idea. It is a concept incited by those who don’t have the mental capacity to argue, or the ability to think about things they think they don’t like. Leftists aren’t stupid people for the most part. They just have some idiots in their camp as well who ruin it for the rest of us.

      • I dont think you realize what ‘hate speech’ is, and its dumbasses like you that try to rationalize it with ‘WEH WEH FREEDOM OF SPEECH’. Hate speech is harmful, it dehumanizes people, and when people are dehumanized its a hell of a lot easier for others to shrug off their murder and oppression. The holocaust started through hate speech; propaganda that made jews out to be inhuman. There is a differnce between hate speech and ‘freedom to hate something’. One is dangerous, damaging and oppressive and the other is an opinion.

        But for the record, I dont think loli manga is ‘hate speech’ unless its manga that explicitly says ‘this is all little girls are good for’.

  • I agree that loli pornography is often really going too far; but trying to forbid it by claiming that it is “hate speech” is an argument that is totally invalid! Where is the logic here?

  • WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU CHILD PORNOGRAPHERS, every manga/ book, movie, has a message for viewers, you all know what type of a message loli manga gives viewers.

    It tells readers that Child porn is sweet for them, when its not.

    Its just PEDOPHILIA,nothing more






      • “Shotas can´t be raped. Since they get an erection they want it.”

        Jam your finger up your ass and see if you get an erection. Then remember back to how often you got an erection in class and think about how stupid you just sounded.

      • Feminists care a lot about men being raped, actually. The fact that OTHER MEN dont care about men being raped is a result of their own sexism – they see women as being ‘no threat’ to men and if a woman is capable of harming a man, well then hell thats the man’s fault, he must just not be MAN enough!
        It isnt women that perpetuate this cycle. It’s men.
        Rape affects women far, far more than men so theres a lot more focus on it being a women’s issue, but I see the issue of why men being raped should be taking seriously raised by feminists quite often.

        Pretty much everything that men hate women for is something they’ve caused that’s backfired on them, they’re just too stubborn to see it.

      • Steinserneir says:

        Yup. True. I remember at one show, where the presenters and audience is all female, they are talking about how much fun to kick a man’s nut..
        What the fuck, and no male ever thinking about punching a woman for fun.

        One other show is a two cast, man and woman acting that they are in quarrel. The producer is seeking the people’s reaction towards the situation.

        First, the man pretend beating the girl, and guys and girls come to rescue the actress.

        Second, the actress pretend to beat the actor, and nobody come to aid. To add an insult, one woman is even cheering for the actress..

        When asked, the watchers say that when they see they guy is beating girl, its a domestic violent, and when they see they guy get beaten instead, they though the guy is cheating..

        You can see clearly, conclusion was made even when investigation in process. Guys always wrong and woman always right — that is their mindset. Biased mindset, I must say.

        • It’s mostly because men WANT women to be able to assume their “rightful place”, whatever that turns out to be. It will not be easy, because there are a lot of horrible people trying to take advantage of the transition, and there’s actual truth behind the saying “good guys finish last”.

          What’s basically happening is that all the suppression is exploding in terrible ways. But men aren’t venting yet, we’re letting the women do it. Some of them truly deserve it, others are just terrible and shallow people who think they do. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

          As women realize that equality isn’t the amazing utopia many of them wish it was, the anticlimax will balance things out and women will see reality for what it is and things will settle. A lot of men may be “lost” in the shuffle, but they’re mostly willing to make that thankless sacrifice.